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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 12 [Completed]

Chapter 12
🌷Joy pov🌷

“Since doctor is busy, you can help”. I asked.

“Sure, But what really happened”. She asked.

“I think he’s allergic to maggi. It started after he finished eating food. I won’t have added the number of maggi if I’d known, he didn’t tell me”. I said.

“How sure are you this incident was caused by assimilation of excessive maggi”. She asked.

“He said he once rushed to the hospital after eating in a restaurant due to excessive maggi”. I said.

“Hmmmm. It’s alright, don’t worry he will be alright. I will handle it”. She said.

🌷Jennifer pov🌷

🌷 I saw how her face changed. So she can beg. I think with this she can do anything I tell her to do.

Jennifer like play like play you don win. This is the best opportunity to control her. I can see she’s now weak, am holding her on the neck 🌷

“Now you are telling me to calm down. I won’t calm down”. I said.

“Stop it nah, someone cannot play with you again? Oya come, I won’t touch you. Hope you have eaten?”. She asked.

“Good Samaritan, am not eating, am not hungry”. I said.

“Oya sorry, come”. She said.

“Come and do what? So you will strangle me abi? Just leave me alone”. I said.

“Hope you won’t tell your dad”. She asked.

“Hmmmm.. I won’t tell him on conditions”. I said.

“Conditions, you now want to give me condition, your step mother”. She said.

“My stepmother that hates me, step mom that treats me like a slave. Stop mom that want to replace my work to her daughter. Step mom that…..

“It’s ok, am sorry”. She cuts in.

“All this sorry sorry is not from your hearts, inside you now, you are thinking on how to kill me”. I said looking at her and looking up with that kind eyes.

“Don’t say that Jennifer, am a good person oo”. She said.

“Good person indeed. Like I said. I won’t call dad on conditions. One, you will forget about the 20k you want to extort from me. Two, you will stop treating me like a maid. You will allow me to go for my new job.


“Jennifer”. She said.

“Stop calling my name. Deal?”.

“It’s alright, deal”. She replied.

“Better”. I said.

🌷9pm after taken dinner🌷

I called my dad and he picked up.

Me: Hello
Dad: Hi, how are you my princess.
Me: Am fine dad. When are you coming back.? Am missing you.
Dad: very soon princess. How is everyone?
Me: We are fine dad. Dad?
Dad: yes?
Me: There’s something I want to tell you.

Saying that my stepmother turned at me.

Dad: what’s that?
Me: I got a job
Dad: which job is that.
Me: Cleaner
Dad: In which company?
Me:It’s not a company Job dad.
Dad: Government work?
Me: No dad. Cleaner in a house.
Dad: House cleaner? Maid work?
Me: Yes dad.
Dad: you are not going anywhere.
Me: Dad?
Dad: Stop daddying me. You wants to be a maid? No, I won’t allow my daughter do that Kind of work. You are not going anywhere.
Me: Dad I want to go
Dad: An I said no.
Me: This is not the type of maid you were thinking. They are paying 5k daily.
Dad: 5k!?
Me: Yes dad. You know donald nah
Dad: Which Donald? Wait… U mean the Billionaire!?
Me: Yes daddy!
Dad: You would have told me it’s house cleaner pro nah… Or should I call it pro max.
Me: ha haha. Funny dad.

Can you believe I was given 64k today. 5k for normal payment and 60k for work well done.
Dad: wow!, that’s my daughter.
Me: I offered to be living there, thereby doing every other works apart from cleaning. Am sure they will increase it to 10k daily.
Dad: So you smart like this.
Me: haha haha daddy.
Dad: That’s my daughter. So where are you now?
Me: Am at home.
Dad: Doing what? What are you still waiting for??
To be continued
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