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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 9

Chapter 9

🌷Mike pov🌷

It will be pretty bad if I went on and screw her after saying she is a virgin. Apart from that, am not supposed to molest her like I’ve already did.

I put my machine back to its garage. Just few moment joy walked in.
“What took you so long?”. I asked. Jennifer was still standing behind me waiting for her wage.

“Oh, police stopped the bus i was in and they wasted most of our time sir”. She replied.

“Hope you can really cook very well”. I asked.
“I can, don’t worry about that sir”. She replied.

You can go. I turned to Jennifer who was still standing behind me.

“So you want it in cash or transfer?? “. I asked.
“Anyone sir but I prefer transfer”. She replied.

She gave me her account number and I made transfer of 65k.

🌷Jennifer Pov🌷

I got the alert immediately and checked it out. I wasn’t 5k. He sent I huge amount of money. Not even double but 65k. I was forced to ask why.

“Sir, is like you made mistake, you sent 65k instead of 5k”. I said.
“How can I make mistake in money matters. That’s not possible. 5k is for your normal payment, 10k for working perfectly.

“I don’t know if have ever received any reward for being a virgin. So the 50k is my reward for you as a virgin”.

“Thank you sir”.

😊 He is such a nice person. Am still in shock that he didn’t had sex with me after everything. Only few guys can do that. Some would be very happy that you are a virgin and fuck you mercilessly😌

“You can now go”. He said.

“But sir”.

“Any problem?”. He asked.

“Please sir, I would love to be staying here. Apart from cleaning, I will be doing every other thing you want”. I said.

“I already have someone for that”. He said.

“She might not be enough for you, please let me stay sir”. I said.

“Do you think your parents will allow you. Would they approve it?”. He asked.

“Why won’t they. Don’t worry about that”. I replied.

“Its alright. When coming tomorrow, come with your things”. He said.

“Thank you Sir, I will be on my way”. I said and walked out.

I was very happy. On reaching our house, my step-mom was sitting outside, pressing phone. My dad is a driver, so he has gone to work. He hardly stays at house.

She saw the way I was walking and smiling mumulishly. Don’t bother searching that grammar on dictionary. You won’t find it.

“Jen Jen this one you are smiling, have you won lottery with the 5k?”. She asked as I greeted her.

“It’s more than lottery. God has finally answered my prayer”. I said.

“Eeeeeh? Oya sit down and gist me”. She said.

“Can you believe he sent 65k instead of 5k to me?”. I said handling the phone to her.

“Are you serious?”. She said collecting it from me.

Wow! Its true o. This boy is a good person oo. But how manage? Do he tell you why he sent it?. She asked.

“Yes mom. He said it’s because am a good girl, secondly, that I did the work perfectly”. I replied.

“Hmmmm… Just that? I know he touched you”. She said looking at me with her usual devilish look.

“No! He didn’t touch me at all. He’s just a generous guy with Good heart”. I said.

“I hope so”. She said.

“There’s something I want to tell you”. I said.

“What’s that?”. She asked.

“I want to be staying there. Like living there as his maid”. I said.

Hearing that, she frowned her face.

“What did you just say? Who will be doing all the house chores? You are not going anywhere. You are not going there again.

You know what? Your step-sister will replace you.

“But mom……

“Just shut up!” … She shouted at me.

Go to the backyard, you will see the clothes I dumped there. You know what to do.

“After that, you will go and withdraw 20k from that money he sent to you”. She said and went back to her phone.
To be continued
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