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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 8

After trolling around, I drove back home. It’s now one week, I’ve not eaten a good food. All am eating is junk food, fruits and tea&bread. How will I have all the money in tge world and I couldn’t eat a nice food.

The two ladies in my house is useless on that side. I don’t know what to do again. Placing notice board outside to get professional cooker is useless and waste of time.

Wait…. I’ve not allowed Jennifer to cook, maybe I should try her. I took my bath and rest for a while.

I called her and she walked in after some moments.
“How are you doing”. I asked.
“Am fine sir”. She replied.
“Can you cook?” I asked her.

“No sir, I don’t really know how to cook”. She replied.

“You don’t know how to cook at all”. I asked.

“Yes sir, my step mom never allow me to cook. She forbids me from cooking ever since my dad got married to her”. She said.

“It’s alright, you can go”. I said.
“Is there any other thing I can help you out with?” She asked.

“No, you can go”. I replied.

“It’s alright”. She said as she stood up and left.

🌷Juliet pov🌷

“Stacy wait for me”. I shouted.
She ignored me and continued walking fast. What did I even do to her. He asked her and she refused. Why is she now angry.
“That guy will eat you and dump you”. She said as I entered our room. We leave off campus. We have been staying together for a very long time.

“Why did you say that”. I asked raising my eyes blow.

“You lendered yourself so cheap to him, he will see you like a slut and do anything he wants and dump you”. She said.

“So I should have turn him down too and le5 him go?” I asked.

“He won’t have gone”. She said.

“So You think it’s every guy that have time to beg for attention”. I said.

“If he’s really interested, he will beg and plead”. She said.

“So he’s not interested in you and he waited for you and asked for your contact?” I asked.

“Forget that, he is a player, that’s how players behaves”. She replied.

“You are wrong, I player will persuade you, he will never give up till he gets you. A player can do anything possible to get who ever he wants unlike what he just did. If am not around at the moment, he would have left and would not contact you again showing that he’s not a player.

But anyway shaa, I don’t care whether he’s a player or not, am just praying he would call.

“Am warning you now, you won’t listen. He will fuck you and bash you. All he wants is sex”. She said.

“Stop saying that. Hard girl hard girl, what about Micheal that you executed hard to get to. It took him 6 months to get you. What happened? Did he not used and dumped you?
“At least I gave him tough time”. She said.

“All is same, let him use me and dump, at least I will enjoy Billionaire dick”. I said sitting up to undress.

“I wonder what he will be sucking”. She fired.
“At least its standing, he will enjoy it unlike your wall of Jericho. Just seeing your breast will make him loose interest in you”. I fired back but it hurt me badly.

Hours later she started cooking stew. We use to contribute and cook but out of anger she went and bought stuff herself and and started cooking.

I watched her cooking, the stew aroma was so tempting. I was wondering if she is cooking for herself only.

“You would have told me you want to cook”. I said.

“Any problem?”. she asked.

“Don’t worry”. I said frowning my face.

“Don’t worry am cooking for both of us. Though I want to cook and eat alone but am no longer angry with you. So don’t worry”. She said.

“Thanks dear”. I said as smile swiped across my face.

“But why do you like body-shaming me. It always hurts me when you talk about my breast”. I said.

“Am sorry, I said that out of anger”. She replied.

“It’s alright, please you can insult me but not always targeting my breats. Seriously it always hurts me”. I said.

“I won’t body-shame you again. I Promise”. She said.

“It’s alright, I’ve always watch you cook, you don’t put maggi in your stew and soup, In-short in every of your cooking and it always taste sweet”. I said.

“That’s how my mom cook, she doesn’t add maggi in her pot. There are some local spices we put in place of maggi”. She said.

“Wow that’s nice. I can’t cook without it, if i forget to add it, it won’t have taste at all”. I replied.

“Would you want me to teach you?” She asked.

“No need, I prefer and love cooking with maggi, especially star”. I replied.
To be continued
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