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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 5

Chapter 5
I looked up at him and our eyes met. I remained in that position for some moments, looking at each other deep in the eyes.

“Get up”. He commanded with a low tone, probably not harsh.

I was afraid, my heart started beating like never before. I wonder what he will do to me.

“Am sorry sir”. I said with a shaky voice.

“Sorry for what”. He asked raising his eye blows.

🌷 I don’t know the answer to the question. I did not really offend him. I was confused. Or did really offend him by trying to seduce him? 🌷

“Am sorry for everything”. I said looking at the floor.

He grab my hair, raising my face up. My heart was beating faster and faster.

😩 Am really in a very big trouble, what is he trying to do me.😩

“You look so beautiful, hope its tight, I mean your slutty hole”

I couldn’t say anything, just wishing he couldn’t just free my hair cus my neck is now paining me.

With that he kissed me hard and freed my hair.

I was surprised. He just kissed me 😏.

“Where are your bags? Carry them and come with me”. He said.

I rushed and took the ones I can carry and followed him. We walked to the first floor and took the left part. He got to a door different from other’s and unlock it.

We entered and I dropped my bag. The room look very expensive, even when it’s just visitors room, the interior and the the home appliances. The room was cool and ventilated even when it’s seems that it been long someone had stayed there.

Is like The fan and the air conditioner is working 24/7.

“You will be staying here”. He said.

“Thank you sir”. I replied.

“By the way who are you, you know you haven’t introduced yourself properly”. He said.

“Like I’ve said before, my name is joy. My mom and yours are friends”. I said avoiding his face.

“Hmmmm.. So how did you got to know I need help? “. He asked.

“I overhead them discussing about it and I offered to stay with you”. I said.

“Hmmmm… Such a lovely girl I see”. He said.

“Am sorry for the incident I displayed moments ego. Please am sorry”. I pleaded.

“Don’t worry, i love what you did. You really turned me on. I don’t normally have feelings for ladies but you surprised me”. He said touching my check.

🌷Mike Pov🌷

I see lust in her eyes. She really want to have me all for herself. Looking at the situation at the moment, I decided to take some advantage of it. Just tease her, make her wet and leave.

I won’t have s*x with her. I will only tease her, play with her moods till she begs for it. I know she needs me, she wants to have my expensive bulldozer. Nop, that won’t be easy. Nothing Good like my precious machine comes easy to those that needs it. It works well on stubborn ones.

“You can’t just expect me to proceed to action when I don’t know who you really are”. I said leaning to kiss her.

🌷 Joy POV 🌷

💃 I was very happy, now am going to have him all for my self 💃

Our lips touched and we started kissing. He was so sweet and soft. His hands roaming all over me. I moan in pressure as he started pressing my chest. His hands are to soft. He zipped down my cloth and I unhooked my bra for him. He grab the two oranges. He started to suck them as i moan in pressure.

“Turn and place your hand in the bed”. He ordered.

I did as he commanded, as ass facing him. He lifted my dress and i feel his soft hand on my as.

He tug my pant and pull it down revealing my bare a*s. He grab my a*s check, feeling the softness. He started massaging it, spreading pressure all over my body. I was damn wet 😌.

😌 My dream is about to come to pass. Is like he likes doggy. Am sure he’s not with protection 💃

“Now lie down on the bed and do As If You Have Lost Hope In Life”. He said.

What type of Sex style is this ?? 😐🙆

To be continued

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