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The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class – Season 1 – Episode 4

The Battle Of Love vs Social Class (episode 4)
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The heart knows whom it beats for, no matter how you try to hide or conceal it. When you are genuinely in love with someone, it’s difficult to hold back your emotions and feelings for that person without letting them know how you feel. In as much as Dennis wanted to wait a little longer before making his feelings known to Olivia, he just couldn’t help but let her know how much he loved and wanted her in his life. An evening that initially served the purpose of a casual date, turned out quite differently than expected towards the end.
After Dennis heartfelt confession, Olivia’s whole body instantly became cold and numb. Her breath ceased as she looked into his eyes. By mere looking into Dennis eyes, Olivia could see the genuineness of his heart and intentions for her. After being mute for a while,
she finally spoke. “Why me? I mean, we just met and have seen each other only thrice, so how can you possibly know that you are in love with me?” She calmly inquired.
When Olivia was done talking, Dennis turned and faced her properly. He smiled faintly and said; “Olivia, the question shouldn’t be ‘Why me?” But rather ‘Why not you?’. I don’t have to be with you for years before acknowledging my feelings for you. It took me only few seconds the day we met to realize that you have stolen my heart. I know this is sudden but I couldn’t continue to conceal my feelings for you any longer. Even if I had just one minute to tell you how I feel for you, I won’t hesitate to use such opportunity. I know I took you by surprise and I apologize for that. Anyways, take as much time as you need to think about everything I just told you tonight. Don’t rush anything because I’m willing to wait for you as long as it would take” Dennis said.
At that moment, Olivia was slightly shocked and flattered at the same time. She felt happy that a handsome gentleman like Dennis would find her so attractive and valued. All through her life, this was the first time her spirit, soul and body accepted someone. She was equally into him but had to take her time to make sure that a relationship was what she truly wanted.
After hearing that lovely and genuine heartfelt confession from the Love Struck man, Olivia told him that she would think about everything and deliver the response to his proposal when she was ready. Dennis was understanding and urged her to take as much time that she needed. Shortly after their conversation, he drove out of the parking lot and headed to their various destinations.
Dennis wanted to first make a stop at Olivia’s house before heading to his own destination. Olivia lived in a low class area of town and didn’t want to reveal her house to him but couldn’t resist when he asked for her house direction. Good thing is that she didn’t live in the slumps her parents resided in. She was fortunate enough to secure a one bedroom apartment for herself at a low class area not too far from the restaurant she worked at. So it’s safe to say
that she wasn’t about to blow her little secret too soon.
“Where do you live? What’s your house address so I can drive you home before heading to my house” Dennis casually inquired. Olivia took a deep breath and said; “honestly, you don’t have to bother driving me all the way home. You can stop at the junction close to my work place and I’ll gladly find my way home”.
Dennis wasn’t in support of that because there was no way he would let Olivia go home by herself at that time of the day. He kept probing for her house address till she finally revealed it. Immediately she told him where she lived, he detected that it was at a low class part of town. He didn’t say anything to let her know that her was surprised at her home location; after all, he didn’t expect much from her, knowing very well that she worked at a restaurant and obviously looked like someone struggling to make ends meet.
With Olivia’s aid, Dennis was able to locate her house in no time. When they arrived at the compound with no gate, he smiled and looked at her. “Are you OK? Do you need me to do anything for you?” Dennis asked due to the compassion he felt in his heart for her. At that moment, he wanted to snap his finger and change her house and life in a flash of light. It pained him within to see where a woman he loved lived. But in order not to blow his cover, he remained calm.
After Dennis asked if Olivia wanted anything, she smiled faintly because that was the first time a man was going out of his way to put a smile on her face and care for her. She was happy at the thought of going into a relationship with him. After smiling faintly, she looked into his eyes and assured him that she was very much OK. They spoke for a few more seconds before Olivia alighted from the car and walked inside her house. Dennis waited till she was out of sight before driving off.
On the ride home, Dennis felt happy and at the same time sad. He was happy because Olivia finally knew how he felt for her, but was sad because he was now more aware of how unfortunate life was treating her. He wanted to perform magic immediately and change her life but that wasn’t possible because that would definitely blow the low profile he was trying to maintain. However, he was confident that everything would be alright soonest.
