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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 2

Wow, this is very serious.
“What should we do sir?”. The gateman asked.
“Joy!”. I shouted in a loud voice.
“Sir”. She responded.
“Come here”. I said”.

“Follow Thomas, two of you will go outside, he will open the gate for you. Bring that notice board in, am coming lemme address them.

I went and bring our loud speaker. I tugged my cloth well and walked out.. I know it’s going to look funny but am going to do it.

“Open the gate”. I ordered the gateman.

“Hope you know what you are doing sir” He replied.

“I know, just open the gate the gate”. I insist.
“You don’t know nigerians. They will damage many things in this compound oo. They are much”. He said.

“Emmmmm.. Ok Leave it, lemme address them from here”. I said.

“Good day all, this is mike. Hope you all can hear me. The gate will be open. Only those between 18 to 25 years can come in. If you are under or above this figure, don’t come inside.

Don’t try to play smart, you will be checked with age detecting machine. If you are not between the age I mentioned and you stepped in, I will have you arrested for violating my order.

“Thomas, open the gate”. I ordered.

As he opened the gate, girls started troooping inside. They were much. A total of 45 girls was in our compound. Ugly once, fine once, short and tall once and extremely beautiful once.

“You, come with me”. I said pointing at one for quick interview.

“Have a seat”. I said we entered inside.

“Thank you sir”. She said as she sat down at the other side.

“So what’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Sandra sir”. She answered..

“Are you a chef or just cooking in your house?”. I asked.

“Am a chef sir”.

“Why have you chosen a career in
the field of culinary arts,
particularly as a cook?”. I asked.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a
keen interest in cooking. I love making food that tastes great and makes people happy.” She answered.

“Hmmmm. How do you ensure my safety in taking your food?. I asked.

“When preparing food, I confirm that all of the tools have been cleaned and sanitized. I also utilize only fresh ingredients that have been appropriately stored at adequate temperatures. Finally, I double check that my hands are washed
and wear gloves”. She said.

“Wow. Now tell me, do you think a cook needs mathematical skills?

“Definitely! A cook needs mathematical skills to weigh things accurately, make unit conversionsand double or divide ingredient quantities to attain desired amount of any given recipe”. She replied.

“Tell me About Your Experience In The
Food Industry”. I said.

“I have a varied experience in the kitchen. I started out as a short order cook then
went to Sunterra did a lot of big batch prep/catering/cooking classes/team
leader/line cook/customer service
then to Brava Bistro worked my way up to first cook learning different skills along the way, then to Winsport as a banquet chef and then Winter Club as a Chef de partie”.
After the quik interviews, I selected 7 girls, called them up to a large hall.

Next, you all will be given a task to attempt. Everything you need is in the kitchen. You can use any ingredients, you are free to use any spices but……. Don’t add more than a cube of maggi. Someone will be there to invigilate you.

I can see confusion written all over their faces as they started murmuring.

“Good morning sir”. I heard at back. I looked back, it’s Jennifer.

“Morning, how are you”.

“Am fine sir”. She replied.

“Are you with your bags this time?”. I asked.

“Yes sir”.

“Joy take them to the kitchen, you come with me lemme show you your room. Where are your bags?”.

“They are downstairs sir”. She replied.

“Go and get them”. I said.

I heard one of the girls telling one behind her as they followed joy. “How can someone cook with only one cube of maggi. How will it taste like?

“I wonder oo”. She replied her.

🌷Two hours later🌷

They have finished cooking, all behind their food as it’s placed at every space on the big dining table.

I took a taste of the first one and it taste like something I can’t explain 🤔. The second one was salty 😒. Tasting the 3rd one I gave up 😩😩😩.

“What did I say you guys should cook?”. I the 3rd cooker.

“Stew sir”. She replied.

“Stew and you decided to cook pepper. I said you guys should cook stew and you cooked pepper for me.

Why did you even waste your time cooking pepper when you can just pick one and put in the plate and serve.

Can you imagine. See her head like gotv remote.

To be continued

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