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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 7

“Mike!, what are you doing”. Jennifer Shouted.

I started doing as if am about to cry. “Please be little bit gentle”. I said.
“Don’t worry”. He replied.
“Thank you very much, you are so caring”. I said.

Jennifer was still on the bed murmuring to herself.

“I want to lie on the bed”. I said with a sad face.

He ordered Joy out to go and prepare his breakfast. I made him took his time to scratch and massage my back which made me wet again.

After 20 minutes, I left and I continue my work.

🌹Mike pov🌹

After helping Jennifer out, I took my breakfast and took my bath. I wanted to go out and hunt some girls for the first time.

I’ve never toasted a girl on my life. I don’t even know what to tell a girl if I approach one. I browse through some websites, wear my cloth and left with my car.

I was riding slowly. I saw two girls at the ATM stand. I stopped, park my car and walked up to them.

🌹Stacy pov🌹

I and my friend Juliet we’re at the ATM trying to do one or two when this fine bobo came and stood at my back. He is tall, dark and handsom. He smells nice too.

“Can I talk with you after?”. He asked.
“Sure”. I said.

As he went back to a certain distance. Juliet whispered to my ear. “Stacy you are so lucky oo, This guy is Billionaire son, I’ve heard of him”. She said.

Juliet is my friend, we are in final year, mass communication. She’s fine but can’t be compared to me. I have big ass and moderate boobs unlike her that have moderate ass and pimples she called breast on her chest.

“And so? Abeg lemme finish what I came here to do first”. I replied.

After withdrawing, we walked up to him and got talking.

“Please can I have your number?”. He asked. He did not even toast me, acting like a novice.
“No”. I declined immediately. In my mind , I wanted to form hard gal. Yes I have to, let him know am not easy to get.

“please”. He begged.

“No, I don’t give my line to strangers”. I said expecting him to ask me again. Maybe I will consider giving him. Yes, I decided to give him if he definitely asked again.

“I saw both of you and got interested in you, but it seems you don’t really want to give me a chance. I was interested to know you more but as it is now, am really sorry for disturbing you.

I shouted in my mind, my village people have succeeded, I heard myself saying..
“Please just asked me one more time and I will give it to you”. I said in my mind. I wish he will, just one more time.

Before I could open my mouth and utter a word, he turned to Juliet who is obviously hearing us. She was at the other side of the car.
“Hey”. He called her.

She came smiling. What is making her to smile 😡😡. I pray she refuse if he ask her for her number so I can apologize and ask him his own number 😌. I can’t miss a Billionaire guy like this.

“How are you?” He asked her.
“Am fine”. She replied.

“Am rushing somewhere, I won’t have time to talk with you now. Please can I have your number? Your friend declined me, I don’t know if you will…..

… He has not finished talking and Juliet cuts in.

“Don’t worry lemme call my number for you”. She said.

I wanted to talk but I couldn’t. How can Juliet do this to me. How can she give him her number. I was so angry and heartbrokened.

He entered his car after collecting her number and drove off.

🌷Juliet Pov🌷

“Juliet I don’t know you are this wicked. How can you collect his number”. Stacy shouted at me angrily.

“Hold it there, what did I do? Stop shouting at me abeg. He asked you for your number and you are busy forming hard to get. Don’t disturb me oo.

She Started walking fast, her face burning in anger.
To be continued

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