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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 19

Episode 19

🦋 Khalid 🦋
I kept glancing at her on our way home and noticed she was extremely quiet. She didn’t even look my way.

The silence was deafening, I couldn’t take it anymore”June”

Her teary eyes fell on me”Huh?”

“I.. I.. are you hungry?” Fvck!! Was I really going to apologise?

What the hell is happening to me?

I shouldn’t feel bad about what mom did but damnit!! I do. The way she had looked at me, broke my heart.

Aghh this is so complicated, my mood darkened more as I thought it. No girl has ever gotten me so riled up this much.

This few days with her has been torture, I’ve suffered a case of blueballs-which has never happened before. I would have taken what I wanted.

I mean she was nak3d that day in my room so why didn’t I take her? I know, I know, something is really wrong with me.

I was busy brooding and didn’t notice when we arrive till June called my name.

“Oh yes, come on” A guard opened my door, I was about to step out when she stopped me.

“Don’t you think you took it far? With your mom I mean. We were only supposed to convince them about our relationship.. ”

“You should have thought about that before fighting with her” I replied coldly.

She blushed”She started it, what do you expect me to do? Watch her beat me up? Anyways, telling your parents you’re no longer their son till I’m accepted is overrated. What will you tell them when this is over between us?”

I gazed at her for a while before speaking up”That is not for you to decide”

Then I alighted out of the car, leaving her to follow behind.

✨ Melissa ✨
“So you get the picture right? The first step is to get the paparazzi in on them.
Everyone will want to know who Khalid’s girlfriend is.” I said to Mason on the phone.

He’s our family personal investigator and a lot more. He does everything we want him to, he’s pretty good at his job that’s why I want him on this.

“I understand”

I nodded”You know how powerful he is right? Make sure it goes worldwide, I want it in a way that he wouldn’t be able to get it off the net”

“Yes, I can handle it”

I was about to hang up when something popped into my head”Another thing Mason, I want every information on that girl. If he loves her like he claims he does then we have to find something that’ll ruined their relationship”

Then I hanged up.

I took a gulp of my drink and smiled coldly.

Does she think she’ll live happily ever after with Khalid after she ruined my marriage?

Or supposed marriage… she ruined my chance of becoming one of the Black family so now I’m going to make her pay.

🍀 Charles 🍀
After attending to Master K, I quickly rushed back to the hotel. I was anxious to get back to Kayla.

Who knows what she’s doing?

Maybe she went sightseeing even though I warned her not to. Hmph, why do I like it when she goes against me?

I feel like it’s hot, she’s not like most girls. She doesn’t pretend like most girls do just to get attention. Infact, she knows what she wants and she takes it without giving a damn about it.

I guess that’s what drew me to her, well apart from her pretty face and gorgeous body.

I decided to take a shower before going to meet her. I took off my clothes and was about to go to the bathroom when my phone beeped.

It’s from one of the guards saying that boss will be going out later tonight. I suddenly felt a presence behind me and turned to see Kayla.

I froze, how did she get in here without me noticing? How long has she been standing here?

I realize she wasn’t looking at my face but my d’ck. I glanced down at my little man down there to see it getting harder under her gaze.

“Like what you see?” I asked twitching my eyebrows.

She immediately took off her eyes and faced the other way”What? I.. I was just looking for you.. I.. I damnit!!”

I chuckled and slowly walked towards her.” What? Why are you suddenly shy? Don’t you wanna see how hard I am for you?”I whispered in her ears.

I know we’ve both been attracted to ourselves and haven’t been able to do a damn thing about it but I planned on changing it, here and now.

I can’t resist her anymore. With that thought, I turned her over and crashed my lips down on hers.

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