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The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 18

The billionaire's secret heartthrob

The billionaire’s secret heartthrob

Dean is in love with you, you make him happy and for that I am willing to stand by you. I accept you into our family Toke…I know it would be difficult letting go the image of Bellena, but I am willing to try.’ The old woman unzipped the bag and drew out a necklace with a ring on it.

‘Come child…’ she beckoned Toke towards her.

Toke could not believe it, this was all a dream.
‘My husband, Dean’s grandfather gave me this diamond ring when he proposed, so it’s a family heirloom, I would love you to have it…’ she smiled and handed it to Toke.
‘I don’t know what to say…’ Toke’s lashes were wet with tears, all her pain was gradually coming to an end.

‘Say nothing then, just take this from me.’
Emma who’d been watching the scene could not hold it anymore, she rushed out of her hiding place, applauding all the way.
‘I told you, Dean’s love for you is unconditional.’ Emma whispered.

‘Who is she?’ Grandmother May asked.
‘My sister’ Toke replied as she took the necklace and the ring from the woman.
‘Oh, beautiful too…’ the old woman ran her eyes over a faint version of Toke.
‘How do I look?’ Toke grinned as she put on the necklace.

The old woman smiled as she stared at her future daughter in-law, the diamond necklace fitted her perfectly, her eyes moved from Toke to the shadow that loomed in front of the door. A warm smile spread over her face as she form became more visible, he was here, he had returned to claim what was rightfully his’.

“Like the wife of a Legacy”

All eyes turned towards the door as Dean trotted in majestically. It was a beautiful day for him, he had killed two birds with one stone.
‘Dean!’ Toke ran towards him.
‘My love…’ he cupped her face into his hands.

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‘You came late son, where have you been?’ Grandmother May asked. They had planned this proposal for days, but Dean had not showed up with her as planned, so she had decided to do it on her own.

‘I am so sorry for the hurtful things I said to you…and threatening to quit my job.’ Toke apologized.

‘I am the one to apologize, I was carried away by my feelings for you and I failed to notice your burden, the pain you always carried inside of you.’ He caressed her face gently.

What was he talking about? Toke swallowed deeply as she remembered Vector, what if he showed up any minute and shot everyone in the room?

‘No.’ She thought, she had to tell Dean everything about her past.

‘I know…and I have handled it. Vector would never bother you again.’ He searched her beautiful eyes, they glowed with fear and uncertainty.

‘How did you know about that? I am so sorry, It was an accident, he tried to Mo…’
‘Sh, it’s okay. I know what happened and I am not judging you. I love you and that’s what matters.’ He placed a finger on her lips to hush her.

Toke had never felt this loved, everything was surreal. His grandmother’s acceptance, Vector’s exit from her life.

‘This is real, I love you Toke and I want to be with you till the end of my days.’ Dean meant every word.

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‘I love you! I’ve always loved you but I was scared of rejection.’ She confessed.
‘Forget Bellena, it is you that I want.’ He replied.

‘I don’t deserve you.’ She was still unsure.

‘If you say so, but I know you deserve this…’ he lifted his index finger from her lips and replaced it with his hot and burning mouth. Wetness clashed with wetness, tongue with tongue, this was the most passionate kiss they had ever shared.

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A Month later,
It was a beautiful Saturday morning in their new neighbourhood, Dean had rented a new apartment for Toke and her sister, she had kicked against it, but he was even more stubborn than she was, eventually, she had no choice but to accept.

‘This house is really beautiful, What was I thinking arguing with Dean about it?’ Toke loved the architectural design and the interior embellishments.

The walls had Arabic imprints on them, the chandeliers seemed really ancient and artistic; the drapes were a bright gold colour which were very costly.

Dean had furnished the house with the best set of settees, television sets in all the rooms and everything the girls needed in the kitchen.
‘You’re such a lucky woman Toke, Dean is the right man for you…’ Emma smiled as she served her sister breakfast.

‘Why do I have a feeling somebody is jealous?’ Toke winked.

Emma had never been the type of girl who cared much about love, she was a tomboy and didn’t have time for relationships, but now she had seen how happy being in love could be, she yearned for a taste of good loving.

‘I am in the market should you find a cutey’ Emma raised her ring finger upwards which made her sister laugh harder.

Toke dug her teeth into the delicious brownish sandwich her sister made for her. On most occasions, she was the one that usually made breakfast during weekends, but she had woken up feeling dizzy and blue, so her sister had no choice but to help her out.

‘How do you feel now?’ Emma watched her sister closely.

‘I am not sure, but I love these sandwiches’ Toke savoured the pieces of bread in her mouth with her eyes closed.
She had not expected the vision that she had, but a face flashed briefly in her mind, it was the face of the man that cared for, that made her confident in herself. Dean had washed away the stains of her past and she would forever be grateful for that.

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‘You are thinking of Dean…’ Emma caught her sister smiling.
‘Of course, as the days grow by, so does my love for him…’ Toke opened her eyes.
‘Then what’s keeping you two from getting married to each other?’ Emma arched a brow.

She knew very well Dean wanted to take Toke as his bride, and she also knew how stubborn Toke could be.

‘Don’t start’ Toke dropped the sandwich in her hand and poured herself a glass of milk.
‘You are an enigma Toke. I don’t even understand you anymore, if I didn’t know you well, I’d say you are pregnant…’ Emma bit her lips as the words carelessly flew out of her lips.

‘Only pregnant women find it hard to make decisions. One minute they want something, and the next minute they don’t. Dean loves you, you have his family heirloom hanging off your neck, what’s stopping you from planning a wedding?’ Emma asked.

Toke could hear her sister, she watched as Emma’s lips moved, but the only word that had stood out was “Pregnant”.
‘No.’ Sweat covered her brow as she realized she had not seen her period for a month now. At first, she had dismissed it as symptoms of being stressed at work.

Her proposal had been accepted by the board of executives, she had been assigned as the head of the group that was to initiate the diversification programme.

There was a lot of work to be done and she had engrossed herself totally in it.

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