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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 13

I become scared, I don’t want to loose mike. I’ve not finished with Joy and this one now come from nowhere, the worst is that she know how to cook without maggi. Life is about to turn upside down for me. I became weak, confused on what to do again.

🌹Joy POV🌹

What type of nonsense is this, hmm these girls want to test my patience, they want to try meeee. I wonder where is new girl came from and what he came to do but whatever, she’s never going to succeed.

I tried to asked her some questions and mike interrupted me. I walked upstairs and entered my room. Moments later I heard footsteps walking toward the kitchen.

“Do she came to cook for him or what? Wait… Maybe she know how to cook very well, especially without using maggi”

Wahala for who don’t know how to cook without maggi.

After few minutes, I headed to the kitchen i saw her busy, cooking. The aroma was good, this meal seems to be delicious.

“I hope you were told what to exclude”. I said.

“Sure”. She replied.

“Excellent, incase you need help, am here”. I said.

“Thank you, I don’t think I will need your help.” She replied.

“I looked and saw one strange ingredient amidst of other ingredients on the kitchen countertop. I turn my back to her and took a picture of it without her knowledge. Maybe it’s her secret 🤐.

“I have an offer if you can teach me how to cook.” I said smiling at her as I turned facing her.

“Am not interested in any of your offer.” She replied harshly.

“You have to calm down girl, I can be your worst enemy, I can turn your dream to nightmare.” I said.

“U cannot do anything”. She replied.

“Don’t be sure girl, this offer is for your own advantage, its for your own good, you can loose what you never have”. I said

I can double the money and give you 2m naira if you will calm down and teach me, I mean now.” I added.

She stared at me and continued what she’s doing without saying anything.

This girl is daring me. Very disrespectful of her. I will show her what am made of. she’s leaving today lemme face one person 😌

🌹Sandra POV🌹

How can they expect me to teach them. So I can only go home with 1 or 2m naira. This is a one life opportunity I can never afford to loose.

I carried the food and headed to the dining table, reaching, he wasn’t there, neither is he at the sitting room. I served the food on the table, and brought water. I relaxed, waiting for him.

Five minutes passed, he didn’t show up. I sat up and went to his room, the room he took me on the first time I visited. I reached, knocked and entered.

“Am done sir.” I said.

“Wow so quickly, you can go and wait for me, am coming”. He replied.

“OK sir, try and come on time so it won’t get cold.” I said.

“Hope its sweet”. He asked.

“You will confirm my handwork after having a taste. You just have to be careful to avoid biting your tongue.” I said smiling.

He turned and smiled at me, he’s so handsome. I my mind was like, Sandra where will you buy your wedding gown 👰👨‍👩‍👧‍👧.
“You can go am coming”. He said.

I turned and started walking down, smiling and touching my neck. I got to the dining table and saw the first girl leaving. “What did she came to do?” I asked myself.

Moments later mike came and sat down. I shifts the food to his side and open it for him. The aroma filled the whole space and he licked his lower lip smiling at me.

The took one spoon and his face changed immediately. He stared at me and took a cup of water.

I was confused, why is his face like this? Am sure nothing is wrong with the food. What’s wrong?

“Is this food a joke or what? So they sent you to kill me.” He finally said after staring at me for 30seconds.

“Sir, what is it?” I asked as my heart started beating fast.

“I can see why you said I will bite my tongue. Did I in anyway told you to cook salt and pepper? You bought the whole pepper in the market and put for me so I will eat and die, lemme not talk about salt.


“Will you shut up! Now take your things and leave this house”. He yelled at me in anger.

I tried to explain to him but he couldn’t listen to me.

I dropped on my kneels, about to beg him and he sat up and left.

After he was out of sight, i heard someone laughing at my back. I looked, it was the first girl.

To be continued

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