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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 6

Chapter 6

I was very much confused. What did he mean be lie on the bed and do as if you have lost hope in life. Is he making fool of me or praying with my brain.? I dare not ask him what he mean by that. It sounds funny and looks intimidating.

I reached my pants to remove it totally and he stopped me and pull it up again.

Why did he do that? He doesn’t want me to climb pantless or what? I was a little bit confused.

I climbed the bed and lay on my back. I was looking at him to know what he will say but he didn’t say anything.

🌷Mike pov🌷

She must be confused. But a girl with her right sense will know am making fool of her. I heard the funny unexisting style from a friend while we were gisting and decided to make make fool of her by telling her.

Yeah, theres nothing like that but she have to. A desperate person can do anything to get what he want.

She needs my machine abi? Let’s see what she have.

🌷Joy pov🌷

I climb the bed and lay on my back. I spread my leg and frown face like someome that have truly lost hope in life.

I stayed in that position waiting for his next move. I don’t care if he’s making fool of me or not. What I know is that I will get what I want.

He started fondling my breast, massaging it with his soft hand. I love the feeling, his soft hand always drives me crazy.

He climbed the bed and lay on top of me. He grab my two oranges with his two hands and began to suck the left one.

“Oooh!”. I moaned in pressure as he suck me hard.

He bite my nipple a little bit driving me crazy. He took his time sucking it one after the other.

He raised his body a little bit, supporting himself by Placing both hands on each sides of me.

He kissed me softly and I responded immediately as our lips touched.

He’s lips are so soft unlike my boyfriend.

Yes I have a boyfriend. In your mind now you will be like; “she’s cheating her boyfriend”.

Yes I am, cheating with a Billionaire son who I will soon have for myself.

Anything that will ever happen tonight must surely end in S*x, no two ways about that.

All i need now is sex, I need him inside me but I don’t want to ask for it. He will definitely have sex tonight.

On the other side I was confused, he has not touched my pu**y, am still wearing pants.

🌷 Mike pov🌷

By now I know she’s dam wet, all she needs now is my bulldozer, my drilling machine. I stop kissing her and moved back.

I tug her pants and she raised her hip up a little bit high so I can remove it easily.

I massaged her clitoris for some minutes and slide my middle finger inside, going in and out.

All I wants is to drive her crazy.

🌷 Joy Pov🌷

Why is he wasting time nah.

Soon he stopped and reached for him belt. I was very happy 😀 finally 😌

He stopped, looked at me and asked. “Why did you leave it hairy?”.

“Its not a problem”. I replied.

“I don’t f*ck dirty hairy pu**y”. He said stepping down.

“Please don’t leave me in this mood”. I begged.

“Which mood”. He asked.

“Am wet, if you leave me like this I will die”. I said as tears started rolling down my cheek.

“My d*ck can’t be wandering in your evil forest”. He savaged me 😩.

“I will shave it now please, don’t do this to me”. I begged 😭.

“Shave it with what? With cut-grass or Chainsaw? Am sure shaving-brade won’t cut those trees. He said fired me again 🔥 .

“I was dump, I don’t know what to say again. He has totally finished me 😩. I sat on the bed watching him as he walked out.

My sweet promising dream turned to the worst nightmare. I can’t believe he is leaving. Leaving me in the pool of wetness, as tears kept rolling down my cheek.

This Mike is very wicked 😩😩😭😭
To be continued
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