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The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class – Season 1 – Episode 5

The Battle Of Love vs Social Class (episode 5)
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Nothing can be hidden under the sun forever. No matter how much you try to conceal the truth, it must surely come to light someday. In as much as Dennis didn’t mean any harm by hiding his family’s wealthy status from his partner ‘Olivia’, he still somehow hurt her by hiding something of such magnitude from her. To be fair, Dennis had a good reason for hiding the truth about his wealth from Olivia. He wanted to be sure she loved him for whom he truly was and not because of his money.
Truth be told, it wasn’t only Dennis that was hiding something, Olivia was also hiding something too. Up until then, she still hadn’t revealed to him the true struggles she had been facing since childhood. She was afraid that he would look down on her if she ever revealed such personal
detail to him. Just when the two lovebirds thought they were about to face a slight crisis in their relationship due to the lies that were told in the past, more problems were incoming.
When Mrs Duncan entered Dennis’s office, she was a bit surprised to see a lady she hadn’t set her eyes on before. What made matters worst was that Olivia wore her work uniform and looked a bit worn-out from all the work she did while at the restaurant before going for the errand she was sent. At first sight, Dennis mum thought she was one of the domestics workers at her husband’s real estate firm. She had no idea that Olivia was the woman in her son’s life, responsible for his recent happiness and glow up. There was fire on the mountain but it’s apparent that no one was aware yet.
“Hi mummy, welcome. I didn’t know you were coming to the office today” Dennis said. Olivia was about to excuse herself and walk away but Mrs Duncan stopped her. “Who are you my dear? I haven’t seen this face before” she said as she looked at Olivia from head to toe. Olivia suddenly became scared but tried to maintain her cool. “My name is Olivia ma’am” she nervously said. “I presume you are a cleaner here so why are you in my son’s office if I may ask” Mrs Duncan sarcastically said.
Deep down in Olivia’s heart, she wanted to cry at that moment but tried her possible best to take the insults without looking angry facially. On the other hand, Dennis was angry at his mum’s attitude towards his lover but couldn’t do anything other than watch; for fear of revealing the truth that she was his partner. The atmosphere instantly became tensed as drama gradually began to unfold.
After Olivia revealed her name to Mrs Duncan, her misery only just began. “Olivia, nice to meet you my dear. Now listen, as a cleaner, you have to come to work earlier to tidy everywhere before working hours. Next time, I don’t want to see you in my son’s office in this manner again. Have I made myself clear?” Mrs Duncan bluntly said and before she could utter another word, Dennis came to Olivia’s defence. “Mum do you know you are just doing the most? How can you come into my office and begin to
harass my guest? Is this the uniform our cleaners wear? Why act this way mum” he angrily said.
While Dennis exchanged words with his mum, Olivia figured that her presence wasn’t needed so she walked out on them. Immediately she left the office, Dennis didn’t hesitate to follow her immediately. Everyone were in awe at the lady that allegedly stole their crush’s heart. Everything still felt like a bad dream for both Olivia and Dennis. A day that was intended to be a less complicated one, ended up with a lot of dramas.
“Babe stop!! Why are you leaving when it’s clear we have alot to talk about?” Dennis said as he ran towards Olivia who paid deaf ears. Finally, he got closer to her and held her shoulder from behind. “Just leave me alone! Leave me and face your own life. How could you do this sort of thing to me? Why did you lie to me, only for me to find out who you are in such humiliating way? Please I need space to think about the fate of this relationship. As for your mum, tell her ‘Thank you’ for the humiliation. I might not understand how social class works when it comes to Love but all I know is that I have genuine love for you and that’s all that matters” she angrily said.
Due to the professional settings at work, Dennis didn’t want to pursue Olivia any further in fear that she might yell on top of her voice and attract more workers eyeballs to them. When he saw that she wasn’t going to give him any listening ear due to the rage she was currently feeling, he backed out and just watch her leave the office building complex.
Deep down, Dennis almost died due to the pain he was feeling at that moment. His mum’s humiliation made matters worse and made the situation even more complicated. When Oliva was finally out of sight, Dennis hurriedly went to his office to face his mum and confront her for the way she spoke to Olivia. When he entered his office, he angrily confronted his mum.
“Mummy, what you did today was highly despicable. How can you just come into my office and begin to harras my guest? This is so unfair and I believe you should know better. For your information, that lady is the one behind the sudden peace and happiness in my life. She isn’t necessarily rich and Yes! she is a waitress but a very hardworking smart lady. I am scared for the fate of my relationship now due to what you just did” Dennis angrily said. When he was done talking, Mrs Duncan shook her head in disbelief and said; “Listen young man, are you done whining? Over my dead body will I support a relationship such as this poverty elevation scheme. Tara is the one for you and that’s period” she bluntly said.
Immediately Mrs Duncan was done talking, she got up and left. With everyone away, Dennis just sat there reminiscing on what had happened earlier. He was mad like never before in his whole life. He was restless and couldn’t concentrate on anything again while at the office. He called Olivia countless times but she didn’t pick up.
While Dennis ate himself up, Olivia was emotionally down. When she arrived back at the restaurant, she broke down in tears and cried bitterly in the staff changing room. She cried till her head began to hurt badly. Her colleagues could sense that something was wrong and they shared in her sorrow, despite not knowing what was making her cry. The devastated lady couldn’t wait to close for the day so she could go home and have a proper rest. What a sad day for both lovebirds indeed!
As Olivia’s closing time got close, she packed up and waited for the right time to make her move. Immediately the restuarant closed, she left very early and headed home. One the other hand, Dennis was on his way to the restuarant to see her but was stuck in traffic. By the time he arrived at the restaurant, everywhere was closed. Without wasting time, he headed towards her house because he knew she would definitely be home.
Olivia got home earlier, took her shower and was about lying down when she heard a knock on the door. At that moment, she was crying and didn’t have the strength to ask who it was. She felt it was her neighbor who wanted something from her so she walked to the door and opened it. The sight of the person standing right in front of her, sent chills all over her body. She cried even more when she saw Dennis standing there with teary eyes.
Olivia could say anything, Dennis gave her a very tight hug, kissed her soft lips and soberly said; “I’m so sorry babe”.
End of episode 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.
Written by Sonia Okehie

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