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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 14

Afterwards, I went to Jennifer’s room and knocked.

“It’s open”. She said and I stepped in. She was sitting on her bed, supporting herself by laying on the way. Her hands were crosed on her tummy, she looked sad, gazing at the floor as if she’s thinking shout something.

“Your face is not bright”. I said as I sat on the bed closer to her.

“Why will it be bright when it seems like am wasting my time here”. She said.

“You aren’t wasting your time, I know he’s paying you handsomely”. I replied.

“Yes, he is, but that’s not my problem. Why will he chase me out of his room, not even in a pleasant way, but in way that look like “I don’t want to see you in this room again”. What did I do to him? She said.

“Yes, he had not eaten for 3days now but its not my fault. I wish I know how to cook stew without putting maggi”. She added

“You don’t have to worry about it, everything, every problem have a solution “. I replied.

“And the solution at the moment is to dish the food to him”. She said.

“You know its not possible, if you do it your chances of staying here is limited.” I said.

“You are talking as if you cares about me. Am confused. We are no longer enemies?” She asked.

“We were never enemies. Maybe, let’s just say I like you now”. I said.

“Really?” She asked smiling and staring at me.

“Yes” I replied.

She smiled, drew closer and she hugged me and said “Thank you very much”.

“It’s alright dear, I will be leaving soon”. I said.

“Why?” She asked as his face changed.

“We are on strike before I came here, so the strike has been called off. Apart from that, I don’t want to keep competing for a man who I don’t love me”. I said.

“Now that we became friends, you want to leave me alone to die bored. And you know I can’t cope with mike anymore”. I said.

“Don’t worry about mike, I think I have a solution to it”. I said.

“To what?” She asked.

I took my phone and showed her the strange spice I snapped on the kitchen countertop while the idiot was cooking.

“what is that”. She asked.

“I think it’s the strange girl secret. Let’s try it out”. I said.

She agreed and we went to the nearby market and bought food stuffs.

“How can we make you of it”. I asked the woman selling the strange spice and she explained it to us and we flashed home.

We cooked it together and it was good, more tasteful and sweet unlike the idiot own. Yes I call her idiot because she’s really is.

🏵Mike pov🏵

I was in my room thinking of what to do next as hunger keeps dealing with me and my door open. Who will open my door without knocking.

I looked, it was Joy and Jennifer. They were carrying something. Jennifer was carrying a plate of food while joy was with a cup of water.

I wanted to shout at them and the aroma of the food kept me down, chilling my nervous system.

“Come and have a taste”. Joy said jennifer stood closer to her side.

I was very hungry, so no need to do strong-head because of what happened hours ego.

I took a taste of it and it was sweet, very sweet. “Am sure the angel that cook this didn’t put maggi. I said consuming the food.

“Sure”. Joy relied. Jennifer was silent, just staring at me.

I was very satisfied and I asked. “Who cooked it”.

“Jennifer”. Joy said and they stared at each other, then she left.

“Were you the one who cooked this food? I asked Jennifer.

“She taught me, she told me the secret”. She said and left closing the door.

I called her and she didn’t respond, I finished eating and walked upstairs only to see Joy with her bags.

“Where are you going? Pls don’t go”. I said as i caught hold of her hand.

“Strike has been called off”. She replied.

“But you can’t leave like this”. I said.

It’s time I accept the truth that you aren’t for me. Staying here won’t do me any Favour but rather, generate jealous and heartbreak. Heart knows where it belongs no need to work it out cus it will later fade. Jennifer is a nice girl, don’t break her heart. She concluded and left.

I couldn’t talk again, she said the truth. I watched her left as I felt someone hand holding mine. It was Jennifer, I don’t know when a drop of tears roll down my cheek. Joy is really a nice girl, not a bitch as I thought.

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