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The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 21

The billionaire's secret heartthrob

The billionaire’s secret heartthrob

Instantly, she felt fire in her abdomen as she imagined running her fingers all over his chest and kissing him, telling how much she cared and adored him.

‘Dean…’ she forced the thoughts out of her mind, this was the first time she would be seeing him after three weeks.

‘Sweetheart, come have a seat.’ He grabbed her hands gently and moved her towards the table where they would dine.

He was not surprised that she didn’t dress up, he knew and he was not going to question her.

‘How have you been darling?’ Dean poured her a glass of water, he realized she was pale looking and could pass out any minute.

‘Fine’ she lied.
‘You don’t look it.’ Dean replied.
‘Can we just focus on this beautiful meal?’ she offered him a smile which was obviously faked, this was her tactic of distracting him from probing her as she was not ready to share the news with him just yet.

‘Oh, if that’s what you want baby.’ Dean returned the smile, he could read her like a book and he knew why she was avoiding him.

It was a sad sight to watch, as the man and woman who claimed to be lovers devoured the food in deadly silence. Toke’s mind was elsewhere, she didn’t even have the appetite but she didn’t want Dean to feel bad. He had worked so hard to make her happy and she was not going to ruin it.

‘Are you sure you are okay?’ Dean opened the wine and served it.

She needed to relax, he could not wait to make love to her.

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‘I’lI pass.’ Her hands rubbed her belly as she stared at the wine.

‘Why? You love red wine.’ Dean winked, he had predicted right, he knew why she refused the wine.

‘I don’t just feel like it…’ she shook her head.

‘I don’t know Toke, you’re a difficult person. Have I done something to hurt you?’ he slammed the bottle on the table, feigning anger.

‘Not at all, I…I just don’t feel fine.’ She was afraid to cause him pain.

‘So you still love me…’ Dean was seducing her now, but with his voice.

‘Yes of course, yes I love you, now and always.’ She answered eagerly as if her life depended on it.

‘Would you prove it to me by kissing me?’ he fell on his knees and raised her chin up with his fore finger.

All her fears were gone, she was bare before him, just the touch of finger had started a fire in her.

‘Yes…I would prove it by kissing you.’ Toke said nervously, responding to the delicate s£duct!on.

‘Kiss me baby’ Dean released her chin, she took charge immediately by lowering her face to meet with his’ till their lips were locked together in perfect desire.

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She wanted him to kiss her all over, cuddle her in his arms and take her, passionately till she reached the place of no return.

She shut her eyes as she engaged in this sweet and fulfilling kiss. Only Silence stood in the room.

‘Aw…’ she felt his hand on her hips, squeezing, kneading.

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‘Baby…’ she m0aned, and cupped his head with her slender fingers ‘My love’ she turned and faced him.

‘Baby…’ his eyes were all knowing.
‘I want you tonight, I want all of you’ he whispered into her ears.

She was too delighted by his offer that she failed to say the words. She just nodded.
‘Do you want me tonight’? He asked.
‘Yes, please. Take me’ she nodded.
He scooped her into his arms at once and carried her swiftly till he reached his bedroom.
He undressed her hurriedly, while she worked on his buttons till his shirt fell off.

She was left in nothing but a silky red g-string. Her boobs fell free, they were ripe and full and he could not wait to taste them.

Her laps were slender and fleshy; he caressed them as he covered her mouth with his’ swiftly.

Toke could not hold the energy that bubbled with enormous intensity in her; she kissed him powerfully; her mouth clung to his like that was the last piece of surviving on this earth. Her slender fingers ran all over his naked back.

His chest was hairy and strong; his back was hard and firm as they pressed against her b—–s.

He pulled away from the kiss and took control of the moment. He loved her, he loved all of her.

His lips started a journey from her neck to her t–s, her grabbed them with his hands and gave them a sq££ze before sU-Cking them again. Pleasure was maddening; her voice was dense and thick with emotion as she m0aned. This sweetness was very much. She wanted to explode.

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Just when she thought she had enough, his free hand found a way between her legs. Parting the [email protected] a little bit, burying his finger into her moist core.

‘Ah’! She screamed in ecstasy as he rubbed her there.

His fingers played with her pleasure button; rubbing the folds of flesh that enclosed it; circling and stroking till she was moist enough for him.

He pulled his hand out, withdrew his mouth from her m—-s and straightened.
She understood that it was time, so she lay on the bed and parted her legs, welcoming him into her world.

‘I love you’ he whispered and kissed her face lightly.

‘I love you too’ she smiled and let free his belt, till his hardness fell free.

He pulled her lace strings down and guarded his member slowly, into the entrance of her body. She gasped as flesh met with flesh, skin with skin.

And that was when the dance begun, the dance of lovers to the song of desire.

He took her violently with passion he seemed to have been hiding. He seemed to be allover every part of her. She shuddered with every t—-t and arched her back to receive his kisses.
‘Dean…ah…’ she m0aned as her heart beat faster.

‘Baby…darling’ he called her name an increased his pace.

Together, they reached the mountain; crashing together, screaming their names. Together they reached the highest peak of the pleasure they so desired. It was the perfect moment for all lovers and they were not an exception.

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