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The Big Girls Gang – Season 1 – Episode 11

…I pray for your husband to find a place in your heart to forgive you and bringing peace in your home” Becky said.

Joan went back to her home. Both (Becky and Joan) were hopeful that tomorrow will bring nothing but happiness and joy to them, Matilda on the other hand was also hoping that her friends will come back to her
The next day, Becky left for the bank. She already called Joan asking about Musonda, but she replied negatively. She got to the bank and had to stay on the queue. She deposited the cheque, within few hours it cleared and her bank account was credited.
As soon as she received a notification her heart was filled with great happiness and proceeded to Joan’s home.
Joan crashed on her and wept silently on her shoulder.
“He didn’t come home, never answered my phone calls and went quiet on my texts, I think have lost him already. We’ve never stayed apart for this long. I’m tired already, I don’t know if I can do this any longer.” Joan said.
“I’m so sorry darling” that’s all Becky could say.
Joan was looking really pale, she hasn’t eaten apart from what she ate at Becky’s place a day before.
Without being told, Becky went to the kitchen and started making something for her friend. Joan who thought she had gone to get water from the fridge came to the kitchen to join her when she didn’t see her return.
She saw Becky frying some eggs and she said: “I don’t have any appetite and also, that smell makes me feel nausea”.
“What made you think I’m making food for?” Becky asked laughing
“What else are you doing in my kitchen if not to cook for me. But seriously, I don’t really want it, not even eggs.” Joan said smiling weakly.
“Keep your faith strong girl, sure I won’t disappoint you. Have you checked yourself in the mirror? If no, you really need to.” Becky said
“What? Am I looking that bad? She asked raising her eyebrows.
“Bad? That’s an understatement, you are looking worse. If you had not come to open the door for me and cried on me, I wouldn’t have recognized you girl. Sure if Musonda comes now, he wouldn’t be happy with the way you looking.” Becky replied.
“Really?” She said looking at herself all over again.
“Yes darling, and that’s why you have to eat and freshen up so that when he comes home tonight, he will beat himself for staying away from his beautiful wife for this long” Becky explained
“I will eat then, but I don’t think I can take eggs. I will rather take just bread and tea.” She said. “That’s my girl. I’m at your service today. Just so you know, I wasn’t frying the eggs for you”. Becky said.
“But why?” Joan asked.
“Cos, you won’t like it. Remember I’m a bad cooker.” Becky replied.
“I will teach you to be a better cook but that can’t be now” Joan said.

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The eggs became burnt and Becky had to thrash it. She settled for bread and tea as Joan did. They talked while they eat and Joan became a bit relieved.
“Have you tried talking to Ben?” Joan asked out of the blues.
“Nope. There is no point in calling him” Becky replied flatly.
“I think you need to, you need to apologise for cheating on him” Joan advised.
“I’m sure he hates me now and wouldn’t even pick my calls.” Becky said
“What made you think so?” Joan asked.
“Would you want my kind of person back if you were in his shoes? I cheated on him with his cousin, and some other guys he didn’t even know of. I can’t even forgive myself yet, let alone Ben forgiving me.” Becky said.
“But you are not fine without him? Joan said
“Hmmmmm, Joan you don’t even know him. You didn’t even know how I was fairing when I was dating him because you have no idea of his existence. So, tell me what makes you think or feel that I’m not alright now? Becky asked
“Well, I was expecting that fire in your eyes even with a credit of K40,000. But then, your face was and is still expressionless.
Ben had a great impact on you.” Joan explained.
“Sure he did, I think I have feelings for him though I’m not sure what really is.” Becky replied “Very good. Lemme ask you what I have always been wanting to ask you. Why do you lack contentment?” Joan asked.
Becky made a loud sigh and then answered: “I really don’t know why. I have never realized it as a problem not until I lost Ben”
“I don’t think I understand you clearly” Joan said.
“Ben has been very good to me. He had his shortcomings but they were minor and tolerable. He has almost everything I want in a man yet I wasn’t satisfied with dating him alone. I dated guys for different and stupid qualities like: handsomeness; facial, height, color thickness, wealth, reliance and others. I couldn’t stick completely to Ben cos he doesn’t possess wealth enough for me. I lost a good man just because of being a greedy unsatisfied lady who doesn’t know what she wants” Becky said soberly.
“Great, We’re getting somewhere, Joan added.

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