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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 9

“Have you done your assignment?” She asked.

“So you will copy and paste”. I said.

“As if you don’t copy and paste”. She replied..

“Not like you. You always copy”. I said.

“That’s how they want it”. She replied.

“I have done it. Though I copied from Kenneth.

“I said it, copy copy”. She said.

“Abeg cook fast before someone’s daughter dies of hunger”. I said.

🌷Mike pov🌷

At was Saturday morning, the weather was cool. I was very hungry. Is like am reducing. When will I start eating good meal. This has become a very big problem for me.

I have all the money but I cannot eat good food. I wish my mom is around. As I was sitting, thinking of what next to do. I remembered I collected a girl number. Maybe she might know how to cook. I collected my phone and called her.

Me: Hello
Juliet: Please Who is this?
Me: It’s me
Juliet: you who?
Me: Mike
Juliet: oh sorry dear, I don’t know you are the one. How are you doing.
Me: Am fine my dear.
Juliet: I thought you won’t call again, that you have forgotten me. I was expecting your call.
Me: Sorry dear, i have so many things in my mind.
Juliet: It’s alright, at least you finally called.
Me: I would like if you can come over by 5pm today.
Juliet: To your house?
Me: Yes, I have something important I want you to help me out with.
Juliet: Help you out with? Do you think I can do it?
Me: May be
Juliet: hmmm. What’s that?
Me: When you come first. (She might not come it I tell her she’s coming to cook.)
Juliet: It’s alright, lemme think about it.
Me: Hmmmm. It’s alright.
Juliet: Take care
Me: bye
Juliet: Bye

I hung up and dropped the phone beside me.

🌷Juliet pov🌷

“Who’s that?” Stacy asked as i finished.

“Mike, the Billionaire son”. I replied.

“Hmmm, that player, what did he tell you?” She asked.

“He asked me to come over to his house that he needs my help in something important”. I said.

“I said it. what else is important to those type of people if not sex. As you are standing here now, what else do you have to offer if not pussy”. She said.

“Stacy Stop, you can’t tell why he’s calling”. I replied.

“I know you will go. Go and collect dick babe”. She said.


“That’s my name. After all nobody needs to tell you you are going to collect dick. Don’t just come back and start telling me how he scattered your pussy, you know boys like that normally have big machine”. She said.

“Let him scatter it, am going”. I said.

“I know you will go, dick lover. Something must kill a girl, and yours will be dick”. She said.

“See how you are talking as if I love dick more than you, I don’t have strength to argue with you this morning, just leave me along”. I said.

“How will you have strength when…….

“Stop it Stacy”. I cuts in.

🌷Stacy pov🌷

I wish I can convince her not to go. I made I very big mistake by not collecting his number. That’s how I do to other boys and they keeps begging me till I consider. This one did not even asked much talkless of begging me. I would have given him if I knew it will go this way. Now he will start dating Juliet.

“Can I go with you?” I asked Juliet.

“And collect dick with me”. She asked.

“Maybe I can help solve the problem if it happens you can’t”. I said.

🌷All I want is to know his house and talk with him. I know he will understand if I explain to him. I really fucked up. I wish he understands how much I love him, what I did is just a normal thing, just the girls code. 🌷

“No, he called me not both of us”. She replied.

“Please nah”. I begged her.

“Hmmmm. This one you are begging me”. She said.

“Lemme follow you, am not doing anything”. I said.

“He might chase both of us out if he sees you are with me”. She said.

“Why will he do that?” I asked.

“You can’t go with me. Leave me lemme go and collect dick in peace”.

“Please”. I begged.

“No”. She replied.

I was very sad, I feel betrayed. But I won’t blame her, its all my fault.

I feel like am lossing something big, something I don’t have to lose 😭😭😭

🌷Mike pov🌷

Its 5pm, I’ve not seen Juliet. Is she not coming again? Just then the main door open, it was juliet.
“Good evening sir”. She said.

“U are welcome, come with me”. I said.

🌷Joy Pov🌷

As I was walking down the stars, I saw mike talking with a girl. Did he just brought another girl in this house? Hmmmm. Nobody, nobody will take him from me. Am here to stay.

🌷Juliet pov🌷

Who knows where he’s taking me to. He took me upstairs and we entered inside a room, which seems like it’s his room. We started talking and talking, from school to public, from public, to Family, from family to relationship, then from relationship to naughty gist. I started getting wet as we continued to talk dirty.

“Can you cook very well?” He asked. The question brought me back from wonderland.

“Yeah I can cook”. I said.

“What about cooking with one cube of maggi or lemme say without adding maggi at all?” He said.

“Hmmmm. I….I… Don’t really… No my friend…… Luckly, my eyes went to his laptop. What I saw shocked me. It was written boldly on MS Word”. A million naira 😲😬😨😨

“You friend?? He asked raising his eye blows.

“No, I can cook it sir, yes I know how to cook without maggi, I’ve been cooking it since I was small. I can cook anything you can think of without adding any maggi”. I said.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Yes sir”. I replied.

“Ok, follow me let’s go to the kitchen”. He said.

“Sorry sir, the spices i will use won’t be there, I will buy it when coming back tomorrow after church service”. I said.

“Hmmmm. It’s alright, I will wait”. He said.
I rushed home feeling very happy. This is a very big opportunity.

“Babe gist me, what happened. You guys have sex?” Stacy asked as I dropped my bag. She looked sad. It seems she had been crying.

“No babe”. I replied.

“He asked about me?”. She asked with a sad face.

“Not really”. I replied.

“Hope you are not lying to me. I feel like am missing something, like am losing something from him. So what did you help him out with”. She asked.

“Hmmmm. He said I should help him and type something, that he’s not feeling fine. So I typed it for him”. I said.

“Am having feelings that you are not telling me the truth”.She said.

“Am telling you the truth Stacy, why will I lie to you”. I said.

“It’s alright, if you say so”. She said”.

“Cheer up babe. You know tomorrow is Sunday, I will take all the cooking. I will like to cook the stew without maggi”. I said.

“So you want to try it out?” She asked smiling.

“Yeah, so will you teach me?” I asked.

“Sure, don’t worry I will teach you”. She replied.
To be continued

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