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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 4

I was standing waiting, how can she leave her panties here. Maybe she went to bring something, maybe condoms?

I was still waiting and Jennifer walked in which a bucket of water. It’s time for mobbing floor. She saw am naked, said sorry And left after starring at my ragging monster for some moments.

I walked to my bed and wore my short, then call her to come inside. Still on my short, my dick was paining me, so I was sitting uncomfortable. She stares at it occasionally when it seems that am not looking at her.

🌹Jennifer 🌹

I was walking to the main hall and I started hearing moanings in mike room. I stopped, change direction and walked to mike room.

At I approached his door., I walked slowly and peep, I was shocked. Mike and Joy were kissing, their lips were wrestling with each other. His hand went down and started fondling her boobs.

To my suprice, she knelt down, pull his short down and caught hold of his d*ck. He has a very big dick, I wonder how it will penetrate someone’s p”ssy.

She strocked it for time and started sucking him. Buy then I was already shivering, my legs where shaking I feel like touching my p*ssy, I feel like having sex. I started feeling somehow, I started having the urge to have sex, I’ve already soaked my panties. It was dam wet.

She was moving her head up and down his d*ck as he closes his eyes in pressure. It was like a live porn. I couldn’t watch in anymore, so i left.

I was at the other side and I heard footsteps, I walked and peep, it was Joy, she was naked walking to her room. What could have happened? I asked myself.
Am sure they haven’t had sex.

After 5 minutes, thinking he would have wore his clothes, I took my bucket of water and walked in. I was shocked and stepped out when I saw he’s still naked, then walked inside moments later as he called me.

Right in the room, I was horny, wishing to have sex with him although am a virgin. After all It worth loosing it to a Billionaire, I said to myself.

🌹Mike pov🌹

I can see that she’s uncomfortable, she will stare at me for some moments and look down when I look back at her.

“Sir, are you okay?”. She asked.

“Yes, am fine”. I said hiding my erection.

“Are you sure,.. Sir?”. She asked.

“Yes, am fine. Don’t worry”. I said pretending to maintain a good facial expression, but only God knows what my bulldozer is going through inside the fabrics. I was waiting for it to calm down but it couldn’t.

C.. Ca…Can you give me some massage?. I stammered.

“Sure”. She said.

I was happy, at least i can feel her soft hand on my body.

“Am coming lemme take this stuffs out”. She said.

By the time, i arranged my bed , put towel in the bed to lie on it to avoid oil spill on my bed. I cover myself with the thin cotton white transparent towel which i had as cotton material can be easily moved. I had removed my short.

Moments later she walked inside my room. I was standing with a towel. She asked me to lie down.

By then she came with the oil, and she started the massage on my back neck and shoulders. it was really very relaxing and slowly she moved down to my hip and started massaging there. Since the towel was easily movable position was not knotted anywhere, i can feel that she moving it little down in the act of massaging and i have no idea how far she has moved since i m facing down.

After sometime, i told her to massage my legs. She started the massage below the knees and doing it for some time until the area where the towel ends. And after a while to my surprise, she lifted the towel from below the knee and folded it in a quick action to reveal my thighs and almost half my bum her act surprised me.

Now i know, she has a real view of my bulging and desperate d*ck through my inner thighs and my d*ck was tilted towards one side.

She carefully in the act of massaging lifted my one leg a bit and separated my legs far away and i know my d*ck is throbbing in the middle. Now, her hands started moving a little inside closer to the balls in those sensitive areas. I can’t explain, it was wow in heaven.

🌹Jennifer Pov🌹

I doing it to at least help him release in pretense so his d*ck would calm down, but am enjoying what am doing. In the act of massaging, I intentionally touched his dick many times as though teasing it moving my hands deep inside the private areas to raise the intensity.

I was so turned on too, I want to stop but I couldn’t. I feel like I’ve been possessed. After doing the back, I asked him to turn as I needs to massage the other side of his legs. When he turned, his towel got unfolded a little and came down a bit, but was covering his d*ck until just above knee. It was super hot and standing real hard. I smiled and continued.

Now am almost teasing him, playing with my hands closer to his d*ick raising the heat in my body.

I was in a very uncontrollable situation and looked at him with my heart beating very fast. Now I removed the towel completely, moved my hand rubbing his d*ck slowly.

I wish he could stop me and chase me out because I couldn’t stop by myself, but looking at the situation, it seems he’s enjoying it.

Both of us seems to be out if this world, I couldn’t stop and he couldn’t stop me 😭😭

“Help him release an leave”. My mind keep telling me, but can I really leave after? Will it just end like that? What if he beg me to have sex with him after?

I wish I didn’t come at all 😪😪
To be continued

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