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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 17

Episode 17

My heart felt gloomy as I watch Khalid’s mom cry. I felt bad about everything I’ve done.

I wanted to go meet her and confess everything I’ve done. It’s not my fault ma’am, I’m so sorry.

I took a step forward but was pulled back by Khalid. I sniffed and glanced up at him. He gave me the’ What do you think you’re doing’ kinda look.

I struggled, trying to shrug his hands off me but instead, be hugged me tightly. I sighed and hugged him back. The did has already been done.

I just hope this six months will be over quickly,I can’t continue living like this. With all this thought running through my mind, I registered that I’m hugging Khalid.

And..he was hugging me back, I gasp and was about to pull back when someone jerk my hair, pulling me out of his hands.

I blinked, surprised to see Khalid’s mom. My eyes widened when I saw the look on her face,she looked furious.

“How dare you come to family and ruined everything?!!! Are you satisfied now?”she yelled dragging me to another part of the house.

“No..I didn’t..” I tried explaining but to no avail.

“Shut up!! Who do you think you could just walk into my family and cause havoc?”


“Shut up Khalid!! Don’t get into this”

Tears were already spilling from my eyes at the pain,she was really hurting me.”I’m sorry ma’am”

I glanced at Khalid with a tear stained face to see him standing helplessly.
Oh God,is this how she usually behaves?

🍀 Khalid 🍀
Goddamnit!! Mom has gone crazy and no one is able to stop her if she gets this way.

I glanced at dad helplessly, silently asking for his help but he threw is face away.

Damn this is bad, June doesn’t deserve this.. She isn’t the one at fault. I need to do something.

My heart clenched when she looked up at me with tears in my eyes,Fvck!! I can’t take it anymore.

“Tell me you whore!! How much do you want? You don’t love my son do you? Just name the price and I’ll give it to you”

June whimpered”That’s not true ma’am,I love your son very much, I promise”

I froze mid way. I know it isn’t real but hearing it from her made me yearn for it. The realisation alone shock the hell outta me.

F*ck!! That has never happened to me,not after what happened with my ex. I shut down anything called feelings in my agenda.

But then after so many years, I’m yearning for love.

Mom’s shouted at June snapping me out of thought. I lost it when I saw her raised hand.

I caught it before it she could hit June”Enough!!! That’s enough mom!! All this your fault mom!! You knew this wasn’t going to work then why were you pushing it?”

“Hey son, don’t talk to your mom that way”

I pulled June to my side and glared at them”Now listen to me and listen good, June is my girlfriend and I’m not going to tolerate any of you belittling her.

She’s a nice girl that every guy will wish to have and if you can’t accept her then I’m no longer your son” I said and mom gasp.

I gazed at her coldly”Yes, and I mean it. I’ll be staying here for some time, visit me whenever you’re ready to accept her”

I turned to June and grabbed her hand”Come on”

“Khalid.. Khalid stop I’m sorry, don’t go, Khalid!”

🌻Melissa 🌻
I went straight to my room once we got home”Lissa!! Lissa!!”

I ignored their calls and ran upstairs. I was so mad at Khalid right now. How dare he?

How could he do this to me? He rejected me damnit!!
I’ve already told all my friends about it, the whole community knows about it.

How will I look them in the eyes and tell them that Khalid isn’t going to marry me again?

Gosh he’s going to pay for this,I can’t let this go. I walked past the mirror and froze when something caught my eyes.

I slowly moved towards the mirror and saw the mark on my face. My. pretty.face.

I clenched my fist, gritting my teeth at the same time. I breathed in and out trying to hold it in but damnit!! I couldn’t”Aghhhh!!!” I screamed.

That’s it!! I can’t take it anymore.
The Black family has drawn the line, they’ve messed with my family enough so now, I’m going to mess with them.????

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