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The Billionaire Son – Season 2 – Episode 10

The next day after church service, we went to the nearby market and bought everything we need. There we’re some local spices which she bought. I always see the spices in the market but I did not know what it’s used for.

After buying we entered keke and headed home. After cooking rice, now it’s time to cook stew. I called her, she was in our neighbor’s room. She came and thought me the steps, it’s not that hard. The most important thing is knowing the local spices.

The stew taste nice and the aroma was inviting. After eating, I took my bath and wore one of my beautiful dress.

“Where are you heading to this afternoon?” Stacy asked.

“Mike’s house, he said I should come”. I said.

“Come and do what?” She asked again.

“I don’t know, maybe he wants to take me out”. I said smiling.

“Ok o, it’s alright”. She said with a sad face.

“How did you see this dress”. I asked checking myself at the mirror.

“It’s nice, he will like it. You look so beautiful”. She said.

“Thanks dear, I will be on my way”. I said and left.

I rushed to the market and bought the spices then headed to Mike mansion.
🌷Mike pov🌷

After calling Juliet I drop my phone and headed downstairs, as I was walking across Jennifer’s room, started hearing moans coming from herroom. What would she be doing?

I went and slowly open the door and peep, it wasn’t locked. She was lying on the bed, her skirt above her hips. She shifted her pants one side as she’s rubbing her pussy. I entered and stood there watching. She doesn’t know I was inside. After I while she started rubbing faster, calling my name. She seems to be out of this world.

As am watching the scene, my dick started gaining strength, but why would she be masturbating?. I walked up to her bed and sat down beside her, her eyes was closed. She looked so beautiful, I looked from her head to her toes, I imagine making love with her.

I started having feelings for her from the first day she said she’s a virgin. I can confirm that now, she’s not putting her finger inside her hole, just rubbing the lips and tickling her clitoris. I was so turned on. I wish she new how to cook, I will just make her my wife. She’s so perfect for me.

I bend down to kiss her, she quickly opened her eyes wide as my lip touched hers. She pushed me off and tried to cover herself and I stopped hee.

“No need to, I have been watching you for 5 minutes now”. I said smiling.

“Am sorry”. She mumbled out feeling shy.

“When did you started masturbating”. I asked her rubbing her laps close to her pussy, she wasn’t resisting.

“I.. I.. Ever since the incidence between us. I always do it”. She said.

“Hmmmmm. It always makes you horny?”. I asked.

“I don’t know, maybe, I think am having feelings”. She said.

“You would have called me to help you out”. I said.

She’s about to say something and I stopped her by kissing her lips. She responded, holding my head. The kiss was deep and passionate. I started unbuttoning her shirt. She stopped me climb down from the bed. I was confused.

She walked to the door, closed it and locked it.

“I don’t need any disturbance”. She said as she climbed back to bed pushing me down. We started kissing again. She sat up, remove her shirt and unhook her bra. I have never seen her breast before.

It was normal and standing firm, the nipples pointing out. She took my hand and place it on the left one. I pressed it and she lowered her body and I took the right one in my mouth, sucking it as if was very hungry.

After sucking for some time, she climb down and removed my boxer, then climb again. This time my dick was above her pussy. She lowered her upper body again.

All her moves was amazing, I wonder who taught her. From licking my ear to my neck, from neck to my chest. She was sucking my small nipple while pinching the other one softly, driving me crazy.

After she went down to my dick and started sucking me off, driving me to another world.

After she’s done, I layed her on her back and returned the Favour.

After sucking her, she spread her legs wider, giving me full entrance. I took my dick and place it at her entrance. As as about to penetrate, l looked at her face, she was looking at me. She wasn’t smiling or sad. Just looking at me.

“Should I stop?” I asked as I become confused.

“Do you love me?” She asked as drop of tears roll down her cheek.

“I don’t want to loose you after this. I love you”. She added.

I don’t know but all of I a sudden my dick softened, my eyes was soaked.
To be continued

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