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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 18

Episode 18

🦋 Kayla 🦋
I couldn’t even run fast shit!
June how do you normally jog several meters without getting tired?

I turned back to see Charles few feet behind me. “Kayla stop being childish for chrissake!!”

I growled”I’m not childish!!”
I tried to move forward but fell down face down”Oh God, I need water. I.. I think I’m going to die”

Charles squatted down beside me and chuckled”Is there anything else you could do without being lazy?”

I groaned”I wanna explore and crap!! I need an acohol, I can’t remember when last I drank”

Pass byers were looking at us so he pulled me up”Come on, we need to go. You’ve wasted our time as it is”

His phone rang then, he answered”Yes boss”

“We’ll soon be there”

He hang up and faced me”Ok Kay, let’s go back to the others, we’ll explore soon okay?”

“Yeah, come on”

I could only stare through the window on our way home. I kept replaying everything that happened over and over again.

He stood up for me, I still can’t believe he’ll do that, I mean.. I thought he’ll just let his mom hit me and shout at me.

Tears formed in my eyes as I remembered her horrible words. How much do I need?

Does she take me for a whore or what?

I swallowed and turned”Huh?”

He searched my face for some minute before speaking up”I.. um.. are you hungry?”

Ok I wasn’t sure that, I nodded slowly then shook my head”At home, I’ll eat at him”

I don’t feel like going anywhere, just want to go shower, eat , cry and sleep. Then try to forget everything that has happened.

He must have read the look on my face cause he nodded”You did good today June”

I could only nod, am I supposed to thank him? I lied to someone for chrissake!!

🌻 Melissa 🌻
After applying some ointment on the scratch, I took off my clothes and showered.

Then I ate dinner downstairs with mom and dad.

Mom kept talking about the whole thing while I remained quiet thinking of a plan.

“Lissa darling, are you okay?” Dad asked

I forced a smile, wincing at the slight pain on my cheek”Yes dad, I am”

“Are you sure honey? They Black’s are going to pay okay? I’m going to figure something out”

As she was talking, an idea popped into my head. I suddenly lost my appetite and grinned at mom”No Mom, I’ll deal with them myself”

“Are you sure? You need to recover from all this..”

I got up” Mom trust me, they’ll regret ever messing with us”

Kayla 🍀
We arrived at a big beautiful hotel, I stared open mouthed, gaping at it. “Charles?”


“Are you sure we can afford this? I’m sure a room will cost a ton”

He chuckled”It’s actually owned by my boss”

I turned to him immediately”What?!! Your boss is that rich? Who is he anyways?”

“Em.. I need to go do something for my boss, come let me quickly show you to your room”

He grabbed my hand before I could object then drag me to the elevator. I noticed he didn’t answer my question, hmm maybe it’s nothing. He’s just in a haste, I’ll ask him some other time.

The elevator went up to the thirtieth floor and dinged open. We stepped out and walked for some time.

We stopped at room 2285.
Charles took my hand and dropped something in my palms.

“Here, this is your room, mine is the next one after yours. I’ll come back so we could eat dinner together, don’t go sightseeing without me. This place is dangerous for pretty ladies like yourself okay?”

I grinned like a fool”Yes mother, I won’t go out since I’m pretty”

He was speechless”You!”

I moved away from him laughing”Ok I heard you, I’ll go shower now”

He nodded and turned to leave but I stopped him”Charles?”

He turned”What?”

I ran to him and quickly kissed him before entering my room. I shut the door behind me and started dancing.

He called me pretty, woo-hoo!!

And I kissed him, woo-hoo!
He called me pretty w… I stopped halfway when I saw the room.

Hot damn!!
This one hell of a room, sooo big, beautiful and classic.

I can’t wait to start taking pictures.

I moved out to the balcony and gasp, wow! What a lovely view. I could stay out here all night.

Some minutes later, I went back into the room to check out the bathroom. It was also spacious as expected.

The tub could contain five person’s, I took off my clothes and got into the tub.
Hours later, I was hungry already and Charles isn’t here yet.
I wonder if he’s back from work.

My tummy rumbled loudly, I sighed and got up. I don’t think I can wait any longer. I grabbed a robe I saw in the wardrobe and shrugged it on.

Then I walked out of my room, I glanced at Charles door and contemplated if I should go check if he’s home or not.

The first option won, so I walked to his door. I knocked, no answer.
I did again, when I didn’t hear anything, I decided to try my card on the door.

I just hope it works.
I tried it and surprisingly, it clicked opened. I stepped into the room.

I heard his voice from somewhere and trailed it, only to find him in his room.

And when I mean find, I mean.. he is standing in his room nakèd. I gazed at his hard buns, licking my lips damn!! I love his ass mehn!

As if hearing a noise, he turned and…
And what?🤣


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