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The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 20

The billionaire's secret heartthrob

The billionaire’s secret heartthrob

Morning’s chapter had ended in this story, noon’s chapter was the manifestation of the fears Toke had harboured in her heart, evening her come, it was time to face her fears.

‘You’re really making me feel worse. It’s bad enough that I hate Saturdays, you’ve topped my list of most boring things.’ Emma hissed as she watched her sister’s face, which was covered with despair.

‘You wouldn’t be saying something so hurtful if you were in my shoes. How am I supposed to tell him? I should’ve been smarter.’ Toke regretted what had taken place in the office, but how could she despise a beautiful event that had brought her so much pleasure?

‘Yea yea, let the self thrashing begin…’ Emma who had been watching a soap opera turned off the television and faced her sister.
‘You should have refused sex or used a condom or taken your pill, but you didn’t.’ Emma walked towards the couch where Toke had comfortably curled herself in.

‘What’s your point?’ Toke peered up at her.

‘The point is this; you are pregnant and you have two options, you keep that baby or you get rid of it…’ Emma said.

‘I can never abort a child.’ Toke straightened, she didn’t like her sister’s suggestion.

‘Then get up and go see the father of that baby, or have you forgotten your dinner date?’ Emma asked.

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Toke spotted a glint of mischief in her sister’s eyes but she ignored it, Emma was an unpredictable person, but she knew Emma was up to something, she just was not in the mood to point her finger on it.

‘I am dressed.’ Toke rose to her feet, she was not excited about dinner, so there was no need for dressing up.

‘You’re going for dinner not some sports show.’ Emma eyed her sister carefully, what the hell was Toke thinking wearing a pair of faded denim with an overlarge sweater for dinner?

‘I am comfortable, besides it’s a cold night.’ Toke grabbed her keys from the table and moved towards the door.

‘Or you’re trying to hide the fact that you are pregnant with that ugly sweater.’ Emma chuckled, her sister could be really amusing at times.

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‘Just shut up and don’t wait up.’ Toke ignored her sister’s annoying giggles.
‘I wasn’t planning to, but just in case you two hit it again, don’t use a condom! No need for that!’ Emma yelled as Toke hopped into the car.

Toke shook her head, ignoring her sister’s savvy comments, ‘whatever’, she murmured before her tires screeched.
‘Tonight’s episode on Toke’s love story is going to be bomb.’ Emma murmured.
He had prepared her favourite meal, plantain porridge and snails and they would wash it down with a glass of red wine, after which he would make merciless love to her till she cried out his name.
His strong hands focused on the dishes, he was setting the table for dinner with his sweetheart.

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‘I guess we are ready.’ Dean Legacy smacked his palms together as he stared at the perfectly set table.

The wine glasses whose conical beauty were a rare design occupied a special spot on the table; a large white fine china bowl took centre place, it contained the pottage which he had prepared with snails and turkey meat; there was a huge casserole next to the huge bowl, it was filled with pieces of raw fruits- cashew, oranges and apples.

‘Hmm’ Dean rubbed his chin, not too comfortable with the position of the finely made Italian wine.

He loved Toke very much and he wanted the best for her.

He had been really busy these past weeks and their relationship was suffering. They were not communicating like before and he hated it when they were disconnected, it was not the best for any relationship.

He noticed Toke always avoided the subject of marriage. Though he had made it clear he wanted to be with her, it seemed she was still holding back or holding on to something. He had invited her to clear the air, he loved no other but her, and that was reason enough for her to trust him.

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A smile split his handsome face apart as he remembered the beautiful secret.

He fought for control, he could not let her see it in his eyes.

‘Not yet, the best for the last.’ He dropped the wine and checked his watch.

What was taking her so long?

Just in time he heard a knock on the door, ‘finally’ he moved over to let his lover in.

‘Baby…’ his breath was hot against her face as he reached out for her.

Her strength was him, he looked so simple yet powerful, powerful enough to own her, to consume her.

She realized she had been empty till this moment, loneliness and pain had found a dwelling place in the deepest part of her, but they had fled at the sight of him, the man who held her thoughts sway. The one whose rhythm her heart danced to.

She licked her lips, trying to calm her shaky hands and appear relaxed before him.

He wore a faded jean like she did and a white shirt whose starting buttons were left undone, showing off the seat of his chest, which was covered with curly black hair.

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