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Matured Stories


Chapter 19

✍Written by Jchrist

🎤 Nobody’s P. O. V

“”How should we tell her?” Hanna ,Nina’s aunt, asks her husband.

Before he can say anything Ana enters the room.

“I already know…” Ana says arm crossed.
“What you know?” His father asks.

“I’ve to attend a marriage appointment.” She says frowning at them.

“You didn’t even feel the necessity of asking if I’m agreed or not.” She says again.

“Calm down! We’re not going to spoil your life, are we? After all, we’re your parents and I know you’ll like him.” His father says and extends his cell phone towards her.
She yanks the phone.

A man in black chic suit with a childish grin, talking into microphone looking at someone.

Ana’s heart skips a bit at this stunning sight.

“It’s a rare photo of him. Normally, he never smiles before outsiders.” Ana’s father says looking at her mother and giving a nod.

“This is the type I wished for my whole life, I dreamed of……” ana thinks… She forgets that she was angry even a second ago.
“Do you……Like him?” Ana’s mother asks her timidly.

Ana is their one and only hope. If she doesn’t agree….. then.. their all plans will be failed.
“Sure… Of course.” Ana says without any delay.

“They will come tomorrow. And make sure that Nina will be not at home.” Ana’s mother, Hanna says.

“Why?” Ana asks.

Ana’s father and mother exchange their looks.

“She will spoil the appointment.” Her father says and her mother nods.

“How?” Ana asks.

“What if she says something unpleasant or something that makes them feel uncomfortable?” Ana’s father days.

“She won’t be at home…” Ana says and leaves the room.

Her parents watch her leaving.

“Finally, i am going to be able to win just by the trick.” Ana’s father says putting his jaw on fists while an evil smile takes place to his lips.

“But you’re cheating Nina..” Hanna says.
“Hanna! Stop brainwashing me! I won’t stop when I’m just near to my goal.” He shouts at Hanna.

“Tch! This is for both our and Ana’s good future.” He says lowering his voice.
Hanna nods slowly.

🎤 Nina’s P. O. V
“When are you going to your friends weeding ceremony?” Ana asks hoarsely.

“Er… Yeah, wait… I’ve messed up again with my dress” I say trying hard to make them tidy.

“Can you help me a little?” I ask her.
She looks at me as if she’s throwing fireballs at me.

“No. It’s OK.. I can…..” she leaves even without hearing.

I keep standing….

You weren’t like this Ana. I, you and Adam used to play together. And…. you two…. you two took care of me… What has changed you like this?

Tears waves in my eyes. With my blurry eyesight, I see Adam coming inside.

I quickly turn away not to let him understand that I’m crying. I wipe tears secretly and turn around. I find him standing like a statue.

“Er….Adam..” I call him and his cheeks flush in red.

“No… you look stunning…” He says and with every word his cheeks get redder.

His shyness makes me blush but I try to hide it.

“Thank you… Are you ready?” I ask.

“Yeah, I just came from the office. I don’t think I look bad in this dress..” He asks grinning like a kid.

No! Of course not… you look more manly when you’re in formal dress.

Dmn! What am I thinking!?

I nod not to get rid of this bad thought.
“What? How could you say?” Adam asks with a sad expression.

What did I say?!

Oh! Did he think I nodded not at his question? No, I didn’t…

“No! Adam. I didn’t mean it. I was nodding not for another reason.” I say but he keeps looking at me pouting.

We remain like this a while.
Then he smiles.

“I understand! Now lets go!” He says and turns around.

“You came!!” Seeing me, Nopa hugs me instantly in front of her relatives.

“Er… Yeah. I came… Can you
… leave me?” I say. It’s a little uncomfortable to be hugged before so many people. Being hugged before a lot of people is embarrassing.

“Yeah! Then you did bring your cousin, right?” She says pointing Adam.

“Ye-” I can’t finish. She walks towards him like a penguin.

“I’m Nopa! Her friend. I’m so glad I can finally meet you.” Nopa says.
“You… know me?” Adam asks.

“Yeah… She talked about you a lot.” She says.

“Nopa!” I scream.

“Oh!” Adam rises his one eyebrow.

“Tell me nopa, where’s your fiance?” I ask.
She points at someone standing afar and gossiping with a group.

I can’t see him.

“I’m going to meet him..” I say and walk to him.

“You’re curious?” Adam asks.

