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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 3

Chapter 3

I walked to the sofa in the dining room and crashed. Joy in her cleavage revealing dress came and asked, “Would you like some tea Sir?”

“Umm… Yes, that would be great. But that’s not really what I want to take now.
I won’t stress you tonight by cooking, maybe you will start tomorrow morning”. I said.

She turned to leave and I noticed her extremely short skirt, which was unable to cover her ample bottom. As she sauntered towards the kitchen, I couldn’t peel my eyes off her long athletic legs encased in lace-top sheer seamed stockings.

🌷 Is she here to actually work or work? Did my mom know she’s a seductress? What type of girl is this. Maybe she is here for my bed work. She must be very sweet in bed🌷

When she returned with the tea and bent to put the tray on the table, I was rewarded with the view of her overflowing cleavage.

She brought the cup set that we don’t normally use. It was my mom favorite and most valued item, which her mom gifted her as a wedding gift.

She caught me looking at her cleavage but didn’t try to straighten or cover up.

Instead, she gave me a very seductive smile and continued pouring tea in the cup from the pot.

😐 what is she trying to do? Seduce me?
This girl really know what she’s doing. Very talented. But she should have calm down first.😐

“How much sugar, Sir?”

My inspection of her bossom was interrupted by her sudden question. I replied somewhat embarrassed, “One teaspoon please.”

She poured a teaspoon of sugar in the tea with her perfectly manicured fingers, her nails nicely painted pink with glitter. She stirred the tea a bit longer than necessary giving me ample time to finish inspecting her oranges.

“Here’s your tea Sir.” She handed me the cup with a sly grin and took the tray to the kitchen.

As I sipped the hot tea down my throat, beads of perspiration formed on my forehead, more from excitement than heat and I felt a little giddy.

My heart began to race and I felt a little out of breath, blood coursed to the wrong part of my body.

I looked at the tea with suspicion and smelled it, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

My aroused state also didn’t help matters. The blatant exhibitionism by Jenny had made me hard and extremely horny.

😌 Grab and maul her ample breasts and a** until she screamed in pain and then pull her on your lap, hike her filthy skirt up, and explore her hole with your machine in doggy style 😌

These extremely dirty thoughts caused a noticeable bulge in my pants. I adjusted my bulldozer so that it was not facing upwards.
To be continued
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