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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 12


I told you I can turn your dream to nightmare. Calm down and have a deal with me, you are doing strong-head. Now you have loosed the two.

“Will you leave this house before I decend on you!” I shouted at her.

🌹Jennifer Pov🌹

I heard joy raising her voice and I rushed downstairs only to see the strange girl walking out slowly, she’s crying. What happened? I was shocked and somehow happy that she’s leaving.

After she had left, I walked to the dining table and taste the stew, it was salty and very pepperish. Jesus! I shouted and looked at Joy who was pressing her phone while sitting on the couch.

This is surely her hand work, the one I took in the kitchen wasn’t like this. I tried to talk to her but I couldn’t. We don’t talk to each other and we won’t start now.

I carried the plate to the kitchen and went to mike’s room. I knocked on his door and entered.
“I went downstairs and couldn’t see the lady that cooked for you, I saw plates of food on the dinning table that were not touched”. I said.

“Take them to the kitchen”. He said.
“I’ve already done that. I replied.

“I wonder when I will Start eating good food in this fucking house. Now Am not different from poor people, yes, some of them are even better than me. For 2 months now I’ve not eaten good food and I have two matured girls around”. He said.

“But its not really our fault, just that… I tried to say and he interrupted and said “Just that what? Just leave this room”.

“Are you chasing me out? I asked in disbelieve.

“Are you still standing there!?” He shouted at me

“Am sorry”. I said and left.

I entered the kitchen and took a taste of the food again. It wasn’t bad, Jennifer just deal with this girl. Though she is my enemy but I like what she did, she just chased her out without wasting time. What should I do now? Mike must be very hungry now. Should I inform mike that joy interfered on the food served to him? No He will call that proud girl again and eventually get married to her. Let him stay hungry 😌

“I think its better to freeze it before he finds out”. I said to mysel, though he don’t normally come to the kitchen.

I brought bowel with cover, about to pour the stew inside and put it in the fridge and joy walked in.

“What are you trying to do!”. She shouted and I turned, frightened.

“He might see it, so I want to put it inside the fridge”. I said.

“Put it inside fridge and who will consume it?, don’t bother hiding it, he won’t know. He never enter kitchen.” She replied.

“He will be very hungry now”. I said.

“And so? What are you thinking? To give him food? Am sure you know what it will result to.

He better stay hungry than to taste this food”. She replied collecting a plate to take some food for herself.

The way were talking surprised me, discussing as if we are now friends.

I took a plate and collect a share. We ate it together in the kitchen and went to our different room after.

*Jennifer POV

After eating, I took my bath and laid on the bed. Now that I have a pic of an odd spice of which I think it the strange girl secret. I think I have to try it out. The only problem is that I don’t know how to use it.

Maybe Jennifer might know how to use it, she can cook much better than me. Beside she’s a nice girl and telling her will go far, positively for me because am sure mike loves her and will not marry me.
To be continued

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