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The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 17

The billionaire's secret heartthrob

The billionaire’s secret heartthrob

‘I am sorry, it’s because of me you cannot have Dean. If, you had not hit him that day, if he had not died, maybe you and Dean would’ve worked out knowing you had no skeletons in your cupboard.’ Emma’s eyes were red and swollen, she felt so hurt that her sister would go through this agony on her count.

No…I am only afraid of loving him too much or getting rejected, that’s the reason I am unwilling to pursue him.’ This was the truth, she loved Dean completely, but she was terrified of his rejection. What if he rejected her at the end?

Emma could see the truth glazing in her sister’s eyes, Toke was in love, but she was also afraid.

‘There is no fear in what is true, only joy and peace. I am sure Dean’s love is pure and comes from the deepest parts of his heart.’ Emma rose to comfort her sister with a hug.
‘I always feel better talking to you.’ Toke clung tightly to her sister, but still unsure on where to place Dean.

‘I love you “Toks”…’ Emma kissed her hair.

‘”Toks”?’Toke chuckled, her sister’s pet name for her always made her laugh.
The sisters were bonding; they stayed that way for a moment. They felt so much love and comfort in each other’s arms.

‘Did you hear that?’ Emma quickly pulled away from her sister as she heard the loud banging on their door.

‘Yes…Vector.’ Toke’s mouth felt dry, fear gripped her as she was lost on the next step to take.

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‘What should we do?’ Toke whispered to Emma.

‘I don’t know, I don’t have the money.’ Toke replied.

The banging only increased, their guest was not ready to leave and they had no choice but to go see him.

‘I will try and explain things to him, get pepper spray and hide behind the door should he launch an attack. I know this is not the best of ideas, but that’s the only we have for now.’ Toke exhaled sharply.

‘I will do as you have said.’ Emma agreed.
Toke pulled in a sufficient amount of air as she walked towards the door, she had never missed his payment before, she hoped he would understand.

‘One, two…’ she closed her hands on the door handle.

Her eyes radiated surprise as she stared at the familiar looking old woman, she had seen this woman somewhere.

‘What took you so long to open the door child?’

‘Good day Madam, please come on in.’ Toke fully recognized her now, she was the woman that had walked in on her and Dean making love. Blood crept to her cheeks as she remembered the incident.

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‘Oh come off it, we all had sex, everyone would have sex except the nuns.’ Grandmother May could see the embarrassment on her face.

Toke smiled, she did not realize the woman could be so friendly.

‘Please do have a seat Madam…’ Toke gestured towards one of the cushion chair.
‘Oh thank you, but I am not here to sit, and I don’t like the term “madam”, makes me feel old.’ Grandmother May flashed a warning.

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‘Oh’ Toke lifted a brow in amusement as she stared at the silver haired lady, she was loving her the more. What sort of old person did not’t want to be addressed as an old person? It was such an irony!

‘Call me May child, or simply Grandmother.’ She added with a smile that straightened her wrinkled face.

Toke felt unsure on what to call her, why was she even here? Had something bad happened to Dean?

At the thought of something happening to the man that she loved, all the pain and jealousy she felt fled, she was about asking his grandmother about him when the old woman cut into her thoughts.

‘You have a small place…small but homely.’ The woman stared at the pictures of Toke and Emma on the wall.

‘Thank you.’ Toke replied, she almost giggled as she remembered her sister who’d been hiding at the back of the door.
‘I don’t like you Toke….I wanted more for my grandson. I wanted a woman like Bellena Agwadike for him, I invited her to the house and they slept in the same room…’ the old woman paused so her words could really sink in.

‘What is this about?’ Toke moved away from the woman, what was she trying so say?
Had Dean slept with Bellena? If so, the rumours about the two getting married where true.

‘Bellena is hundred percent prettier, smarter than you are…but he chose you.’ The old woman sighed.

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Her heart danced as she heard those words. “but he chose you.”
‘I wanted Bellena to s£duce him, I wanted her to be with child for him but he resisted her desires, my desires and fled the room. When she told me all that had transpired between them, I was now convinced that my grandson’s love for you is genuine.’ Her taught face was now graced with a smile.
Toke was speechless; she could not believe all that she had heard. So he rejected a sophisticated woman like Bellena just for her?
‘But…’ Toke was lost, tears streamed down her face as she thought of Dean.
‘He did not tell you about Bellena because I forced her on him within the shortest period of time possible.’ The woman answered, having read her facial expression, the second time.

‘I know about your past…you murdered your step father.’ The woman peeled another chapter.

Toke’s heart skipped, she could feel blood pumping into her ears, ‘I was only eighteen, I was protecting my sister.’ She tried to defend herself.

‘I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but I have also gone through your present. You have contributed a lot to Dean’s life and his business, our family pride, you are a blessing whether I believe that or not…’

Toke was amazed by the kindness of the words that fell out of her lips and the way she stared at her while spewing them.

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