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Chapter 15

✍Written by Jchrist

🎤 Nina’s P. O. V

How did he? When did I? I… can’t remember! Did I tell him that I call him that? How embarrassing! No!maybe not. If j would, he would not ask me to know.

He lights the cigarette between his lips. His shirt is slightly parted and his chest muscles are visible. His tie is on his shoulder and his hair is totally messed. No doubt, I did this.

I blush and blush more thinking what I was I doing just a little while ago.
He compresses his lips and let a puff of smoke go.

Even the smoke smells so beautiful.
How can I tell you that it’s you…

He runs his fingers in his hair and says,
“Whoever he is, you love him so much…” He doesn’t look at me, a ready smile is across his lips.

Really? I don’t know. But how do you?
“We’ve arrived your place.” He says and lets another puff of smoke go.

“W–when? I didn’t even notice the car moves.” I say being dumbfounded.

“Just a little while ago..” He says and sits straight. His eyes stares at me, the pure black eyes filled with mystery.

“If you don’t wanna tell me, I won’t force you. Because I’ve nothing to do with this..” He says and stands turning his back to me.
“Close the buttons and wear shoes.” He says.

?!?!? I forgot.. I forgot to close…
I blush like a tomato and feel all the blood rushing to my cheek. I close the buttons and wear the shoes as my hands are shaking
I knew he wouldn’t do such thing to me.. He’s not that much pe.rvert.

I stand and walks to the door.

“Thanks for saving me today… I owe you..” I say and try to open the door. But it’s stucked like a h’ll.

He stares at me blankly a while. And then he pushes a button and it opens smoothly.
I feel shy. I didn’t know how to open it. Because it’s my first time riding a limousine.
As soon as I step outside, a familiar figure comes to my view.

“Adam?!” I utter his name and he looks up to me.

“Nina?!” He runs to me.

“Nina? Where have you been? I was almost dying for you..” He says cupping my cheeks.
“No worries. I was in my campus…” I say smiling.

“Oh then what’s Mr. Rohan’s car doing here?” He asks.

“Oh! He…. He saved….” I turn back to look at him but I only find his car moving away.
I keep looking at that way sadly.

🎤 Rohan’s POV
You’re happy with him… So happy that you have forgotten to bid me.

I shut the door not being able to tolerate anymore. And the car starts moving.

Her happiness with Adam twists my heart. And my brain always warns me that he’s the one, the perfume holder.

I lean like lying on the seat. I covers my eyes with forearm and take a glass from the liquor table.

I want my hair to be caressed with those fingers once more which sends shiver across my whole body and makes my muscles lame.

I put down the glass and sigh.
Suddenly my phone beeps. It’s a mail.
I bring out the phone and check it.
A mail from Adam?

I quickly open it and my eyebrows frown.

“I heard you saved Nina from an idiot stalker. I have no words to thank you. But what you did is really worth to be prised.
Thanks for saving my precious thing.
-Adam. ”

I read the whole mail in a second.

Precious thing?!

I type quickly.

“What kind of precious thing she’s to you? ”
My heart throbs.

“I love her since my childhood and I know she also loves me.. But none of us can prevail our feelings to each other. ” His replay tears my heart into pieces.
“Oh! Good luck!” After all he’s my business fellow. I sigh.

I step in my mansion when my mom is coming down the stairs.

“Mom? What’re you doing here?” I ask.

“Can’t I come to my son’s house?” She asks.
“No… I didn’t mean it. You can come whenever you want.” I say. She gestures me to sit beside her on the leather sofa.
I sit beside her and she observes me.

“*sigh* I wanted to be treated by my daughter in law.” She says sighing.

“What you mean? Is there any lack of treating you?” I ask.

“No! Not that! Actually, your father died without seeing his son married. I don’t want to be the same. I want to see you married and having children.” She says closing her eyes.

You’re saying it again and again.
I sigh lowering my head.

“What happened to your shirt?” She asks. I look and find her eyes closed.

She had noticed it at the beginning.
“I fell into a fight.” I say.

“Who’s the girl?” She asks.

“Nina…..” I say.

“Ah! Beautiful name.” She says smiling.
“Go and change your dress…” she says.

Nasiba didn’t tell mom about that day. That’s good.

I pass my palm on my wound as warm water is running onto my muscles and soothing my inner organs.

The touch, the warmth, the response…. I want to feel again.
I brush my hair backwards as water hits my eyelids and lips.

The warmth of water is totally different from the warmth of her smooth skin.
I turn off the shower and come out wearing a towel. I see mom sitting and frowning at my opened closet.

“Sorry mom. It’s messed..” I say while drying my hair with dryer.

“That’s why you need a wife! That’s your genetic problem. Your dad was like this too before marriage!” She says pouting.

I don’t know if I need a wife for tiding up my closet but I need a wife to sleep on my large king size bed with

“You’re just like your father… by looks by behavior.. I always scolded him for his chaotic behavior.” She says.

Tears glitter in her eyes like starts.

“Mom. Don’t be emotional.. I’m here…” I say and hug her from back like my childhood.
“D-don’t hug me like this! You idi©t!” She says slapping my hand.

“Ouch!” I scream.

“That’s embarrassing…” she says.
She is just like her. I love my mom so do her. They both are same… Cute.. innocent…. Pouting… Attractive…

She leaves the room scolding me. I always like to tease her and make mom angry or blush. My dad also enjoyed it and did the same. Sometimes, he did so extreme that she ended up crying.

I take my night gown and about to wear it when my phone rings. I put the phone between my shoulder and ear.

“Hello…?” I say being interrupted.

“How…… are you?” A sweet voice comes from the other side.


I am taking off the towel to wear the gown. But the towel slips away my from hand.

“OPS!!!” I moan and sits on the floor.

“What happened? Is something wrong??” She says in wander.

“I… er… it.. dmn…. no… I… I’m calling.. you later…. OK?” I say and put down the phone.
I quickly cover my body with the towel and quickly wear the gown.

“Oh dmn! Today I was trying to make her nked instead of that I myself became!!” I cover my face in embarrassment.

My luck! I’m lucky that she was on phone not in front me…

I cover my face with the towel as I flush red….

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