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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 20

Episode 20

It’s been a week. A whole.fvckin.week and my princess isn’t found yet.

Poor thing, who knows what Khalid is using her for. Maybe for revenge, he will definitely look for something to use against me.

I only took little thing from him and he’s using it against me, bastard.

He’s gone too far by touching her, no one does that and get away with it. I need to figure something out, I need to find a way to bring him down.

I want him to come crawling on his knees in front of me. The thought brought a smile to my face.

I blinked when someone knocked on my door. “Enter”

One of my guard walked into my study and shut shut the behind him.

My cold eyes met his”This better be important” I muttered,dropping my gun on the table.

He gulped”Sir, I have news on your.. um .. on Ma’am June’s whereabout”

I sat upright immediately, finally!! Khalid, your days are numbered. I glared at the guard

“What the hell are you still waiting for?!! Tell me already and pray it’s not fake information cause you’ll be ten feet below the ground”

💕 June 💕
I followed him into the mansion with my mouth hanging in awe. Damn! This house is even more prettier than the other one, gigantic even.

I couldn’t stop taking everything in with my eyes.

Does he owns this also?
How much wealth does he own?

I walked into the mansion feeling like I’ve entered heaven itself. From the crested ceiling, the modern designs on the wall and the classic couch.

Everything was just wow!
“Welcome Master K”

I heard someone say and blinked, that was when I realize there were maids in the living room, they were bowing.

He nodded at a lady”Show her to the room”
“Yes Master”

I was about following the maid when Khalid caught my hand”Take your bath and come down for shower”

I nodded and left.
The maid showed me to the room, she bowed to me”Oh no, don’t do that… please. I’m June, you?”

She looked surprised by this, I think she’s about the same age as me. “Leila”

I smiled”Nice to meet you Leila, I hope we’ll become friends”I went to her and pursed my lips”Look, I .. um.. I don’t really have friends, just one but she’s in New York right now.. ”

She cut me off by clasping her hand in mine”I understand, I’ll love to be your friend cause this place is boring as hell but let’s not talk about this now.

You need to go shower before Master K gets angry”

I scoffed”Is he always like that?”

What I really wanted to ask was how many girls he has brought here but I asked that instead.

She shushed me”Are you really his girlfriend? You should know this by now. Quick, go shower”

She practically pushed me into the bathroom. I sighed and took off my clothes.

I turned on the shower and stepped into it. I let the cold water wash off the days stress off me.

All the drama that happened at Khalid’s family house has drained me, both emotionally and physically. All I wanted to do now is to eat and sleep then forget it ever happened. I still can’t believe

I suddenly missed Kayla so much, she’ll know what to do in this situation. I have to remember to call her later.

After shower, I toweled off, wrapped a towel around my body before walking out of the bathroom.

I saw a cloth sitting on the table and smiled. I’m liking Leila already, it’s a good thing I asked her to be my friend.

At least I’ll have someone to talk to. I can’t wait for her to tell me all about Orleans.

After dinner,I went back to my room and plunked down on the bed. I drifted off to sleep immediately.

Suddenly the door opened, I blink the sleep from my eyes and glanced up to see Khalid.

The sleep disappeared the moment I saw him taking off his shirt. “W.. what are you doing?”

“Sleeping with you obviously”

I gasp”What? No way!”

He cocked his head”No way? Why would say that?”

I gaped at him,is he really asking me that?
“Because… because” I scratched my head wondering how to put it.

“Erm.. because”

He smirked”Well if ‘because’ is your only answer then” he shrugged.

I watched as he took of his shirt exposing his broad chest. I started biting my lips when he went to his pants.

He started undoing his belt making me panic, oh father Lord, he’s going to take it off.. he’s really going to..”Stop!!!” I shouted when he wanted to pull it down. I didn’t even realize I was standing on the bed.

🌻 Khalid 🌻
Ok so June has decided to ignore me, she practically ran out of the dinning room after eating so I decided to change that.

I went into her bedroom and started taking off my clothes.. pretending she wasn’t there.

“What are you doing?”

I glanced up at her to see a panic look on her face, hmph.. I’m so going to enjoy this.

I answered her and was about taking off my trouser when she shouted”Stop!!”

I raised my head up to see her standing on the bed. She was posed like she wants to fight karate.

Yes? Is something wrong June?”

“No.. I mean.. yes, don’t take it off, not here at least, do it in the bathroom”

I gazed at her like I’m thinking about it then smiled”No”


Without saying a thing, I pulled down my pants.
🤔How would she react???


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