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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 25

Episode 25

❤️ Kayla ❤️

I puffed out my breath once I came out of the trunk and gazed at my surroundings. Wow!

Like seriously wow!

This place is damn beautiful, I could only stare in awe with my mouth hanging.

I almost forgot what I came here for.. almost. The scenery screams money.

This place is only for rich people, I mean who comes here to eat just breakfast? I wish I had my phone with me so I can take pictures. *Sigh*

“Hey!! What are you doing here? This is a restricted area!” I heard someone say and turned to the direction.

A fat officer was running towards me with a serious face, oh shit!

I frantically looked around wondering where to go damnit!! Where the hell is Charles?

I took off on a run, not knowing where I’m going. All I know is that I’m not going to get caught, I must find Charles.

“Hey!! Don’t go there” the officer cried out as I entered the building.

I got a glimpse of myself on the mirror and pause. What the Fvck!! Is this me?

I look like a mad woman,I was in a hurry that I forgot to check myself in the mirror before coming out.

“Hey stop right there!” The officer said again. He was breathing hard and can’t even lift his feet from the ground.

I waited till he got closer before running off again. I didn’t even have time to take in the interior cause I was busy looking for their Charles.

Suddenly,I saw them…not Charles exactly but his fellow guards.
Without thinking,I ran towards them.

I stepped out of the plane with my guards behind me.

Hello to Orleans..

I had actually taken the next flight here the moment I heard she’s here without thinking,but now that I’m here…

I don’t know how to find her..

I turned to my guard “Where did you say she is again?”

He gulped”Um. I don’t know..I mean, I know she’s in New Orleans but my resources didn’t tell me her actual location”

I remained silent looking at him for a minute before asking”What?You let me come all the way without knowing the actual location?!!”

He gulped”I’m sorry boss,I wanted to tell you”

I was about pulling out my gun and blowing off his head when I remembered I’m at the airport.

I glared at him”Thank your heavens that I’m not going to kill you, go make research on his whereabouts now before I loose it!!”

“Yes sir!”he answered and scurried away.

I sighed and got into the car, What should I do now? there’s no way I’ll give up now never!

I need to find my darling… she’s the only family I have.

“Where to boss?”

I sighed”A hotel, I need to lounge here for sometime”

He nodded and hit the accelerator. Don’t worry June, uncle is coming for you.

💝 June 💝
“Wow, this mansion is beautiful” I exclaimed gazing around as we stepped out of the room.

It was dark last night so I didn’t get a clear view of the house last night.

Khalid, who was walking behind me, suddenly grabbed my waist and pushed me to the wall.

Without giving me time to think, he took my mouth in his, kissing me roughly. My mind went blank for a minute before I pushed him away.

“Stop doing that! I included it in my terms.. no touching!”

He smirked”But you touched me yesterday and I didn’t object to it, have you forgotten already? Your lips wrapped around me was a very s3xy sight.. infact I’m hard already thinking about it, do you want to see it?”

My face felt hot.

I quickly walked past him pretending I didn’t hear him.”Where do you say we’re going? I’m starving”

He chuckled and took my hand”Come on, let’s go for breakfast”

I glanced down at our joined hands then back at me and felt a strange feeling In my heart.

Minutes Later!

We arrived at K Stone Restaurant and went into the building.

I could only stare open mouthed, looking at the building. “Do you own this place too?” I asked.

My voice came out low, I thought he wasn’t going to hear me but surprisingly, he answered.


Wow! How rich is this guy?

“But why did you name it K Stone? Why not Black?”

His dark eyes fell on me”No one has ever asked me that”

“Really? Well it’s kinda weird that you didn’t use your last name”

“Stone is my grandfather’s middle name” he drew a chair for me. I sat and he pushed it in like a gentleman before going to sit.

A waiter came to us”Good morning sir, ma’am”

I blushed again flustered.

Khalid shook his head”Morning”

“Can I take your orders please”

I picked up their order list and gazed at all their delicacies. I became confused cause I don’t know which dish I’ll go for.

Just as I was about to pick one, I heard a commotion from the door.

I glanced up only to see Khalid’s guards holding a lady. At first look, you’ll think she’s a mad woman but I gazed at her again and realized I was staring at someone familiar.

Hold on..

Is that.. Kayla?

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