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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 11

Chapter 11

🌷 Joy🌷

I took the plate to the kitchen and rushed outside. God Am in trouble. But he would have told me that he’s allergic to maggi. Why is everything turning upside down for me. God please save me from this mess 🙏.

As I rushed out side, I looked at the garage side and saw him struggling on the floor.

“Jesus!”. I shouted with a loud voice.

“What is it?”. The gate man asked rushing.

“I ran to the garage, trying to lift him up but I couldn’t.

“What happened to him!”. The gateman shouted at me.

“I don’t know what is happening to him. Please help let’s rush him to the hospital”. I said as tears started rolling down my cheek.

Am dead, what if something happen to him. I and my family will never be save. They will say I poisoned him. My village people have finished me.

He carried him up and put him at the back seat. He’s still holding his tummy tight, he’s eyes shut. He would shout on top of his voice on every occasion.

“Go and open the gate!”. The gateman shouted.

I rushed immediately and open the gate. He drove outside and I closed the gate.

Moments later, we are already in the hospital. We rushed him to the emergency department.

“What happened to him”. A nurse asked. “I don’t know. We need doctor’s attention now the gateman said.

“She’s busy now”. She replied.

🌷Jennifer pov🌷

what did she just said? That her daughter will replace me. Thank God I didn’t tell her the exact house am working in.

For the money she said I should withdraw, she should come and force me nah. What type of rubbish is this. I even thought she will support me.

This is exactly the type of things I normally see in Nigerian movies and she’s trying to execute it on me. It won’t happen, this is not Nigerian movie. After all my dad is still alive. Let her try rubbish and I will make this life miserable for her.

I walked at the backyard and saw the mount of cloths she dumped for me. Her cloths and her 4 children cloths. She normally do this whenever my dad is out. She would threaten to starve me if I didn’t do it. Am the one doing most of the house work.

She doesn’t allow me to cook. I don’t know why but I’ve never cooked for the family ever since my dad married her.

To make her happy, I washed the cloths as usual and entered my room. I lay on the bed, thinking on how I will handle the situation at hand.

Moment later, I heard my name. She’s shouted my name on top of her voice. “What is it nah”. I said and stepped outside.

“What are you doing”. She asked.

“Nothing, am resting”. I replied.

“What are you waiting for before you go and withdraw the money I told you to withdraw?”. She asked.

“Am not withdrawing anything oooo. I’ve not told my dad about the money and you are telling to go and tamper with it. Am not going anywhere”. I said ready dodge any slap that might come from no where.

She sat up and I shifted a bit.

“What did I just heard you say? When did this one start? Ooooh I can seeeee. You have grown wings abi? You have grown. You now have the mind to talk back at me?

She tried to hit me and I ran. She ran after me chasing me round the compound.

“Continue running. You will surely come back to this house. Useless idiot!”. She shouted.

“Who the house epp. I know where I can sleep till dad comes back”. I said.

“Eeeeeh? I said it, prostitute like you. You can sleep anywhere you like, but just know that your dad will hear it. I will call him and tell him you are no longer sleeping in the house. You know who your dad is. He can disown you. Idiot!.

“Tell him nah, I will also call him and tell him that whenever he went out, you will invite a man after sending us out to visit our friends. That If I eventually come back on time. I will be hearing yes! yes!! Kill me!! F*ck me harder!!. You know he will believe me”.

“Jennifer!!!”. She shouted surprised.

“Yes!? That’s my name! “. I shouted back”.

“Oya calm down, stop raising your voice. Calm down”. She said.
To be continued
Written By FearGod Prince
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