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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 22

Episode 22

🦋 Kayla 🦋
He fvcked me hard and fast till I squirted all over him. He pulled out minutes after and came on my tummy.

We bothcollapse on the bed, catching our breathe. I turned to him with a smile on my face”That was wow”

He smiled back”Yeah it was.. I still need you”

My heart skipped”What?” I glanced down at his manhood to see it was getting hard under my gaze.

I gasp in surprise.
The s3xual tension in the room, thickened around us. My body ignited with pleasure again but suddenly, my tummy growled loudly, disrupting us.

I flushed immediately remembering that it was past dinner time.

Charles chuckled and got up”I guess that’s your tummy saying no to us, come on .. let’s freshen up and go down for dinner”

He took a small towel and cleaned the cum on my tummy before leading me to the bathroom.

We settled into a comfortable silence, got into the tub and showered.

❤️ Marianne ❤️
I paced in the bedroom wondering what to do. I don’t even know where to start from.

On one hard, I thought about how embarrassed I feel towards the Kiran’s family, Khalid ruined everything.

I had wanted them him to get married so that the world would know how responsible this family is.

They will know I chose a good wife from a good family for my son but now?

But now everything is ruined!!!

All because of that girl! The same girl that made me loose my son.

Now on the other hand, I’m supposed to go visit my son and pretend to accept that girl.

Gosh!! This is so frustrating, I feel like going crazy.

How can Khalid put me in such dilemma? He’ll make me get wrinkles before my time. Ah!

The door opened and Jerry walked in.

“Hey, I thought you’d be asleep by now” he muttered, hugging me from behind.

I leaned into his arms and suddenly felt like crying”I can’t sleep, is Khalid really going to do that to me? To us? He can’t just throw away all we’ve done over a girl is he?”

Be sighed”Marianne, I think what we did was wrong. We can’t force someone to do things. That is marriage for chrissake. No one forces feeling on someone.

Khalid told you this but you won’t listen, it’s best we accept his the girl and forget this ever happened”

I cleaned my tears and gazed up at him”Y.. you think this is my fault? Why didn’t you say anything!” I yelled angrily.

If he’d told me something then none of this would have happened.

“You didn’t listen to your own son, why will you listen to me? Besides I know you, if you’ve set your mind in something, no one can change that so I let it play out in front of me”

I sighed knowing he’s right.”So you think we should go apologise?”

He palmed my face and kissed me”Yes dear, it’s our only option”

“So when are we going to see them? “I asked him.

“Why would I do that? I’m not going to.. never!” I answered defiantly, there’s no way I’ll do that.

I might be a virgin but I’m not naive, Kayla has told me all about blowjob. She even tried to teach me but I had bluntly refused.

“June, look at me” he said in a dangerous tone that got me shaking in nerves.”June..”

I forced myself to drop my hands and stare directly at his cute cold face.

“Go down on your knees, don’t make me repeat myself, you know what will happen if you don’t comply. This is also your duty as my girlfriend”

My duty?

It wasn’t wasn’t part of the deal that I should pleasure him whenever he ask.. was It? I can’t remember seeing it there.


I sniffed and slowly knelt in front of him, i kept my head down not able to look at his manhood.

He suddenly bent, took my hand and placed it on his big hard d!ck. I was forced to glanced up at him.

He made me wrap my hands around him and used it to stroke himself.

I watched as he closed his eyes and moaned. His features shows bliss, it gave me a feminine feeling that I’m actually doing this to him, I’m actually pleasuring him.

His eyes popped open and held mine, suddenly, he pushed my hands away and brought his c*ck to my face.

My heart skipped,oh God it’s happening.

His strong hands grabbed my hair and then he forced his d!ck into my mouth.

I had no choice but to open up.

He growled”Fvck!! You have no idea house good you look down there on your knees June. Ah damnit! I could come just from the sight”

I moved his hips forward and backwards slowly.. making him hit the back of my throat.

I gagged immediately and tried to push him away.

“Stop it June,relax your mouth and breathe through your nose. It’ll be easier that way”

I stopped struggling and did as he asked. I found that he’s right,I know longer felt like I was suffocating.

He noticed this and started moving.

His hips surge forward alittle bit then he started fvck!n my mouth.

His movement were fast and uncontrolled,I could only stare helplessly at him.

My eyes widened when I felt his d!ck grew bigger, I tasted something salty in my mouth and tried to pull back but to no avail.

Khalid held my head to him”Swallow it June, every.last.drop”

He moved his hips again and then hot salty liquid gush into my mouth. He moaned calling out my name.

The substance filled my mouth,I had no choice but to gulp Everything down. That was when he pulled out of my mouth.

He smiled down at me and patted my head like a dog”Good girl”

Aghh! Seriously?.


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