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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter 2
It was almost 6 o’clock by now, I had been holding interviews few hours after I placed the notice board.

I was looking for a beautiful one with good manner, preferably one who was easy on the eyes.

I had met with 7 ladies, none of whom were all that attractive. I sighed, sinking into my seat as i flipped the page in my notebook to see who was last.

I’ve ordered the gateman not to open the gate to anyone once its 6pm.

I checked my watch, watching the second hand hit the top of the hour, while simultaneously hearing a knock on my door.

“You can come in”. I said.

I looked as she step in. She is tall, fair, and very beautiful, looking like she’s 17-19. She’s just perfect.

“H-hi” she stammered, “I’m- my name is Jennifer, I’m here for a housekeeping position” She said nervously.

I went about the usual conversation for an interview, went over references, and played the part. I knew she was perfect though, she was so young and shy, eager to do well. I stood up a shook her hand, smiling.

“Well, it seems like you are the right girl for the job. Can you start tomorrow?”

“Y-yes! Of course!” She chimed, very excited. “Thank you so much!

* * *
I drove out thereafter to visit my friend and on my way back, I remembered there’s no food in the house except the nonsense my mom cooked before leaving.

While I was thinking all this, I reached the familiar roundabout near my home. I took the road that would take me home and pressed on the pedal, soon I could see m
Our mansion in the distance.

The place where we live is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, all the residents here are honest and hardworking people who retired to their homes early.

I drove in as the gateman opened the gate, he opened the garage doors, and I parked my car inside. The door to the house from the garage was locked. Who maid must have locked the door.

“Thomas!” I shouted.

🌷Thomas is our gateman, a university graduate, he’s fair, huge and muscular 💪 🌷

“Sir you called me”. He said as he walked closer.

“How come the door is locked? “. I asked.

“I thought you are aware sir. I young lady came few moment after you drove out and said that madam sent her to come and stay with you”. He said.

“Hmmm stay with me? She didn’t mention of bringing any girl, even after I told her I have plans.

But did you call her to verify?. I asked.

“Yes sir, she said she’s aware, that I should let her in” He said.

“She’s even with the keys”? I asked.

“Am even surprise cus she came with her bags. The way I saw her, is like she’s here to stay for a long time”. He said.

“This is serious. You can go”. I said.

I went to the front door and rang the bell. There was no answer so I rang it again. This time I heard footsteps and the peephole darkened, shortly thereafter the door opened.

The view almost made me cum in my pants.

“Welcome home sir.” She greeted me wearing a bright smile and a revealing black and white maid dress with lace trimmings.

The dress was a size smaller than she would actually need, her br**sts overflowing from the top and it was cut so low you could even see the top of her light pink aureoles.

The skirt ended abruptly, barely making it to her thighs. There were lace trimmings on the skirt, on her sleeves and the area near her voluptuous bosom.

She moved aside to made way for me.

“Hmm.., so what’s your name?” I asked giving her an once-over as I walked in.

“You can call me Joy, Sir.” She replied. “Ma’am has given me strict orders to take care of you in her absence so please feel free to order me to do anything you want.”

I walked to the sofa in the dining room and crashed.

“Would you like some tea Sir?” She asked she stood in front of me in her cleavage revealing dress, with a cute smile all over her face.


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