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THE BILLIONAIRE KIDNAPPER – Season 1 – Episode 21 [Completed]

✍Written by Jchrist

🎤 Nina’s P. O. V

“Stop it Adam!” I says a bit loudly.

His head rests on my shoulder.

“Will you marry me?”

The sudden, unexpected question hits my ear so suddenly.

“W-what did you say?” I frown and hold a glass filled with water.

“I want the answer.” Adam says. His eyes are red.

“You’re drunk!” I say and pour the water on him.

He remains silent as water rolls down.
“I’m not drunk.” He says.

My lips shiver as I turn into a statue.
“Aren’t you going to give me a positive answer?” He pulls me holding my wrist towards him.

I snap out.

“Wha-what are you doing?” I ask as I try to push him away. But his grip is too tight.

“Do you need time to answer? I can give you some time but I want a positive answer. You hear? A positive answer..” He says and lets go of me.

He drinks another glass and stands.
“I think we need to go..” He looks at me but I can’t get over the surprise.

He leaves and I follow him.

As we enter my aunt’s mansion, we meet some new faces.

I stop at the doorcase.

Adam collides with me as I stop suddenly.
“Who are they?” I ask to myself as I knit my eyebrows.

There are two middle aged women and a young lady in very elegant dresses. They look like they have come from any noble family.

Another man in butler’s dress is standing behind the sofa they are sitting. He has a poker face.

As soon as he notice us, he whispers something to an elder woman and they all look at our direction.

They all smile sweetly as soon as they spot me.

I open my eyes widely as I’m confused. I look at Adam who is also confused.

They stand up and walk towards me.

“My … My…here you go.”one of the middle aged woman says cupping my cheeks.
“Excuse me…” I say.

“You’re more beautiful in person. ” The woman says and others nod smiling.
“They will look good together.” The young lady says.

“What? What’re you saying.” I say.

“Ah! Soon you’re going to be my daughter in law.” The woman says gathering her hands before her chest happily.

“What??” I exclaim and look at Adam.
He frowns.

“Excuse me. But you’re mistaking.” He says.
“No.. No… I’m not mistaking.” She says a witty smile on her lips.

“Come on, Nina… ” Adam pulls me towards the stair but the butler-like man stand like a mountain before him.

“Who the hell are you?” Adam asks.
His ears turn red.. He’s really angry. I grip arm so that he can control his anger.

“He’s my butler. He’s been appointed to take care of Nina.” She caresses my hair.
“Can you please clear the matter? I think I’m not the one you are here for. You’re here for my cousin, Ana.” I say.

“No, you’re the one I’m here for.” She smiles and her smiles wrings my Heart for some unknown reason.

“No, Nina is right. You’re here for Ana… We talked about Ana.” Aunt says as she comes down the stair with Ana. Ana is dressed in a beautiful red gown.

I bite my lower lip.

Something seems wrong.

“No… You misunderstood me. I was talking about Nina over phone.” She says.
My aunt’s eyes open wide.

“You’re going to be the better half of my son.” She says tapping my shoulder.

I bite my lower lip harder and bow before her.

“I’m sorry! But I already decided to get married to Adam, my cousin.” I say.

A long silence. I rise my head a little. I find their face harden.

“Yes, it was decided from the start that they’ll get married.” Aunt says.


I look at aunt who has a firm expression on her face.

“Are you sure?” The woman asks my aunt directly.

As I watch my aunt hesitating, I say,
“Yes! I’m sure. My parents said so! That’s why we spent out childhood together.”
“I don’t expect my daughter in law to be so stupid.” She says in a angry tune but her expression changes instantly as she sees me frowning.

“Don’t fight me. I get what I desire.” She says.

Ana trusts into tears and runs upstairs.
“I’m not a thing that you can get easily whenever you desire.” I say.
She just smiles.

“I don’t want to get married to any stranger whom I don’t know. I can never love your son. And after all, I don’t want to get married to someone who will not love me.” I say and grip Adam’s hand.

Finally, I get my love. I liked Adam since I was kid. I myself don’t know when I start loving him. He is my prince charming when I think myself as Cinderella. He is always in my dreamland. Yes! Maybe I like others, like Rohan. But they’re temporary and one sided.

I’ve found my love, I won’t lose easily.

“I can assure you that my son will love you more than anyone else. And you’ll end up loving him.” She has a winner’s smile on her thin lips.

I smile mockingly.

“Why should I marry your son, however? I’ll do whatever with life.” I say.

“You’re destained to be together.” She says.
“I don’t care.” I say and make my way towards my room.

“True love never dies and I love her more than anyone.” I hear Adam saying.

“Kid, Old sayings aren’t always true. There are always some exceptional. Forget her before you get hurt.” She says.

“If you get into our matter once more, I’ll take help from law.” I say.

“Nina…..” The young lady says touching my arm softly.

I turn my head.

“Then go and try.” She says with a smile.
“Nina, you’ll end up being trapped.” My aunt says.

“Make sure she present tomorrow.” She says looking at the butler.

He bows.

“No, Alia.. You’ll come to get her.” She says and they leave.

The young Lady look at me.

“Don’t be sad. My brother isn’t bad… I’ll come tomorrow.”
As they leave, I fall on the stair.

🎤 Rohan’s POV

I sigh and lie down on my bed.

“What happened to my precious brother?” Suddenly Nusiba’s voice makes me jump out and sit on the bed.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“Nothing. Just following you.” She says and sits beside me.

“Following me?” I ask.

“Yea! You seem heartbroken.” She says acting worried.

“Huh? Heartbroken? Me?” I ask pointing at myself and rising my brows.
She nods.

“Not even in dreams.” I say and walk towards closet.

“You’ve had enough. All these times, you enough enjoyed your life. Now, come to a serious relationship. Discuss the matter with mother if you have any choice.” She says.

She isn’t wrong. I’ve enjoyed my life so much that I’m bored now. I need to be in a serious relationship. And If i
have any choice…..

When I hear that Nina comes to my mind without any reason.

“Nah!” I sigh and go inside the washroom.
“Leave my mansion. Don’t come here often. I want to live my own life.” I say before shutting the door.

Warm water rolls down my tensed muscles as I’m leaning with hands against the wall.
I still can’t forget the scene.

Adam in Nina’s arm.

I rub my face and sigh.

My life is a mess.

I turn off the shower and come out wearing a towel.

Rohan will just kill himself…. Somebody help him


☺ – Jchrist


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