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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 6

🌹Jennifer pov🌹

He started tickling my clit with his finger while he continued to f*ck
me with is tongue.

I grabbed the sheets, curled my legs and moaned, out loud. He did not relent on what he was doing.

He still did not stop. He continued to eat me and I started to plead with him to slow down, as the pleasure was
driving me crazy. I started to say things I do not even remember.

He used his hand and fingers to open my p*ssy and flicked my clit non-stop as his mouth kept on going…

My legs started to shiver as I felt my orgasm coming. In no time, I was cumming straight into his mouth.

Even after cuming, he continued. I was begging now. I was so horny and going mad with desire. I wanted his hardness but the feel of his mouth down there was so good.

I did not even know what I was begging for. My body was buzzing like crazy and my p*ssy was throbbing so hard.

Just then someone banged in. It was Joy. What’s her problem now. Can’t she see we are busy.

“Mike!”. She shouted.

He stopped, looked back and continued what he’s doing. She rushed and tried to drag him out of my fresh hole.

“If you know what is good for you, leave this room. Can’t you see am busy?”. He said.

I was still lying down, massaging my pussy slowly as she was starring at me.

She got furious and tried to beat me and mike caught hold of her.

“Stop this nonsense you are doing”. He said holding her tight.

I got up, starred at her and made my way out.

“Go! Boyfriend snatcher”. She shouted.

“And who is your boyfriend?”. I overhead him replied her as am already out the room, heading to my room.

I was so excited, been licked by mike. I can’t believe what just happened. He really suck my pussy till I cum. This was my first experience, I’ve been hearing and seen some girls cum in porn movies, I never new the feeling. It was like heaven. I can’t wait for him to lick me again ☺☺.

🌹Joy pov🌹

“So because I’ve given you free hand, u can now interfere in my business. Are you mad?”. He shouted.

“Am very sorry, please am sorry”. I pleaded.

“Will you get out if this room”. He shouted in anger.

“I dropped on my kneels, hold his two legs, begging him to calm down.

“Why did you leave the room at that moment?”. He asked.

I.. I.. I went to…
I don’t know what so say, I took another trick by swallowing his swollen dick in my mouth.

Without wasting time he started getting hard. He didn’t say anything. That’s his weak pointm. Moment later, it became hard like rock.

I popping my mouth in and out of his d*ck, while stroking.

He couldn’t say anything again. After been satisfied, he made me stand on my feet and carried me to the bed.

🌹Jennifer pov🌹

I went to my room and sat on the bed, thinking about the feeling I just had. “This is so sweet”. I said to my self. I wonder how sex will be like.

But wait… What did I just did. How can I allow joy to intimidate me. She is just a maid like me.

If I allow her go on this one, she will continue to dominate me and keep me away from him. I had to do something now. I have to act.

🌹Joy pov🌹

“Finally we are going to have sex”. I said in my mind.

As he was about to penetrate, Jennifer from no where rushed in, shouting and crying for help. This witch again??

Ant! Ant! Ant!. She was shouting.

Mike rose up to help her and I caught hold of him. He pushed me and rushed to help her out.

🌹Jennifer pov🌹

“Where is the ant?”. He asked checking all over my body.

I sat at the adge of the bed, removed my top and turn by back at him.

“I can’t see anything”. He said.

Maybe it has hidden somewhere. Please help me and scratch my back, it has stung me all over my back.

He removed the bra and started scratching my back, from up to down.

“Oooooh mmmmmm” I moaned intentionally starring at joy with that kind eyes.

“Mike! What are you doing?”. Joy shouted.
To be continued

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