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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter 2


I felt eyes on me as I jogged down the street. Okay.. I always have eyes on me wherever I go, thanks to my superb body.

I don’t know what guys usually look at, I mean, whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I only see a plain girl with big b**bs, big annoying shape and a big áss.

But people claim it’s a great body so I’ll go with it.

Today is different,the eyes on me feels intense.. like it’s looking into my soul.

I had the urge to turn back but I resisted.

I ran past a group of guys , some of them stopped me.

“Hello pretty lady”

Another guy smacked my backside. I turned”Hey!!”

They laughed”Whoa she’s feisty!”

I was busy glaring at the guy when someone jerked me to him. I started panicking”Let me go! Don’t touch me!”

He placed his hands on my bum, squeezing it. “Damn I want her!”He shouted at his squad.

They laughed”Who doesn’t?”

I tried to kick him but he’s just too strong, he wouldn’t budge.

“Hey! Let the lady go” we heard from the back, the noise lessened. I noticed everyone became tensed as if holding their breath.

The guy holding me, pushed me away. I stumbled, almost lost my footing but someone caught me.

“Are you okay miss?”

I swallowed and nodded.

“And who the fvck are you young man? Trying to play hero huh? I’ll advice you get out of here before you loose your legs”

He slowly turned”I’ll give all of you five seconds to leave here now cause you won’t only loose your legs but your hands”

I gasp, what?

He’s only one man, how is he going to beat all of them?

As if hearing my thoughts, men in black suit came out of different angles.

I gulped and moved away from there slowly, I feel it’s going to get bloody soon.

As soon as I was far from there, I turn on my heels and ran. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me.

Minutes Later, I got home and shut the door behind me. I was leaning on the door breathing hard when Kayla walked out of her room.

She looks like she just woke up”Hey babe, why do you look like you just swallowed a fish”

I glared at her”Good morning to you too Kayla, I thought you wanted to jog?”

She gave a dismissing wave”Oh please, the sleep was so sweet.. I was dreaming of chicken”

I giggled and went into the kitchen”You’re sick Kayla and you know it”

“Yeàh yeah, whatever… Wake me up tomorrow, I’m going to jog whether devil likes it or not”

I huffed as if she will wake up. I admire her cause she never gets fat, her body is so flawless..guys go crazy whenever they see her “Something happened today.. ” I started.

She was already by my side waiting for the gist. “What happened?”

“I don’t know.. it just had a strange feeling that someone was watching me and.. ”

Then I told her what happened.

“Whoa….I don’t know what to say to that.. I have something to tell you also”

“What’s that?”

“Khalid Black is in town! Isn’t that awesome! I’m sure all the ladies in New York will prim up always just in case they see him”

Hmph “Are you among the ladies?”

Who is he anyways?

❄️ Khalid ❄️

The smile slowly died from my face when something caught my eyes.


“She’s related to Ryder?”

He nodded”Yes Master K”

Damnit!! Ryder is my number one sworn enemy that I plan on dealing with. The bad thing is that.. he has many resources and he’s not easy to get.

The guy is so clever.

I turn the last part of the file and saw her picture, June Walker.

I inhaled slightly as I stared at the picture, her smile took my breath away.

I’ve seen hundreds of stunning ladies but none has surpassed what I’m seeing now.

June has a plain innocent attached to her beauty… something that most ladies don’t.

A thought came into my head as I stared at the picture, does she really know who her uncle is?

Is she aware of what he does?

I realized something then..

Even with all this informations, I still want her. I need her to be mine!

I glanced at my Investigator”You may go now.

I kept staring at the picture for a long time after he left with a question ringing in my head.

Will I still go after her knowing what’s behind it?

Yes.. I will, I’m Khalid Black and nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want.

I picked up my phone and called the chauffeur”Get the cars ready”


I went to my cake shop later that day, opened up and started dusting the place.

Baking is one of the things I love doing so uncle Ryder decided to start the business for me.

It’s the only thing I accepted from him as a gift, he’s not happy about the fact that I’m not staying with him so he could spoil me rotten.

I prefer struggling for my own money. Ever since my parents passed away, I’ve learnt to be independent.

My phone rang from the counter. I rushed towards it and saw it was Uncle Ryder.

“Morning uncle, I was just thinking about you”

He chuckled”Good thoughts I hope… Anyways, you need to come stay with me”

I froze” Uncle it’s a no.. we’ve talked about this”

“June!! You’re either coming willingly or I’ll forcefully, so what do you say?”



Why does he suddenly want her back?

Will Khalid get to her before him?

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