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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 23

Episode 23

🍀 Khalid 🍀
I laid there on the bed after the mind-blowing [email protected] June just gave me. Her mouth looks swollen, I couldn’t help but kiss her again.

I wanted to do more than just a blowjob but I’ll take it one step at a time.

“Come on, sleep already, we’ll be going out tomorrow”

She moved to the far end of the king size bed and lay down. I rolled my eyes at her silliness and lay back too.

My mind drifted off to her uncle and wondered he’s doing right now. He must be crazily out of his mind looking for her.

Ryder should be greatful I like her otherwise I’ll make her pay for his wrong doings.

His niece is so damn adorable and gorgeous.. I don’t think I’ll be letting go of her even after our six months agreement.

Well, who knows.. maybe I’d have fvcked her out of my system, I’ll get tired of her and have no choice but to let her go, hm.

I gazed at her for a while before closing my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning!

I am used to waking up early so by five thirty, my eyes opened. I was surprised to see June lying on my body.

Her head was on my chest, I could feel her two perky [email protected] pressing at my side. Her legs were tangled with mine, one was close to my dlck.

So.fvckin. close.. aghh!

I was already hard but now, the little guy is straining to get out of my short.

I closed my eyes and breathed in, trying to get control of myself. This girl really has a way of stirring up feeling from me, even in her sleep.

Images of things I’d love to do her filled my head. I’d like to fvck her on the way, floor, couch.. bathroom..

I’d love to tie her up, leaving her vulnerable and at my mercy.

Just the thought of seeing her wide open for me, her hands tied behind her made my dlck lick of pre-cum.

I wonder how she’ll look at me,willl she panic?

My phone beeped just then, disrupting me from my thoughts. I groaned inwardly and stretched out my hand to pick it up.

I already know it’s from my chief guard. He knows when I wake me, I’m sure he even knows me more than I do.

The guy really has a creepy way of reminding me about stuffs, he’s even better than my PA that’s why I usually find it hard to fire him.

I checked the text and saw that he’s reminding me about our outing this morning.

That’s right, I wanted to take June out for sightseeing this morning so that I can head over to the club later in the evening. I can’t cope with this blueballs anymore.

The noise seems to have disturbed June cause she stretched her body, in the process of doing that, she blow my jaw, at the same time, her thigh brushed against my hard c**k.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I groaned loudly. I ignored the pain on my jaw and moaned again when her legs settled down on it.

“Ugh! June?” Does she want to squash my d!ck? It’s hurting already.

She stiffened a bit and I knew she’s awake. She suddenly sat upright and was about to run.

I quickly stopped her movement by caging her in my hands”Morning to you too Girlfriend. Is that a way to greet your boyfriend?”

She flushed”Good morning”

I shook my head”Ah ah! Don’t you watch movies?” I sighed dramatically”I’ll only let you go if you kiss me, it’s the least you could do since you slept on my body”

Yeah, am a sick bastard.

I’d coax her little by little till I finally get what I want. I realize I’ve become patient when it comes to her.

I raised my brows at her”What are you waiting for? We’ll be going out soon so don’t waste more time”

She bit her lips nervously and came closer. I closed my eyes and waited for it. Suddenly, she pecked my cheek and quickly got up from my body.

“Good morning!!” She yelled before running into the bathroom.

I sighed, guess my plan didn’t work.

“Hurry up June, I don’t want the place too crowded”

“We’ll go for sightseeing in the evening Kay, I need to attend to my boss”

Charles muttered after shower.
I pursed my lips”I want to come along, the view will be better this morning”

He sighed”No.. you can’t come, I’d be in trouble If boss finds out I brought you along”

I scoffed”Who is he anyways? I don’t think you’ve mentioned it”

“That’s not important, I’m running late already June, you can check out the hotel later and order breakfast. Be ready by four okay?”

He kissed me roughly before jogging out of the room.

I thought about sitting here and doing nothing and shook my head, no way! It’ll be so boring.

I came here to have fun not to sit inside.
I’m going to follow him.. the question is how?
I stood up from the bed and went to the door. I quietly opened it and peeped to see him discussing with his fellow guard.

A plan formed in my head.
I quickly ran to my wardrobe, I picked a big hat, a big trouser and a hoodie and put it on. I made sure I tied up my hair so he won’t recognize it.

Then I looked for a handkerchief and tied it around my nose.. like a face mask.

I picked his shoes and wore it before going to the door.

I quietly opened it, once I saw Charles in a deep discussion with his friend, I walked out and started jogging towards the elevator.

“Hey!! Stop right there!” I heard and froze, oh God please help me.

I turned slowly to see Charles and his friend coming over. I gulped hard.

“Who are you? Where did you just come out from?” He asked suspiciously.

I gazed at him dumpfounded then I bowed
“Salamaleku” I greeted in Arabic, using a different accent.

He paused and turned to his friend”Do you understand what she just said?”

“Nope, just let her be. We need to organize the guards”

Charles sighed”Okay, you can go”

“Hmph? Go go?”I asked stupidly

“Yes go”He murmured, I could tell he’s getting frustrated.

I chuckled inwardly and casually strolled to the elevator. I pressed the button, it opened and I got in.

Just before the door closed, I heard him telling his friend something”That person is acting suspicious”

I breathed out relieved, when the door finally closed, now all I need to do is to get into his car and I’ll go wherever he’s going. I’m going to find out who he’s boss is ha!

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