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The Billionaire Son – Season 1 – Episode 10

chapter 10
🌷Joy pov🌷

The way I saw them was suspicious. Jennifer skirt wasn’t tugged properly. I looked at Mike downly, I can see the shape of his d*ck. Is like he just finished banging her.

He’s must be very foolish. Me that was seducing him yesterday, he didn’t bang me, it’s this small innocent girl he choose to bang.

But wait, does it mean he didn’t love me at all or I wasn’t good enough for him? A guy that really wanted to bang a girl will never complain of hairly p*ssy. He even insulted me on top of it.

I greeted him and went to the kitchen after explaining what took me all the time.

“Maybe he will love me if I prepare a nice food for him”. I said to myself.

Am going to cook the one after eating, he will fall in love with me. My dad once said he married my mom because she can cook very well. She can cook for Africa. Maybe same with happen between me and Mike.

I Washed the tomatoes, pepper, ginger, garlic and one onion blend.
I Washed and chop onion thinly.

I got a clean pot, wash meat and put it in the pot, add spice with 2 cube maggi, somebpart of chop onion, thyme and little salt.

Next I Place it on heat add little water to boil for 15min.

I Place pan on heat, add vegetable oil
allow to heat for 5min, add boiled
chicken meat fry little by little until
it finishes.

I used the same oil for frying to make
stew. I Reduce 2 cup veg oil place on
heat allow to heat for 4 min. Then add the remaining onions and the blended ingredient, stir and allow to fry untill the water dries up.

I added the meat stock, 2 maggi again , salt, curry and stir. The stew was thick so I added added little water and allow to boil for 10min. I taste the stew, I wasn’t good enough so I added another maggi.

After cooking stew, I didn’t waste much time in cooking rice. Now everything is ready.

I put the food in the plates and carried it to the dining table. He was not in the sitting room so I walked upstairs and called him.

“I hope the strew is sweet, I don’t eat nonsense”. He said.

“You will love it sir, I carefully prepared it for you”. I replied.

He got up and followed me downstairs. He sat down and I stood at his back, placing my palm on his shoulder. He open the plate cover and aroma of the food filled the space.

“Wow! I hope it taste like the aroma”. He said.

“More than you can think of”. I replied.

🌷Mike Pov🌷

Only the aroma of the stew has guaranteed that the stew is going to taste sweet. I took a full spoon of rice and stew and the taste was amazing.

I started eating. This is the best meal I’ve date for years now. She really know how to cook. I’ve not eaten any meal that taste like that in my entire life. The taste was weird and amazing. Sweeter than the once I normally eat in restaurants when i was a tender that nearly killed me due to too much maggi.

“Who taught you how to cook?”. I asked.

“My mom”. She replied.

“Wow your mom must be a chef”. I said.

“No she’s not, she’s a nurse”. She replied.

“Wow, that’s good, she really taught you well”. I said engulfing the food like I’ve not eaten for years.

At about to finish when it came to my mind. I didn’t asked her the number of maggi she added.

“But wait joy, I hope you cooked this with one cube of maggi. The last time I ate in restaurant, I was 16th then, I was rushed to the hospital. From that day I stopped eating outside”. I said.

“Are you allergic to maggi”. She asked.

“Get me my phone, its on my bed”. I said.
She rushed and brought it.. I called my doctor but she wasn’t picking, I called her 7 times but I couldn’t get her.

Few moments later. I started feeling pains in my tummy. The pains was increasing and increasing.

“Get me my car keys”. I shouted at her.

She rushed and brought it. I took it and walked to the garage. The pain was much I couldn’t stand again. I fell down beside the car, holding my tummy.
To be continued
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