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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

💞 Khalid 💞

I saw the look on her face when I took off my jacket and chuckled.”What are you thinking of dear June, don’t worry we have all the time for that”

She flushed cutely. .hump I finally have her with me,my mind is at peace now. I’m not going to let go of her till I’m satisfied or get tired of her.

I just need to play my cards properly and she’s mine.

“Why Was I kidnapped Khalid?!” she raised her head stubbornly -glaring at me.

I raised my brows surprised that she address me by my name. No one dares to do that.. It’s Master K for everyone but I like the way my name rolled off in her tongue so I’ll let it go.

I sat on the couch and crossed my legs in an intimidating manner “You were not kidnapped June, from what I heard… You became violent in the car so he had no choice but to drug you”

“Violent? Oh this is unbelievable. Look here, I need to go so say what you have to say”

I was surprised again by this, did she really know who she’s talking to?

Her boldness is intriguing and refreshing.

I gazed at her pretty face and realized she’s even more beautiful than the picture. Her white pale skin was so soft, I felt like grabbing her and having my way with her but not now. I cleared my throat and went straight to the point, there’s no point of delaying it.

I brought out a file from my briefcase and handed it to her. I need to do this before mother kills me.

💛💛 Mrs Black 💛💛

I tried my son’s number for the fifth time and he still wouldn’t pick up.

I growled and threw the phone away”Aghh!!”

My husband, Jerry walked in just then.

“What is it dear? Who made my darling wife angry this evening ?’ he asked kissing my neck

“It’s your son!! He wouldn’t pick up and I need to remind him about the introduction. The Kiran family will be here in two days and he needs to come home. I can’t afford anything to go wrong”

The Kiran family is one of the most respected family here in New Orleans. They agreed to give their beautiful daughter Mellissa to Khalid as his wife.

We’ve already set the date of the introduction which is in two days time. Khalid knows about this, he didn’t take the news well when we told him, he claimed he had a girlfriend which we all know it’s a lie.

The problem now is how to get him home before then.

“My darling Marianne,you know your son… He will come, he’s just too busy at the moment that’s why he isn’t picking up. Stop worrying too much before wrinkles appear on your fine face”

I smiled at that then sigh”I just want everything to go well Jerry”

He kissed my neck”It will, don’t stress yourself over this okay?”

I laid my head on his chest and nodded”Okay”


My eyes kept widening as I read the documents. “You want me to sign this? I still don’t understand what this is all about ”

He raised his eyebrows”Dont you know how to read? It says Be My Girlfriend for six months”.

I laughed”Yes I saw that, with a bunch of crap you wrote here… I’m asking why you think I’ll agree to it”

You’ve got to see the list of things he wants me to agree to.

*Make sure you behave like you’re in love with me..

*We will have s3x when the time calls for it..

Hold on… Did I tell him I want to sleep with him?

*Always do as I ask.

*Do NOT get pregnant or it will be aborted.

I had to stop there cause I’ll get a migraine if I continue reading this.

Who the hell does he think he is? Just because he’s rich he thinks he could do anything he likes.

He had a frown on his face as if trying to comprehend what’s going on in my head.

“Are you not going to answer me? I asked you a question!”

I was surprised when he smiled”You will accept it”

He said it as a matter of fact, I gazed at him with pity and wondered if this is how he usually is. It’s so sad, a very sad life.

I shook my head and got up”If that’s all you have to say… Then excuse me, I don’t have time for this ” I said and started walking to the door.

I was about turning the knobs when he spoke up.

“I believe you love your friend..what’s her name Kayla I think”

I froze”W..what are you talking about?”
He threw a picture on the floor, I went to pick it up.

The person I saw made a sob escape from my mouth. Oh no..

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