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The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class – Season 1 – Episode 6

The Battle Of Love vs Social Class (episode 6)
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When two people are destined to be together, nothing can stop them. God knows our end from the beginning and has the blueprint of our lives in his hands; so in essence, there’s nothing that happens by chance without being predestined. It was destined for Dennis to meet Olivia and find his missing rib in her. Despite the social class differences, these two hearts were meant to beat for each other and there was nothing that could separate them or quench their burning desire to be together. The battle ahead seemed extremely tough but one thing was sure; it was the fact that their love was deeply rooted into one another and didn’t seem like something that could easily be pulled off. With Mrs Duncan knowing about Dennis and Olivia’s little relationship secret, it’s safe to say that the battle line had been drawn
and it wasn’t going to be an easy fight at all.
The soft kiss Dennis planted on Olivia’s lips wasn’t expected but she didn’t hold back from kissing him back. They kissed passionately with tears in their eyes. It was such an emotional moment for the two lovebirds but it was relieving for them to finally see each other after a scary day. Dennis tightly wrapped his hands around Olivia’s waist and didn’t want to spend even one second away from her warm embrace. It was such an intimate moment indeed for the two lovebirds.
When they finally parted their lips, Dennis looked into Olivia’s teary eyes and dropped a few tears too. “Baby I’m so sorry for what happened today. I know it was alot for you to handle and process at once and it kills me to know that I haven’t been honest to you about some things. Can we go inside your house and talk?” He said and she nodded ‘Yes’. They immediately left the door and entered inside.
When they settled in, Oliva broke down and began to cry uncontrollably. She weeped bitterly as she remembered what happened earlier that day. Dennis instantly rushed to where she sat and held her tightly. “Baby I am so sorry. I should have told you the truth about my family’s wealthy status but was just afraid that you might be like the other ladies from my past who were after my money and my family’s fortune. When I was convinced that you were different, I wanted to come clean to you but never had the perfect time to actually do so. Do you know how many times I wanted to snap my fingers and change your life for good? Do you know how it killed me that you lived in a place such as this and I couldn’t upgrade your housing situation simply because I didn’t want to blow my cover as a struggling marketer trying to make ends meet? Babe, I know how many times I wanted you to quit your job so I could set you up with the business you told me you had interest in, but I couldn’t do so because I was living a lie? To be honest, I’m happy you now know the truth and no longer in the dark about my financial status, so I can do the things I have
always wanted to do for you because you deserve it more than anything in the world. I love you and I promise to hold your hands forever; so far as you promise not to let go of mine” he calmly said.
When Dennis was done talking, Olivia looked into his eyes and could see nothing but genuineness of heart. She knew he meant every word he said but the sad reality was that his family wasn’t going to back down without a fierce fight. Olivia loved Dennis but didn’t think her love would be enough. She kissed his forehead and gave him a light peck on his cheek. She smiled faintly and said; “Babe, you are not the only one who has some skeletons in their cardboard. The truth is that I come from a very poor family and have struggled all my life. My parent are part of the low class citizens and so am I. My parents gave birth to three children and I was the last. My eldest brother died when I was still in the university. He was the assistant breadwinner of the family because he worked and assisted my parents with the bills. Since after his death, things has been tougher for my family and that’s why we work extremely hard just to survive. I didn’t want to tell you about my background for fear that you might feel pity for me or possibly run from me. What your mum did today, brought me back to reality by reminding me of how our worlds are completely different from each other. Dennis you heard your mum, you heard what she said to me. Believe me when I say those words are realer than anything either of us have seen today. Your mum wasn’t playing around; she meant every words she said today and I’m now scared. I love you too babe but at this point, I doubt if love is enough” she soberly said.
Immediately Olivia was done talking, she began to cry all over again. Dennis comforted her by ensuring her that everything was going to be alright. Without minding the time, it got very dark outside.
It was passed 9pm at that time so Dennis felt it was best he took his leave. Oliva wanted him to stay the night so she tried to stop him from going home. “Stay with me tonight, I want you by my side and would really appreciate your presence here with me” she said in a low tone. That was the first time she was asking him for anything ever. He didn’t want to turn her down so he accepted to stay the night over.
While Dennis was hooked together with the love of his life at her house, his parents were at home waiting for his return. His mum told his dad everything that happened at the office and they couldn’t wait for him to return home, so they could confront him. They were furious and disappointed at their son’s choice of a partner. Mr Duncan and his wife waited all night for Dennis to return home, but he didn’t. They called his number to know about his whereabouts but no one picked up.
A night that initially started with tension and doubts gradually became an intimate one for Dennis and Olivia. They ate and showered before retiring to bed. Dennis tried his very best to hold his emotions and not touch Olivia but it was almost impossible for him because he was madly in love with her. One thing lead to the other and they began to kiss passionately.
As the kissing became more and more intense, Dennis’s urge to make love to Olivia grew stronger. Her whole body were covered with goosebumps and he wanted her to desire it before making further advances towards her. Unknown to Dennis, Olivia has never been touched by any man before. She was too shy to reveal this detail to him.
After about 30 minutes of passionately kissing, Dennis broke the silence. “Are you sure you want us to do this?” He asked but Oliva kept quiet. She was mute for a while before she finally spoke. “I have something to tell you babe, should I go ahead?” She asked, “Sure babe, go ahead” he replied. Olivia took a deep breath and dropped a shocker; “Babe, I am still a virgin”.
To be honest, Dennis never thought Olivia was still a virgin. He knew she was very reserved but never imagined her keeping herself for such a long time. He kissed her forehead and lifted her chin with one finger; “I am so proud of you and couldn’t be more happier. Wow! How much more awesome can you be more than this? I seriously love you from
the buttom of my heart and respect you more. I think it’s best we abstain from making love in this relationship till we get married. What we need to do now is focus on the main battles ahead; which is my family” he said. They kissed a little more before finally cuddling each other and falling asleep.
The next day, they both prayed before heading out to their various destinations. When Olivia came outside her house with Dennis, the first thing she saw in the compound was the white Range Rover packed inside the compound. When she set her eyes on the car, the reality of Dennis wealth began to gradually dawn on her.
For some strange reasons, Olivia wasn’t excited about the new discovery because everything still felt like old times to her. Dennis dropped her off at work that morning before heading home. As he drove to his house, he was already prepared for anything that was going to go down. He knew his mum must have told his dad all that happened at the office the day before. There was fire on the mountain and he could sense it. After an exhuasive ride back to the rich side of town where his family resided, he finally arrived home.
Immediately Dennis arrived home and walked inside the house, he saw his dad in the living room reading news papers. “Goodmorning dad” he greeted, “Goodmorning son, we waited for you all night but you didn’t come home. I know you are an adult but I still feel the need to know where you slept last night” his dad asked.
Dennis respected his parents alot and never lied to them. He sat down on the couch with his dad and began to rub his hands against each other. “Dad, can I talk to you?” He inquired, “Yes son, talk to me. What’s the problem” his dad pretended as though his wife hadn’t told him about Olivia. Dennis took a deep breath and began talking. After over 20 minutes of talking about Olivia, Mr Duncan said nothing and just kept mute.
When Dennis was done talking and was now expecting some kind of support from his dad. Mr Duncan looked at his son, sighed and dropped a shocker; “My grand kids will never come from a swine. Wake up from your slumber my son because you can never marry her!”.
End of episode 5 😉

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