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Chapter 18

✍Written by Jchrist

🎤 Nina’s P. O. V

“We’re waiting for Ana at a restaurant. The plane has landed already. It’s been afternoon, so we’ve decided we’ll take our lunch here.

“Ana will come here, right?” I ask.
“Yeah, don’t worry… She’ll be here….” Adam says.

My phone rings and I receive quickly as it is Nopa’s call.

“Hello Nopa…”

“Yeah, Perfume holder just left the campus. I asked him how did he compromise with the matter.” She says.

“How did he?”

“He didn’t… he got into a fight and ended up threatening them…” My hand moves to my forehead in disappointment.
He saved me and now I’ll be in problem for him….

“I will have to pay for this…” I say.

“No. I don’t think so… The principle knows him…. Maybe, he was a student here.. principle and his vicious son are sitting dumbfounded.” She says.

A smile come across my lips. I bite a corner of my bottom lip not to grin.

You’re so stubborn to lose, perfume holder…. You never bow even when you’re the criminal. And yeah, that suits you…. You would never look better if you would have bowed in apology.

I put down the phone and smile.
“What’s making you smile?” Adam asks.
I nod not quickly but still smiling. I look at him and find him looking at me with confusion.

Seeing his face, Suddenly I remember what happen in the inn.


His one hand moves to my knee and with that he carries me in his arms.

“Wha-? What are you doing Adam? Stop it already.” I exclaim.

“Do you really want me to stop?” He asks innocently.

I stare into his eyes while he carries me to the bed. He makes me lie on the bed smoothly and he sits on the floor beside the bed. He looks at me with attention.

“You know how much I look at you I can’t get enough of you… I can’t find the mystery of your innocence..” He’s head in on his forearm. His hand moves to my face to remove the hair those are clinging to my skin.

He used to do like this when we were kid.. He putted me in sleep. I really love the way he followed me to put me in sleep. We slept together. But it’s really impossible thing to think now.

“Your hair smells nice…” He says.
That’s what he used to say. ..

“I love your smooth skin…”
That’s too… he’s repeating the past.
My eyelids feel heavy and I close my eyes slowly.

I feel two smacks on my eyelids which really sends me to sleep.

I grip the blanket he has just used to cover me…


I yawn and open my eyes.

“Good afternoon.” A warm voice welcomes me.

“Gooo..!!!” I stop in the middle.

I open my eyes to spot Adam. He’s sitting on the sofa and his eyes are at his phone screen.

What happened after I fall asleep? Didn’t he sleep?

As far I can remember he was patting my head.

“I am sitting here since you fall asleep…” He says and sits properly putting his phone back into his pocket.

“What’s the time?” I ask and throw my hands at two sides to remove my inertia.
“We’ve one hour left.” He says and suddenly a soft kiss fall on my cheek.


“You look so beautiful when you sleep….” he says smiling.

He kssed my cheek!! And… and not only that… he observed me in sleep!

“OK… Let’s go.. we have to move now..” He says.

I wander if he has taken any rest.. I was sleeping in the bed the whole time and he was sitting on the sofa……

“You didn’t take rest…” I say standing.

“I did…” He says.

“But you were….”

“I don’t need to sleep to take rest. I’m used to it… But you’re not.. so, you needed rest properly. I’m OK.” he says smiling at me…

Yeah! He doesn’t seem he’s tired. He’s looking refreshed.

My mind fill with a beautiful warmness.

He’s so caring. He just hired the room only for my rest…


Suddenly a female voice rings near my ears. I startle in surprise as I am in the sea of thought and stand up immediately.

“Nina… You’re still like before…” Ana says.
“Ana?!” I exclaim in happiness and jump up to hug her.

“Ahh! You’re heavy…” Ana says as I cling to her.

“It’s been soooo long… How beautiful you’ve been…” I say looking at her beautiful face.
White skin, perfect curved figure, plump lips, round eyes, brown hair….. I can’t get enough of her.

“Why are you staring at me like this Adam?” She says moving from my loving embrace.
“I’m wandering at your aggravation..” He says glaring at her.

I take a quick glance at her dress and I start feeling uneasy. Her shirt is so thin that the undergarments are visible. She’s created an embarrassing situation.

They both are gazing at each other even without flipping eyelids.

“OK… Ok. Don’t get mad.. You two… Ana… Here… take my scarf…” I say spreading my scarf on her chest.

She frowns at me.

“I’m not old fashioned like you….” She says angrily and throws the scarf at me. It covers my face and as I can’t see anything I get stumbled with a leg of a chair.

“Ana!! You’re crossing your limit.. You have been savage.” I hear Adam standing moving his chair as he snaps at Ana.

I’m falling backward….

But two firm hands grip my arms and my head hits something.

The perfume….

“Ah! What a great luck of mine! I never expected you in person would come to join my mee…….” A pleased voice stops in the middle of saying.

I rise my head to see who this is… But for the scarf I can’t see besides I can’t remove it as my hands are gripped.

“Shut up already..”

The voice…..

So familiar…

The hands help me to stand straight.

I grip the scarf and move it from my face.


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