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The Big Girls Gang – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4
A loud bang on the door woke them up as early as 5:00am. “Who could that be?” Matilda asked. I think niyaba ma guys who are gassing people with dangerous substances muma komboni, Becky responded. Chimutu just shut up if you have nothing to say, Matilda rebuked her. Who could that be?
They thought individually not really minding the headache they are having as a result of the

The loud bang came again, and this time almost deafening.
“Where the hell is Adam?” Matilda asked her friends who gave her the look that made her realize that she asked a dumb question.
“I just hope this isn’t armed robbery attack, that might lead to rape?” Joan altered instantly the girls became scared.
“Really, how could you in your filthy mind think of an attack that might lead to rape?” Becky asked with clear eyes
“Don’t get me wrong, I never wished for it, I only hoped…” Joan trying to justify herself but Matilda cuts in.
“You can only hope for that in your house with your husband, so that he can watch and learn how to satisfy you and also make babies” Matilda said angrily.
They all remained silent for some seconds.
There comes another knock which is gentle this time.
“Let’s not forget there’s someone or people at the door. Who will bell the cat by opening the door? ” Becky asked.
They all looked at each other and then Matilda asked; ” who’s there? Who’s at the door?
They are sure they head a faint familiar voice, but couldn’t give the voice a face, not even Joan. “Who are you and what do you want at this early hour of the day? Matilda yelled.
The person at the door replied
“It’s me Musonda, Joan’s husband. I’m sorry for disturbing you but I’ve been trying to reach my wife all to no avail. I called your number as well, but you also didn’t pick up. I am so worried about my wife that’s why I have come so early. “Muzo explained.”
They all sighed loud holding their chest.
“Your wife will be there with you shortly” Matilda replied audible.
“I will be waiting patiently then. Thanks Tilda” Muzo appreciated
Joan quickly washed her face and dressed up.
“Matilda, your words hurt though” she said
“And just so you know, your wish hurts as well” Matilda replied uncaring.
Joan opened the door and left with her husband who she didn’t even allow to greet the girls.
“What you said to her was bad, I suggest you apologise to her later” Becky advised
“Oh please, you know I don’t apologise. I only responded the way I did cos of what she said. So if there’s any need for an apology, then she need to apologize to me first” Matilda said and went straight to the shower.
“That’s your problem dear, you are so stiff necked” Becky said to her.

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“I heard you girl, and that’s definitely your problem not mine” she said as she opened the shower.
Back in the car with her husband, Joan couldn’t help but think of what Matilda said to her. Gosh, it hurts her pretty bad that she didn’t even have the time to compose what she’ll tell her husband regarding why she didn’t pick his phone calls. That’s why she doesn’t like discussing her problems with her friends because they think she’s perfect. She blamed herself for taking alcohol in excess thereby giving Matilda, the ill-mannered bitch to speak to her coarsely even insulting her husband. “Damn you” she cursed. Her husband turned briefly as he heard her curse and then turn his face back to he road. They didn’t speak to each other till they got home.
Matilda and Becky fixed themselves a breakfast of noodles and eggs. They ate silently while Becky kept on checking her phone.
As soon as they finished eating, Matilda asked ” babe, are you alright?”
“Hmmmmm, nope. I’m kinda expecting….” Becky was saying
“Oh please, I’m not ready to hear the details of your problem, all I care to know is how you’re doing. I need to get back to bed cos my head is still aching” Matilda replied and went straight to her room without taking a glance at Becky whose mouth was agaped.
“I thought she cared, that’s why she asked. Well, the effect of her heartbeat is really reacting on her badly.” Becky thought.
Becky left after cleaning up the sitting room. She took one of Matilda’s beautiful slippers and then dropped a note that she did.
Joan and Muzo got home safely. Joan went to her room immediately Muzo parked the car.
“Don’t you think I deserve some explanation for making me worry all through yesterday while you were with your friends partying?” Muzo asked.
“Who told you we were partying? She replied with a question.
“Your sorry sight and your smelling mouth gave you out easily. What is your problem? Do you ever think at all?
Drinking and partying with friends who have nothing but negative effect on you, don’t you have shame as a married woman? He asked trying his best not to get upset.
“Really? Of course I have no shame. If you had done the needful rather than you following your stupid timetable for sex, I would have been busy with my child or children” she shot back.
“Really, you have the nerves to talk back at me in this manner when all I do is to work up early in the morning to provide all you need as a woman? You are a very ungrateful thing.
“What? How dare you referring me as a thing? What have you done that other men have not been doing even in multiples? She asked with a very high tone.
“Really?” Muzo asked
“Yes, what have you done? Have you ever satisfied me as a woman? You are a failure both in monetary and sexual stand. Becky and Matilda will provide better than you in all areas and here you are feeling like a man. Don’t force me to say a lot of things otherwise, you’ll regret ever knowing me.” She said and entered the bathroom with a loud hiss.

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“Oh my world! My wife is a bisexual!” He said this and dumped himself on the bed thinking.
“I’ve been such a fool to think this ladies are just friends. Gosh, Joan had the guts to compare me with these ladies even in bed. No wonder they didn’t respond on time till I made a loud bang. They
couldn’t let me in else I could have caught them in the act. Hmmmmm, after all I’m doing for her. After all the love and care I’m showing her. I work so hard to satisfy her unending demands. I do things that does not suit my standard and person just to make her happy yet she has the effrontery to cheat on me with her friends. Well, I will make her pay for hurting me this bad, you cheating whore”
He took his car keys which he had dropped in the drawer and drove out of the compound to God knows where.
Joan left the bathroom after she heard the sound of the car. She thought about how she reacted while in the bathroom and decided to plead with her husband, but she heard him drive out.
She became sober and cried hoping Musonda will forgive her for the insults she hauled at him. “I’m sorry my love, I’m deeply sorry” she muttered.
Matilda woke up later and saw Becky’s note and sighed. She left home to the supermarket to get some groceries. Not that she needed them soon, but she was lonely and bored.
“I really need to see Kamulaza. I think I should give him the opportunity to explain the reasons for his actions. Is that necessary? Why not just let him go for real? I just need some closure and that’s why I should see him for the last time” she had these contradicting thoughts and then she decided to see Kamulaza even though, some parts of her kicked greatly against it. She changed the direction of the car to Kamulaza’s home immediately without any further thoughts.
Becky on the other hand, has been at home with one of his boyfriends, James. They had some rounds of sex and were lying naked having a chitchat.
She suddenly remembered she’s yet to see Ben, another boyfriend whom she had given her Master card since Friday. She quickly discharged James and dressed up to go and look for Ben.

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