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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 3

None of the meals gave me the sweet taste I want. Does it mean they don’t know how to cook or because the maggi is not enough?

Ever since my mom left, I have not eaten a good food, I wish she’s here now, I will be happy managing her own food.

But looking at this situation, it’s somehow weird having two ladies and none of them can cook a good meal without maggi.

I mostly take fruits, tea&bread and junk. Imagine having all the money but couldn’t eat a good food. I don’t have any other problem in my life except that. How I wish I can find someone who can cook very well.

As time goes, I started to find Joy sexually attractive. Walking round the house everyday with her seductive dress always gives me hard-on. Occasionally she will come to my room, gist with me and left. The more we talk the more the feeling I have for her increases.

For Jennifer, I don’t normally see her. She normally stays in her room watching movie or reading after she’s done with cleaning and other things.

I was watching some porn when Joy came to clean the room. From the look of her face, she seemed to have understood what I was doing, though I had switched off the monitor fast. She started her work without saying a word. I sat there and started noticing her; she was good looking in a simplistic way.

I then noticed she wasn’t wearing pantie under the skirt and the top is all wet, maybe she just finished washing, she don’t normally use washing machine.

Her pink bra showed through the wet top and I got a good view of her lean but smooth thighs.

My semi-erect penis sprung into life at this view and I had hard time keeping away my boner from her view. She peeked at me occasionally.

In desperation I stared at the computer monitor for some time to change the mood, but the erection remained. When I looked at her, she had smile on her and looked straight at me. The top most button of the top was open now and it gave me a chance to view her boobs.

The upper part of her boobs was clearly visible as the bra cups were small. I was totally confused at her behavior, but really wanted to fuck her this time. I managed to pick some courage, walked towards her, and She stopped her work.

I got bit nervous then and was afraid to proceed with this fun anymore. But the next remark from her changed everything.

She stood in front of me with a mischievous look. I reached, took her hands in mine and kissed on them. She leaned towards me and kept her head on my shoulder.

My erect penis was touching her thighs, through the wetness of her top. I could feel the erect nipples of her breasts.

Reaching down I touched her left knee and started rubbing up her thigh. She looked into my eyes and like a possessed woman kissed on my lips. I entered my tongue slowly into her inviting mouth and we kissed deeply for a minute or so.

She brought both her hands behind my neck and started playing with my neck and hair.

Surprising me, she licked my nipples that were hard due to all the excitement. She slid down and reached my midriff; kissed on the sides of my inner thigh. She then took my balls in her hand and softly squeezed them. It gave me pain, but much pleasure too. As I opened my eyes to look at her, she kissed the tip of my erect d*ck. Next she sucked my balls into her mouth. I was moaning and wriggling in great pleasure. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her actions.

The sudden sensation of her mouth on my bulldozer gave me a jolt. She was sucking when I opened my eyes.

She brought her lips over mine and sucked them into her mouth. I could taste my pre-cum from her mouth. I sucked her lips hard and plunged my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met and wrestled with each other. She then returned to sucking my dick. After she’s done, I slowly pulled her skirt down, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was shaved clean this time.

As I wanted to lay her on bed for f*cking section, she withdrew from me. I reached to touch her, but she left the room without taking her skirt. I was standing there confused with my erect bulldozer.

What just happened??? What did she just do? 😏😐
To be continued

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