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Chapter 17

✍Written by Jchrist

🎤 Nina’s P. O. V

“Are you ready?” Adam asks who’s leaning against the doorcase.

“Yeah…. We can leave…” I say throwing scarf on my shoulder.

We both move downstairs while aunt runs to us.

“You’ll tell her that I missed her so much…” She says.

“You can tell it yourself…” I say.

“Come on Nina.. don’t listen to her silly words…” Adam says who’s walking away.
“Adam… wait…” I try to stop him but he walks away.

“Aunty… I’m.. going..” I say and she nods smiling.

I run to catch him.. he’s already inside his black Bugatti Chiron. He’s really attracted towards cars and sports. As far I remember he was really good in sports and he took first place almost in every early sport competition.

I can’t get in properly before that he starts driving his car in a fast speed.

“Wh- What?! What happened to you??????” I scream as I plump on the seat.

“Nothing..” He says. His voice’s cold as ice. I never hear his voice like that. He was always cheerful and playful and the sudden change of him makes me shiver.

I keep silence while he’s driving in the same speed.

I’m afraid….

I hug myself and just then his phone rings.

He puts his phone between his shoulder and ear which cause problem to his driving.
I lean toward him and hold the phone against his ear. He glances at me and drives comfortably straightening his head.
He’s beautiful. He’s beautiful in informal dress like he’s wearing now.

The car breaks and as my guard is down I’m almost about to fall down. But my fingers grip the firm muscles of thigh.


My fingers shake when he glances at me with his slightly parted lips.

Wha- just happened?!

I try to move my hand but he puts his hand on mine.

I blush and look downward.

“OK.. Thanks for the information.” He says while looking at me. Then he hangs up and giving the phone to him I move to my seat.

What’s wrong with me?! Can you help me Almighty?

“Her plane will arrive 4hour late.” He says.
“What!? That much??” I exclaim.

“Yeah… I wander what will we do now?” He looks here and there outside the window. But there’s no people or habitations around here.

“Let’s go ahead a bit and if we find any hotel let’s take some rest.” He says and starts the engine of the car.

After driving for fifteen minutes we find an inn.

“Thanks God! We found it.” He sighs in relief and just then my phone rings.

Nopa? Why she’s now? She was supposed to be in class.

I receive the call and hear her anxious voice.
“Nina…. Our principle has called your perfume holder at his office.”
“What? Why?” I ask.

“I don’t know. Some girl who had seen him yesterday has told me that they’ve seen him in principles office.” She says.

“Shoot! Maybe, he has to face problem for me…. Can you please inform me the latest update?” I say.

“Why?why aren’t you coming?”

“I would. But I’m with Adam to receive my cousin…” I say and look at Adam who is talking to the receptionist.

“Ah! Then I’ll inform you… OK?” She says and I hang up.

“Come… Let’s relax for a bit…” Adam says with a key in hand.

I nod and follow him.

He unlocks the door and a beautiful view comes to my sight.

“G©sh!!” I exclaim at the beautiful scenery.

“Don’t be amazed. This inn is for foreigners.” He says I get inside and then he locks the door.

The huge window behind the queen size bed is holding a beautiful sight in it’s frame. Beautiful vast sky with fluffy white clouds, green trees, small buildings…..

“I think……….” I can’t say before that I feel his large palms covering my waist.

!!!! What’s going on!!

“This is the top floor…. Want to know anything else?” He asks.

My heart stops beating.

“And yeah, there’s no other people in this floor.” He says. Though he says in a smooth and pleasant way it sounds dangerous.

“It’s been long since we got this opportunity to be alone like this..” His voice sends chill in my body through my ear.

I keep standing as if I’m frozen.

I feel his breath falling on my neck. I move to protest him but his hand goes around under my chest.

“Ugh!!” I moan at my losing.

“Ad… Am….What’s…. happening here?” I ask hardly between heavy breathing.

“That… what was supposed to happen…” He says paying no interest in my words.

My hands go around on his forehand that’s pushing me against his firm chest.

“…. ada…. m…. Stop… it..” I stammer but Adam’s hand cover my mouth softly.

🎤 Rohan’s P. O. V
I knew I would be called here….

I go directly inside of the principal’s room.
He is talking with his son. At my sudden appearance, he becomes surprised and then frowns at me.

“None can enter here without permission.” He says.

“It’s only applicable on the students and worker of your institute. Not on someone who’s busy like a running horse.” I say.
He makes his face weird.

“Tch! When you’re that much busy, then where did you get the time to interfere in my son’s deed?” He asks.

“He was disparaging a girl… I can’t stand and watch when someone is doing so beautiful deed like this.” I sit on the leather sofa comfortably.

“What did you say? I was disparaging?! How dare you to put a false charge against me…” Noah shouts at me pointing his finger at me.

Without caring his words, I light a cigarette right in front of them.

“You’re as stubborn as ever…” The principle says.

“Huh? You remember me…Well?” I say.
“Who can forget about such a limb of the devil like you?” He says. His brows are frowned.

I smirk at his admire.

“You do know him, dad?” Noah asks with a surprised expression.

“Yeah, he was the evilest student around here when he studied here. And he used to put your brother in danger… ” He says and Noah frowns..

I laugh a little.

“You do properly remember me… Then do you remember that I dressed down your son for harassing a girl?” I say and stand flipping the cigarette into the bucket.

“What you mean? Will you do the same to Noah?” He asks.

“Nope… I don’t have any time to spoil for such tiny matter. I do have team… And if I tell him they will take good care of him..” I say patting Noah’s shoulder.

He yank himself away from me.

“Heh! Do whatever you want!! What will you do to me? Who are you?!” He mocks me.
I smirk at him.

“You’re just like your brother… I can do whatever I want just in a second only with a snap of finger.” I say giving an innocent smile.

His eyes open wide but instantly his eyes fill with anger.

“Don’t show of your power… show me your strength!” He says and suddenly extend his clenched fist to my face.

I dodge avoiding his punch.

“Dmn! Why are you fighting like this?” I ask while loosing my necktie.

“Stop it Noah! You don’t know him!” Principle says finally standing from his chair.

“He’s a stupid who doesn’t know me!!” Noah says and rises his led to kick me forked lighting kick.

I grip the ankle and fix his leg in the middle air.

“How dare you rise your leg at me?” I say and twist the leg.

He groans and falls on the floor in posture.
“Tchh!!” He screams in pain.
“What did you do to my son?” Principle says running to him.

“What he deserved.” I say clapping my hand to remove invisible dusts.

“Don’t dare to do anything else to my girl…. not even look…” I say an come out the room.
Students gathered around the room, are whispering. But seeing me coming out they stop whispering. I turn to walk on the hallway when I see Nopa running to me.

“Where is Nina?” I ask her.

“She is with…*Pant* *pant* her cousin, Adam…” she pants hard putting her palms on her knees.

“Why?” I frown.

“To receive her cousin, Ana….” She says and stands properly.

I say nothing and leave the hallway.
What the dmn they are doing alone together?! It’s a long drive to reach the airport.

I take my car’s key out of my pocket when my phone rings.

“They’re at the inn, on the way to airport… The plane will be late….”



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