“Yeah. She said her boyfriend’s name is Jacob and I know someone named Jacob.” I say.

“Excuse me…” I call out for the man Nopa pointed.

He turns around and instantly he smiles.
“Dr. Jacob!!” I exclaim.

“Hey miss Nina…” He gives me a childish smile.

When he says miss Nina, the man beside him turn his head at me.

“You?!” I exclaim at him.

Oh! That’s not abnormal. Jacob is his friend.

“Is it the same guy?” Adam says.
“Yes!” I say.

“Ah! You’re Adam! Nice to meet you….” Dr. Jacob says.

“You know me?” Adam asks being surprised.

“Yeah, Rohan told me.” He points at Rohan who’s staring at me.

“Huh? Hey! what you mean? Shut your talkative mouth!” Rohan says scolding.
“You… didn’t you try to flirt me?” I ask Dr. Jacob frowning.

“Wr? When?” His expression says he remembered but he’s hiding it.

“I’m going and telling Nopa whom she’s marrying to.” I say and turn around.

“Nooo! I….”

“Oi!” “Hey” two different voices says together and two different hand slap Jacobs two hands away from me.

I glance at Rohan and Adam. They both are frowning at each other.

“Don’t get mad at me so easily! I was just stopping her by grabbing her shoulder.” Jacob says to both of them.

“No! You can’t… ” They both stop when they realize they’re saying the same thing together.

They again frown at each other.

“Come on, Adam. Let’s enjoy this party on our own way.” I say tugging on his arm. He nods.

We’re sitting at a lone huge roofless veranda on the sofa. The night sky is more beautiful than the inside of the building. Winter winds sends shiver down my body.
“Finally, Nopa has find someone real guardian..” I say sipping from my soft drink.
“Yeah…” Adam says finishing the champagne.

He looks at me while he’s putting the glass on the table.

His cheeks have turned red. Has he drunk too much ?

I’m shocked with surprise.

“Adam, are you all right?” I asks leaning toward him.

“Hey, tell me, don’t you need any guardian?” Suddenly he garbs hold of my waist. I grips his shoulders not to fall on.

“What!?” I ask.

“Tell me, don’t you need someone?” He asks holding my chin.

I’m at my wit’s end.

“Adam… I don’t know wha-…” I stop as a soft peck falls on my cheek.

“Do you mind if it’s me…..” he says and he smacks on my lips.

Tough it takes place for only one or two seconds, I lose my words….. it feels like I’m losing my control over my own body.

I fall on him as my body feels so nerveless. His firm and masculine, iron-like forearms go around my waist on my back.

🎤 Rohan’s P. O. V
I’ve lost her!! I’ve lost her….

She has gone out of my sight just when I became a little bit indifferent…. n o not indifferent. I was talking with one of my business partners and she has vanished.
She’s with her wicked cousin, no childhood crush…. How can I let her be out of my sight.

Brushing my fingers through my messy hair, I start looking for her.

Maybe I can ask Nopa.

I stand behind her silently and wait to finish her greeting with her laws.

“What man? Did something happen?” Jacob notices me and asks loudly. Surrounded people look at me.

I hiss.

“You’re the worst doctor I’ve ever seen….” I say.

He looks at me confusingly.
“You lost her?” He asks.

I nod.

“Nopa.. Nopa.. did you see her?” He asks Nopa who’s totally lost in gossiping.
“Her?” She rises her eyebrows.

“Her….” Jacob tries to make her understand by moving his index finger.

“Her??” She asks confused…

“Her…. Her….” He tries again.

Dmn! You! brainless! Doctor!

“Nina… it’s Nina..” I say a little loudly but then I sigh and say politely.

“Oh! Her? I saw her at that side..” she points at the women’s toilet.

“There??” I ask her but she’s again busy with gossip so is Jacob…

Useless idi©ts !

I cur$e and walks towards the toilet.

But this is women’s toilet. How can I get inside to check if she’s really here…

A teenage girl comes out when I’m thinking these.

“Ah, excuse me, miss!” I call for her.

She turns her head at me and instantly her eyes twinkle and she blushes.

“Did you see any girl inside wearing a wine red colored gown?” I ask.

She rises her an eyebrow and the twinkles in her eyes lost.

“Nope!” She says and leaves swinging her hair.

She isn’t here?

When I’m thinking my eyes unintentionally go at the huge veranda.

And they fly open instantly.


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