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The Bet – season 1 [Episode 1 – 17]





“It’s been a long day.” Chanda complained. Unlike his good friend Matthews, Chanda was always on the low side of life.
“Don’t tell me you have something negative to say?” Matthews asked him.
“You always think the worst of me don’t you… Well am just tired.” Chanda responded.

The two of them stayed in Chililabombwe’s Mine area, F section. And every Friday the two would walk to town to watch games at the Sports Club.
However on this particular day, while walking back home. The two lads decided to play a game _ of which, in the end, someone would fall victim to it.

“Let’s play a game.” Matthew suggested.
“Am not in the mood for games. Can we just walk instead.” Chanda objected.

However, Matthews was determined to kick of the little tricky game he had thought of. Without consent from his friend, he began to explain the rules to him.

“We will take turns to talk to girls. The objective is to ask their names, if possible get a hold of their number.” Matthew told his friend.
“But what’s the purpose of doing that?” Chanda asked him.
“Nothing, let’s just talk to some girls.” His friend responded.
“It seems like you enjoy being shouted at…” Chanda laughed.

As they walked down Kameza road, heading back home, it was certain they would come across a lot of ladies whom had been at the play ground. Despite Chanda’s attempt to refuse playing the game, he found himself on a bet… And that was how everything started. Like a joke.
“Told you… She says her name is Matilda, she stays in Kamenza extension.” Matthews said with a blush.
“Why are you flashing? What else did she tell you?” Chanda asked curiously.
“I got her number!” Matthew yelled as he held a piece of paper up high in excitement.

As the odds stood, Chanda had managed to talk to two girls only, for most of it, he would pass due to fear.

“Am going to make sure I get the next one.” Chanda said strongly.
“It’s okay if you don’t. I’ve won, I’ve spoken to every girl that passed on my turn.” Matthews giggled. He was so proud of himself and this made the blood in Chanda’s vessels boil up.
“Let’s make a bet…” He suggested.
“That’s not necessary. You will have your turn to win next Friday. So save that optimism for then.” Matthews told him.

Matthews knew very well how his friend was, once he became competitive about something, things turned ugly.
Despite what had been said, Chanda went on to declare his bet and Matthew, who was certain about his friend losing jumped on it for fun.

“The next lady that we will meet, she will be my girlfriend.” Chanda said.
“You joking right? Isn’t that a bit to extreme? Beside, it’s not like she will just say yes to a total stranger.” Matthews told him.
“I’ve said my word. If I fail, then just tell me what you want and I will get it for you.”
“You actually being serious ain’t you? Okay, since I have nothing to lose… I will play alone.” Matthews had agreed.

For most of the time they walked, they hadn’t come across any lady. After crossing the road that marked Mine area and Kamenza, the two of them passed a shortcut that would land then at KCM Hospital. It was a gravel road.

“We might meet someone very soon, you still have the chance to back off from the bet.” Matthews said to him.
“Don’t worry. I know what am doing.” Chanda responded. He was like a Lion about to pounce on that Antelope the moment it showed up, his eyes were focused and his game skill was at it’s highest pick.

Before long, a group of three girls showed up, they were heading to Kamenza.

“Wow, someone is about to lose.” Matthews said jokingly.

He knew very well his friend didn’t have the guts to approach them and single one of them out from the group. So he thought, when they were closer _ Chanda walked up to them and excused himself.

“Hi, sorry to disturb you ladies. I was hoping to talk to your friend here.” Chanda pointed at one of the girls. She had flat shoes on, medium height and a well shaped out body.

Now, the rule of approaching such a group was always to go for the one with less confidence, and fair looking. By doing so, making her feel special would put you at a good place with her. For Chanda, it was not like that, all three of them were beautiful and picking one wasn’t as easy as singing ABC…

“Sorry. But I don’t know you.” The lady he had pointed said arrogantly.
“I know you don’t know me, that’s why I’ve excused myself.” He said politely.
“Do you seriously think you my class? You should check yourself before you walk up to a girl.” She said to him and walked out to join her friends.
“What! You better mind your language… What the heck makes you think you not my type hub?” He fired back.

There was exchange of words between them.

“Nancy! Let’s go. Just leave that man alone.” One of her friends called out.
“So, Nancy is your name?” Chanda called out to her.
“Don’t you dare call my name.” She responded.
“You a lady. You don’t have to be so full of yourself.” Chanda added.

Matthews was silent. There was a distance between him and where his friend stood.

“I told you it wasn’t a good idea.” Matthews said to Chanda once he caught up with him.
“Some girls are just something else. Can you believe she said I wasn’t her type?”
“Well. She does have a point. It’s a pity we don’t like dressing up on Friday and would rather look like two hopeless adults.” Matthews laughed.
“On a serious note. You lost your own bet. So that means you owe me what ever I want. The good part for you is; I don’t know what I really want at the moment to I will keep my win and cash it in at a later time. Is that okay with you?” Matthews asked.
“It’s fine.”

Chanda was beaten down yet again on that day. But that’s not the end of the story, like I said, ‘this is the beginning of a great tale.’


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