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The Billionaire’s Girlfriend – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12

🦋 June 🦋
..”Kiss me”
My heart skipped”What?”
He came closer backing me against the wall.”You heard me June, when we’re in public, you’re expected to behave like you care about me. There’ll be alot of touching.. ”

He trailed his finger on my hand then he suddenly jerked me to him. I gasp as my front side pressed against his hard chest.

“What are you waiting for? Go on?”
I shook my head”I can’t”

He gazed at me for a while then he suddenly jerked me to him.”Hope you remember.. your friend”

I glared at him”Fine!” I took a deep breath, raised my legs to meet his lips. Then I quickly kissed him and pulled back. Gosh! I just had my first kiss.

He chuckled”What’s that? People will suspect something if you kiss me that way, as my girlfriend, you need to make it real. Like this”

Before I had the chance to react, he smashed his lips down on mine kissing me feverishly. He walked me backwards still kissing till my back hit the wall.

He pinned me there, controlling the kiss like the man he is, I couldn’t keep up so I went lax in his arms.

After a long while, he broke the kiss and smiled”Like that dear June, you need to make it look real”

I could only stare at him trying to catch my breath.

He twitched his eyebrows”What are you waiting for? Kiss me, again”

🌻 Kayla 🌻
It was late already and Mr handsome in there didn’t bother to ask for me. My tummy growled loudly and I sighed.

I guess it’s time to go out. I stepped out of the tub, glanced at myself in the mirror and groaned. Gosh my hair is messed up, my makeup has been smudge.

I picked up a soap and washed my face, I finger combed my hair and unlock the door.

Mr handsome was sitting on the couch operating on his phone. I paused by the door to take him in, I practically drool at him. He’s so damn cute.

He turned just then and smirked”I was beginning to think you weren’t going to come out of there”

I glared at him and went to sit beside him.
“You haven’t told me your name handsome”

I thought he wouldn’t reply but then he said

“Awwwn you have a nice name”

He rolled his eyes”Kayla.. you need to go”
I didn’t reply rather I asked for food.”Don’t you have any food here? I’m starving” My tummy rumbled loudly again.

He sighed and made a phone call”Look here Kay, I’ll be traveling tomorrow with my boss so you can’t stay with me”

I pouted”Ohh but can’t I go with you? I’m really not doing anything here. I actually lost my job the day you kidnapped me”

He ruffled his hair”Fine! Just stay out of trouble okay?”

I smiled widely and jump on his body”Yay, I could kiss you right now” I muttered twitching my brows.

“Sir there’s no news on her” my guard said.

I growled angrily”What of her friend? She must’ve called her friend or something!! You people are not doing anything!!”

He bowed his head”I.. I am sorry sir, Kayla hasn’t shown up at home since yesterday, I think she’s been kidnapped too”

That did it. I yelled”Aghhh!!! Sonofabitch!!”

The guard ran away cause he knows I’ll kill him. Damnit!! I’m going to kill that bastard.

Khalid has gone far by taking my niece, he has declared war and so shall it be.

“Gerald!!!” I shouted my guards name.

He came running”Yes sir”

“Find out Khalid’s location, he should be somewhere here in New York”

“Yes sir”then he’s gone.

Watch your back Khalid cause I’m coming for you.

🥀 June 🥀
Oh God, this guy is going to kill me.
This is worst than the embarrassment I felt in the closet no long ago.

Khalid has been making me kiss him, I had no choice but to comply with him cause he’ll hurt Kay.

Why is he doing this?

Just to make me feel helpless or what? This is all my fault, if I hadn’t ran from uncle Ryder’s house, I wouldn’t have been in this mess.

Khalid went to sit on the bed leaving me standing with a flushed face. Is it over? Please tell me it’s over.

He glanced at me and…”Now June, I want you to come over to me, behave like you’re excited to see me. You’ll fling yourself in my arms and kiss me. Make sure you make it real.”

I stood there gob smacked”Why are you doing this? Is it that you enjoy kissing me or you just like seeing me embarrassed”

He smirked”Both, now don’t make me repeat myself”

I sighed, it’s of no use!
I have no choice! Gosh I’m so doomed.

I did as he asked and kissed him, he didn’t reciprocate just allowed me to do so. I was getting the hang of it.

He pulled back”Again”

Thirty minutes later
“You’ve finally learnt how to be my girlfriend June, get ready… we’ll be leaving for New Orleans tommorow”


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