When Dennis arrived home that day, his parents had already gone to bed. He sat in the living room for few minutes thinking about all that happened that day. Joy like never before filled his heart as Olivia’s thoughts graced his mind. “Where has she been all my life? How can one person have everything I have been searching for? So well mannered, kind and beautiful. I must have done something good in my lifetime to deserve a lady like Olivia. Thank you Lord” he quietly said.
All through that night, neither Dennis nor Olivia could sleep properly. They thought of each other and smiled while at it. Olivia gave Dennis relationship proposal a thought and knew that she didn’t want to lose a caring gentleman like him. Deep down, she was certain that she would accept his proposal as time goes on. For the first in Olivia’s life, her mind thought of something different other than the poverty that had befallen her family all through her lifetime. It felt refreshing to take her mind off her problems for once.
Days passed and Dennis gradually made his way into Olivia’s heart. He called her twice a day and stopped by at the restaurant whenever he had enough time to spare. Slowly, Olivia’s colleagues began to notice her relationship with the handsome gentleman that always visited the restaurant in search for her. They made fun of Olivia by calling her ‘wifey’ whenever they wanted to pull her legs. As time went on, she got use to her colleagues knowing about her relationship with Dennis and smiled whenever they called her ‘wifey’.
Dennis usually left huge money tips for Olivia since she always refused any money he gives to her for up-keeps. “Don’t worry, use the money for yourself, I guess you might need it more dear” was usually the response he got whenever he tried to give her money. Despite how selfless she was, he still sought for ways to take care of her without blowing his cover.
With time, Mr & Mrs Duncan began to notice the sudden glow in their son. It was evident that their was something beautiful happening in his
life. Due to the judgemental mindset most of the people in the upper social class had, Dennis feared his parents might detest Olivia and disapprove of his relationship with her. It was very hard for him to keep this huge secret from his family, but he was willing to do anything to protect his relationship with Olivia.
Without an official “Yes”, Dennis still felt that Olivia hadn’t made things official with him; despite their inseparable relationship. They saw each other whenever they had the chance to and talked on phone twice everyday.
After about a month of being together, Olivia finally made things official with Dennis. That day was the best day of Dennis’s life. He was extremely happy and didn’t care to let her know how excited he was. Olivia was so happy and surprise at how she managed to get a man like Dennis hooked. For the first time in her life, she felt valued and needed by someone special.
Everything was going very well for the new lovebirds till something unexpected happened one fateful day. It happened that Olivia was sent on a errand by the restaurant manager. She was asked to submit a document to a real estate company in town. The restaurant was at the verge of expanding so they needed a good real estate agency to handle the contract.
It happened that the Real Estate firm Olivia was headed to was one of Dennis family’s business. Mr Duncan owned a real estate firm and it was one of the biggest in the whole country. They worked with top contractors like Julius Berger and Co. They were renowned and trustworthy when it came to anything that had to do with ‘Real Estate’.
On that day, Dennis was on seat because his dad was out of the country. When Olivia arrived the company, she waited at the receptionist for almost an hour before she was ushered into the CEO’s office. The company was extremely Big and Busy. Olivia couldn’t stop wondering when she would work at a nice place like that. When she was ushered into the CEO’s office, she had no idea that she was about to meet her own boyfriend, whom she thought was a low income marketer for a beverage company which was also owned by Dennis family, but she had no idea about that too. She had been in the dark about his true identify but the cat was about to be let out of the bag.
When Olivia got to the door with the inscription ‘Chief Executive Officer Jnr’, she took a deep breath and opened the door. Immediately she opened the door, she almost dropped dead when she saw her man. Instantly, her mind processed almost a thousand thoughts of what Dennis was doing in the office that supposedly belonged to the CEO of a billion dollar company.
On the other hand, Dennis was dead drop shocked when he saw her. At that moment, he realised that his cover was already blown so he didn’t try to lie. “Babe, what are you doing here?” he shockingly asked, “I should be the one asking you that question; what are you doing in an office that ought to belong to the CEO of this firm?” she curiously inquired.
Short of words, Dennis calmly said; “We need to talk hun, I have not really been honest with you all these while. This company and many more belongs to my family. I am not a low income marketer but the sole heir to all my dad’s empires. I lied because I didn’t want you
to love me for my wealthy status, but rather for who I am. Please sit down let’s talk better”.
Olivia’s eyes suddenly became teary and before she could utter a word, the office door opened and they all looked to see who it was. Lo & Behold, it was no other person than ‘Mrs Duncan’.
End of episode 4 😉

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