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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 14

Episode 14

🦋 Charles 🦋
Fvck! What am I doing?
Her giddiness over shopping was so endearing, I couldn’t help myself.

I had to kiss her, damnit!! I wanted to do more than just a kiss. I want to screw her hard and fast in a way that we won’t be able to walk.

I want her so bad but had to break the kiss cause I won’t be able to stop myself if I continue.

We both stood there and gazed at ourselves then her lips slowly pulled up to a beautiful smile.”Damn!! That was hot! Let’s skip shopping and continue”

I shook my head and walked past her. I opened the door and paused”Are you coming or not?”

She pursed her lips”Agh! You’re so not fun!”

I stepped outside and was glad when I didn’t see any of my fellow guards. We actually live in the same compound cause it’s easier to get the guards ready whenever Master K is going out.

Not that I don’t have a home,I do actually but as the head guard I had to stay close to him.

I opened the car door and turned to her”Come on”

🦋 June🦋
“ this really your jet?”I asked excitedly gazing at private jet. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a plane, I guess when I was little.

Khalid turned to me with a raised brow”What else do you think?”

I shook my head and got in after him. I noticed his gloomy mood and frown. Why doesn’t he look happy?

I thought all this was his idea?

The flight took off awhile later. I turned to Khalid to see him operating on his phone.

“Why exactly are we heading to Orleans? Don’t you think I should know if you want me to act” I said the act in quote.

“You’ll find out soon enough”

I blinked, soon enough?

What kind of question is that?”Khalid..”

“Not now June!!”

I startled at his outburst and kept quiet. Hm, if he doesn’t want to talk then fine!! I gazed out to the window, looking at the blue sky..

I thought of my life and sighed. My life has changed drastically in just two days. A guy has seen me nak€d, I’ve kissed a guy .. many things have happened.

I haven’t even thought about my shop, gosh! I miss baking so much. Is uncle looking for me?
I must’ve slept off cause I was awoken by Khalid. “Hey, we’re here”

I stretched”So soon?”
“Yeah come on”

I followed him out of the plane and noticed some black rows of cars. Aghh don’t tell me his guards followed him here.

I entered the Limo, Khalid came in after me”We’ll be staying at my hotel till evening before going”

“Going where?”

“My family house”

💕 Marianne 💕
It’s evening already, the Kiran family are here but Khalid is no where to be seen. I was panicking already.

I smiled at my guest”Excuse me for a minute please”

I took my husband’s hand and drag him to the room. “Jerry he isn’t here yet”

“Oh calm down love, he massaged me a while back that he is coming with a surprise”

I breathed out relieved”A surprise you say, do you what it is?”

He shrugged”No, come on.. the guest are getting antsy”

I nodded and made my way to them.”Tell me about Khalid ma’am”

I smiled at Lisa who is so pretty. I can’t wait to get her married to my son. Her mother nodded”Yeah tell us about his childhood, where is he anyways?”

“Khalid will be here soon don’t worry, anyways Khalid was a cute little guy. At a young age, he was able to attract girls both ones at his age and older ones. I remember when I get called to his everyday over the same thing… Because girls fighting over him”I said and the burst out laughing.

I smiled and continued. Some minutes later, we heard a car beep from outside. I stood up”He’s here, Khalid is here”

We all move to the front door and saw Khalid stepping out of the car. He turned to someone with a stretched arm and said something. My heart skipped when a lady stepped out laughing. Then he kissed her.

“What?!! Your family house?!!” I yelled

What the Fvck!
His cold eyes landed on me”Shut up and remember what you’re here for”

I gazed at him stupefied, hope it’s not what I’m thinking? “You don’t want me to lie to your parents do you?”

I shrink back when he faced me again”For the last time, shut the Fvck up!”

I closed my eyes trying hard not to cry.”So have you come up with a story on how we met?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you about it when we get to the hotel”
Later that evening.
I’m dressed in a sky blue gown that brought out my eyes. My makeup was light and perfect.

I stared at myself in the mirror feeling helpless. I can’t believe I’m about to lie to someone who is old enough to be my mother.

“Are you ready?” I heard from behind and turned. Khalid was dressed in a tuxedo looking handsome as ever.
I nodded”Yeah”

He stretched his hands”Come on”


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