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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 11

🌹Juliet POV🌹

I entered keke and we drove off. I was so happy, finally am going to make it in life. I was sitting on the seat as if I’ve made it in life. I reached and paid the keke man then walked inside the mansion, my steps have changed, I can sense the gatemen staring at me from the back.

I entered the big house and nobody was there. I sat one the couch beside me, waiting. Few minutes later, I saw a young girl walking down the stairs, staring at me.

“Who is this lady and why is she staring at me?” I asked myself.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” She asked folding her arms around her tummy.

“Sorry, my name is Juliet, mike invited me”. I said.

“Hmmmm, to come and do what? What are those things in that shopping bag?” She asked.

“Interviewer, when did I employ you to be interviewing guests? Will you go to your room or do something meaningful.” Mike interrupted from no where.

She stared at me, stared at my bag and left. I can see anger written all over her face, what have I done? Who is she?

He walked close to me and said; “I thought you changed your mind, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Why will I change my mind, like I said before, the spices I needed wasn’t available at that moment. Am just coming from the market, I bought everything.” I said.

“Can we go now?” He said smiling at me. He have a beautiful smile and so handsome. This is the type of guy I will never chest in my life. I can see myself brushing, am sure he can see that reddish color on my cheeks.

I followed him as he started walking upstairs.

“Sorry for what happened moments ego, she’s one of my two house helps. None of them can cook without Maggie.” He said.

We got to the kitchen and he unlocked every single things that was locked.

“You can make use of anything you want, don’t give me any excuses”. He said and left.

I rinse the pot and ON the gas cooker. Opening the fridge, what I saw left me dump. I wonder when they will finish it. I collected 2 ice fishes, enough cow meat and chicken.

“Am going to execute all my cooking skills today.” I said.

(I won’t teach how to cook without maggi, if you want to learn, inbox me 😅)

🌹Fast Forward🌹

As am about to dish the food, someone came in, it was another girl, probably the other 2nd house help, I think. She is younger, innocent and more beautiful than the first girl. But…. Hmmm

“I guess you have finished cooking.” She asked.

“As you can see, I just finished cooking.” I replied.

“Can I have a taste?” She asked.

“Sure you can.”

I took plate and put for her.

🌹 Jennifer POV🌹

The taste was so good, I wonder how she cooked it. I became worried, What should I do now? She might get married to Mike. I know she can never consider to teach me but lemme try luck and ask her first.

“Wow it’s nice, It taste good”. I said.

“I know, thank you very much.” She replied without smiling at me and made a quick move to leave with a plate of food.

“Pls wait”. I called her.

“What is it again?” She asked furiously with an angry face.

“We are not quarrelling.” I said.

“I know what you wanted to asked, I will not teach and will not teach anyone. I will not only collect the money, I will do anything possible to get married to him and no body can change that, not even you. Just go and rest, am here to stay.” She said and left.

To be continued

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