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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 8

Chapter 8

🌷Mike pov🌷

I watched intently. Her skirt was laying on top of her ass, her panties in full view. I could tell she shaved, seeing the faint outline of her pussy through her underwear. I licked my lips slowly.

🌷Jennifer Pov🌷

I finished the rest of the chores timely, and asked permission to change back into my clothes.

I was was a little nervous coming out of the room, I walked over to him and returned the uniform.

“Thank you. Now I’m just going to have to pat you down before you go, standard procedure, you understand.” As he spoke, he gestured for me to face the wall

I nodded hesitantly, turning towards the wall, placing my hands on it. I winced as I felt his hands touching me.

He started innocently on my arms and back, slowly making his way down. He firmly grabbed my breast in each hand, squeezing. I gasped, my body froze.

“I’m sorry dear, many former housekeepers would hide things in their bras, so I’m forced to check there.” He said as he continued to massage my tits, feeling my nard nipples poking through.

“This is normal, he does this to everyone”. I said myself.

His hands thoroughly checked my waist, hips, and moved down each leg. When he came back up, his hands slipped undermy skirt. Surprised, I jumped and let out a cute little noise.

“Sorry jen, they hide things here too. This is nothing personal.” He said calming me down.

I nodded, taking a deep breath in.

He smirked and continued, moving his hands up my tight little ass. He played with it for a while, spreading me open over and over again. Finally, he ran his fingers across my slit. He can feel my little clit poking up slightly.

I began to feel uncomfortable, and shifted my weight to try and avoid his touch.

“when you move away from me like that it makes me think there is something up there…” He said as he continued massaging my pu*sy.

“can you tell me why it’s wet down here? Did you use lube to fit something inside you?” He asked.

“N-no! I swear, I-I would never steal from you.” I began to panic, feeling a little hot. I squirmed under his touch,

“I’m sorry jen, you are acting suspicious so I’m going to have to take a look.” He smirked as he flipped me around, my back against the wall.

He pinned me against the wall, slipping his fingers under my panties. I squirmed and whined, feeling his fingers starts to run back and forth in between my lips.

I was very wet now. I gasped as he found my hard clit, and began to circle around it.

“S.. Sir…p-please” I tried to pull his arm away but he was too strong.

Finally he pressed down on it, making me gasp and moan, biting down hard on my lip.

“P-please! Please I-I swear I didn’t take anything!” I pleaded, my head feeling cloudy and my heart racing.

“I’m sorry, it’s just part of the job. Now, I’m going to poke around inside you alright, very quick the we are done.”

“I feel something blocking my finger…” He said in his most menacing voice as he tried to put his finger inside me.

“W-What!?” I exclaimed. “No… th-there is nothing there!”

“Don’t lie to me little girl, I can clearly feel something.

So am going to have to use another instrument. Come with me.” He commanded.

He pulled me over to the back of the couch and swung me on it.

My ass high in the air. I couldn’t see him from the position I was in. I tried to get up but he held her down.

“Let me go!” I cried “Please I didn’t steal anything.” I wagged my ass back and forth in protest, trying to get up.

“This tool may feel funny, but it will let me see inside you ok? Just stay still”. He said.

“Please stop! Am a virgin”. I said in weep tone.

Immediately I feel his hand off me. I looked back discombobulated and saw his huge d*ck calming down slowly.

I can’t believe he finally stopped. He would have destroy and exterminate my pu*sy 😭😭
To be continued
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