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Chapter 16

✍Written by Jchrist

🎤 Nina’s P. O. V

I cover my mouth to control my laughter. But I can’t help myself from falling on the bed. I lie on the bed covering my face. I put down the phone as I hang up.

* giggle* How childish of you, Rohan!! You slipped your towel when you heard it was me!…

I laugh to my heart’s content. He’s really cute… I take the phone and give it a little peck and then press it against my chest.
Dmn! I missed the scene….

I laugh again. And tears gather to the corners of my eyes.

I wipe away the tears.

No.. If I were there then…. I would see him……..
I nod not to oust the bad thought. Beside I blush…..

He makes me blush…. He makes me blush at every step. He always puts me in a embarrassing situation.

When I’m thinking these, my phone vibrate on my chest which makes me jump up.

I rub my face and receive the call.

“*cough to clear throat* I’m fine….” He says at the beginning…

“Oh! That’s…. *Giggle* great….” I can’t prevent myself from giggling between talking.

“Why so amused?” He asks.

“No… that’s not the matter.. actually, I had noticed that your shirt go teared a little..” I say..

“So?” He asks.

“I want to say sorry.” I say in a serious tone.
“You wanna apology for a shirt of mine?” He asks.

“Yeah, that’s maybe really little affair to you but…. nevertheless…” I say.

“You know that’s not little to me.. That was my favorite white shirt. It was branded. You can’t remit it.” He says.

His sentences make me surprised. It was branded and…. and I can’t remit it!!
Getting no response, he says,
“Even if you sacrifice yourself to me…..”
Dmn! I went to apologize and this is the result…..

I curse myself while pressing my fingers on my forehead.

“But it’s OK… I will forgive you…” he says getting no response.

“Seriously? Thank you…” my face beams with joy.

“Yea….. But can you tell me…..” He stops in the middle.

“Tell you what?”

“Who’s the perfume holder?” He asks finally.
Oh! Shoot! Again…..

“Why do you want to know?” I try to change the topic.

“No.. for nothing. Just from curiosity.” He says.

“Oh…” I sigh.

How can I tell him? No, it’s not possible. I’m feeling sad that I can’t answer him…

“Whoever it is…. Be careful and don’t fall in any kind of trap..” He says.

“Sure thanks….” I say and he hangs up without saying anything more..

Fall in trap? I’m already trapped.

I wanted to ask him why he ignored me that day… But he has ignored me this time too.
“Nina…. Dinner is ready…”Adam shouts from the dining room.

Adam has proposed to prepare today’s dinner. And I couldn’t reject him. I really want to test the food made by him.

I pull out a chair to sit when Adam comes carrying a dish full with chicken fried rice.
“Ow! That’s a good smell…” I say smelling the air filled with fried rice’s scent.

He pulls out the chair beside me while taking off the apron.

“Then why are you suddenly cooking for me?” I ask.

“Ow! Can’t I cook? I’m practicing for the future.” He says and sits beside me. I take the turned plate and he serves me rice.

“Seriously? For future? What does it mean?” I ask while eating the rice.

” I mean when I’ll get married. When my wife will be sick…I’ll cook for her…” He says sweetly.

His saying makes me blush. He’s so caring like he was in childhood. He took care of me so perfectly when we were together.
“You’re in love?” I ask.

He smiles at me.

“Yea, you wanna meet her?” He says.
My heart pains……. He loves someone else… He… was my childhood crash ….

I sigh but I say with a smile,
“Sure… Of course.. I’ll tell you when I’ll be free..”

” Sure… But, You didn’t tell me how it tastes?” His voice interrupts my thought.
Yeah! I totally forgot to comment.

As soon as I move my tongue to taste, I get a shock. My eyes fly open.

“It’s….. It’s amazing!!!” I exclaim.

I turn to him and find him looking at me like that as if I am a alien.

“You should cook extra for me everyday…. I know… I know…your wife won’t want to cook if she just tastes your cooking once.” I say clinging to his arm.

His mouth open wide and his cheeks turn red as I touch him.

I also stop in my track seeing him like this. I lower my gaze and leave him.

I sit straight and start eating silently.

“*Coughing to try attention* Mom told me to take you home.. Ana is coming tomorrow.” He says after a period of silence.

“Seriously? That’s great!!” I say without looking at him.

We finish the rest of our food silently and I get ready to leave my tiny apartment.

I take my bag and the key of my apartment.
“Good bye… Hope I’ll see you soon…. “I say to my apartment and follow Adam to the elevator.

“Nina!! Nina… welcome baby!!” My aunt says and walks fast to hug me.

That’s embarrassing!
But I let her hug. I never see my uncle and aunt so happy for me…

“Ana is coming.. You and Adam will go to receive her.” Uncle says.

“Me? What about office? I do have meetings tomorrow.” Adam says pointing himself.
“I’ll go to your office tomorrow.” Uncle says while aunt’s patting my back.

“What about your branch?” Adam asks.

“I cancel all the schedules..” Uncle says.

That’s really rare. Uncle never ignores his business for even any serious matter. And it’s just the coming of Ana… It doesn’t seem normal…

Aunt shows me a room. I used to be stay in such room when I was kid.

Aunt leaves biding me good night.

I close the door and bring out my phone. The screen shows that I’ve two new messages.

” Nina, you have reached home safely, haven’t you? -Nopa”
“Yeah, I have… thanks…” I reply.

And then I check the next one.

” Do you love anyone?” A message from the unknown number!

Darn you! I’ll never answer your message again..

I lie down on the bed.

Really? Whom do I love? Adam or him, the perfume holder?

I’ve weakness towards both of them…..

🎤 Rohan’s P. O. V
As I’m trying to sleep, my phone rings and disturbs my sleep.

I sit and take the phone…


“We got a argent news… Miss Nina’s maternal cousin is coming tomorrow.” The main investigator says.

Which idi©t is coming to get her?
“Ow… Then keep eyes on him…” I say sighing.

“It’s not any him… she’s female.” What he says somehow calms my mind a little.

“OK… Is there anything else to say?”
“Yeah, she’s at her aunt’s house…She’ll be staying there for some days.” My calmed mind turns wild.

“Anything ELSE?!” I almost shout.

“N- No, sir…… I’ll inform you as soon as I’ll get any information.” He says and I hang up.
I’ll get over you… Not tonight nor tomorrow…. maybe someday….

I lie down again hugging the pillow and pulling the blanket over my half naked body..


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