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The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 19

The billionaire's secret heartthrob

The billionaire’s secret heartthrob

Are you okay?’Emma could see the worried look on her sister’s face, had she said something to upset her?

‘Emma…I think I am in trouble.’ Toke rose to her feet, her appetite was gone.

‘I don’t understand.’ Emma joined her up.

Toke’s heart beat faster, she could hear the sound of her heart pounding, thudding faster. What if she was actually pregnant? This was not what she had planned for her life, she always wanted to have a baby within the confines of marriage.

She had so many fears, how was Dean going to take this? They had never discussed about children, what if he was not cut out to be a dad? What if he was not ready to father a child?

‘Just slow down and breathe cause you look pretty tensed up to me.’ Emma sounded scared, she didn’t like what she was seeing.

She had been observing her sister for days now, she slept for longer hours and she was starting to add weight in some places, but she had dismissed her fears.

Toke’s face was pale, it was completely drained of colour and she looked like someone that was about to faint.
‘Emma, I think I am pregnant, I have not seen my period for some days now. What am I going to do?’ Toke’s voice was sad and low, she was worried about what Dean would think.

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‘Hey, you are not sure it’s pregnancy, till we carry out a test. If it turns out positive, it’s not going to be a problem because it would accelerate the marriage procedure faster.’ Emma caressed her shoulders gently, inwardly loving the turnout of things.

Finally, her stubborn sister was getting married and she would be the maid of honour!

‘Yikes!’ Emma rejoiced in her heart.
‘What if Dean is not ready? This could create a rift between us and I don’t want that, we are in a very good place right now and it should remain so.’ A tear slipped down her supple cheeks, which had grown plumper along the weeks.

‘I know brother Dean quite well, he is never going to turn his back on you.’ Emma reassured her.

‘Are you sure about that?’ Toke searched her sister’s eyes.

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Most times when Dean made love to her, they always used protection especially when she was not on the pill, but there was one time…
‘Geez’ she gritted her teeth as she remembered the way he made love to her back in the office. He had not used protection that day and that session of lovemaking was the best ever. It had been so lustful and passionate. She had lost her senses completely under the influence of his sweet pummelling.

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‘Don’t worry, after the test, we’Il will know the right step to take.’

‘I could get the early pregnancy test kit along the street, what do you think?’ Emma asked her sister.

‘Yes of course, please do. It’s important.’ Toke agreed with her.
Emma rushed towards the door, she was so excited about this news, she hoped it would turn out as planned, she could not’t wait to share the news with Dean.

She was alone now, impulsively, her hands went to her slim belly and she found herself caressing it.

Beep, beep, her phone sounded.
‘Geez!’ She pressed a shaky hand on her chest, she was really tensed up.
“I miss you darling; let’s have dinner tonight at my place. I’ll cook. Wear something sexy. I love you baby.”
‘Why do you have that sore look on your face?’ Emma eyed her sister as once she’d return from the closest Pharmacy store.

‘Dean wants to have dinner.’ Toke replied, wiping off a drop of sweat from her brows, she was really nervous.

‘Okay, you’re really freaking me out, it’s not like you have herpes or something. It’s pregnancy! And that is beautiful.’ Emma dropped the kit on the table.

‘You don’t understand…I don’t want to make it about me, like I am desperate to get married or something.’ She closed her eyes shut as imaginations flooded her mind.

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What if Dean was not ready to the dad, what if he asked her to abort?

‘I don’t have time for this, take this and test, let’s start from there.’ Emma pointed at the kit at the middle of the table.

There was great reluctance in her stride, so was fear in her heart as she moved towards the table, afraid that her fears were to be confirmed.

She had attributed all her weakness and nausea to stress, but now she really had time to think about it, it could be pregnancy.

‘Get back to me.’ Emma moved away from her sister with a mischievous smug plastered over her face.

‘Alright.’Toke replied dryly before moving towards the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, she ran out screaming with tears running down her face.

‘Yes? Did something bad happen?’ Emma rushed towards the bathroom, the urgency in Toke’s voice had unsettled her.

‘I am pregnant.’

Emma had never seen her sister in this sort of mood before. Toke rarely got upset about anything, she was not the type of woman who got easily weighed down when trouble came, else she would’ve sank into depression when Vector had started to blackmail them

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