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The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class – Season 1 – Episode 2

The Battle Of Love vs Social Class (episode 2)
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One relieving and beautiful thing about love is that it is no respecter of person or status. It can happen to anyone regardless of your social class or financial status. Love doesn’t seek your validation or approval before knocking on the door to your heart. It’s best not to have high expectations when it comes to whom you will ‘fall in love’ with because Love has a way of crushing your expectations and giving you someone you never pictured in your Love Story; but guess what? That person will turn out to be everything you ever wanted and more but he/she might not just come in the packaging or container you dreamed of.
Who would have thought in a thousand years that the son of a highly influential and wealthy man will be mesmerized by a low class citizen like Olivia. It’s hard to even
connect the dots that Dennis was Love Struck by a waitress and was unable to come back to reality. At this point, it’s safe to say that he was smitten by the charming beauty and elegance of Olivia.
It didn’t take too long before Simon figured what was going on and confronted his ‘Love Struck’ friend. Despite coming back to reality, Dennis couldn’t get the beautiful mysterious lady off his mouth. “Who on earth is that lady? There’s just something Pure and Peaceful about her. This might sound crazy but I’m into her” Dennis calmly said. Immediately he was done talking, Simon burst into laughter.
As Simon laughed, Dennis sat there looking even more confused as to why his friend was laughing as his vulnerability. “Guy why are you laughing? It’s not funny, I’m into that lady for real” Dennis said and the laughter gradually ceased. Simon looked at his friend and chuckled one last time; “I understand how you feel but what’s actually funny is how stupid you think I am to buy this story you are trying to sell to me. Dennis you are talking as though you aren’t my friend anymore that I have known for years. How can you possibly be in love with a waitress of a restaurant? Don’t get me wrong, the lady is gorgeous and beautiful but that’s not enough. The reality is that you can’t take her home to your parents for any form of introduction. Your dad would skin you alive if he ever heard that you looked at a waitress twice, talk more of falling in love with her. Listen, you are free to crush on the beautiful lady but it ends there. Don’t play yourself by ever thinking that you can be in any form of relationship with her. Be realistic and sweep any feelings you plan on having under the rug. Here she come! Let’s stop this conversation and act normal” Simon said.
Just as Simon was done talking, Olivia majestically walked towards their table and served their meal. She smiled and carried herself graciously as she uncovered their foods and gently arranged them on the table.
For all the time Olivia was present at their table, Dennis couldn’t breathe properly. He tried his best to act normal as Simon had instructed but he was going crazy by just having Olivia close to him. Unable to hold
himself any longer, he broke the silence. “Thanks for your services, what’s your name please?” He happily inquired. Olivia smiled and turned towards his direction; “My name is Olivia, thanks for the compliment” she said.
Just as Dennis was about to press the conversation further, Olivia was called upon by the supervisor to attend to other customers. She smiled at Dennis before walking away. Oh that smile was enough to brighten up his life. He stared at the pretty lady as she majestically walked away. Simon smiled at his friend and began to eat his food afterwards.
While they ate, Dennis stole glances at Olivia as she attended to other customers. His heart dropped whenever she smiled towards other male customers. Call it jealousy or not but Dennis cared less. His eyes were fixed on the happy lady till she somehow disappeared from his sight and he never saw her again till they were done eating and left the restaurant.
Deep down, Dennis felt a bit sad because he didn’t see Olivia before leaving but he was somehow happy that he knew where she worked. The ride back to Simon’s house was a very quiet one because Dennis couldn’t get his mind off Olivia. Simon noticed he was a bit sad but didn’t want to bring up Olivia’s topic because he believed there was no use encouraging Dennis to go after her, when he knew how things worked in the social class they belonged to. Despite empathizing with his friend, he didn’t want them to dwell on any conversation that involved Olivia.
Immediately Dennis dropped Simon off at his house, he retired back to his own house. He was emotionally down and just wanted to be alone by himself. That day turned out to be a sober one for the ‘love struck’ gentleman. He thought of Olivia all night and tried to search her on social media but couldn’t find her. It seemed as though she was an angel that just disappeared after leaving a void in his heart.
While Dennis was losing his mind about Olivia, she was back home preparing herself for bed. She never imagined that a stranger she met earlier at work was going crazy over her. For all she knew, Dennis was just another random face like the rest of the customers she comes in contact with on a daily basis. She called her parents over the phone that evening before happily retiring to bed.
Days passed and tuned into weeks and all these while, Dennis didn’t say a word to anyone concerning the waitress that had stolen his heart. He kept everything to himself for fear of judgements just as Simon had done. He kept thinking of how to see Olivia again but was a bit nervous. After about two weeks later, he paid the restaurant a visit again.
One fateful evening at around 6:30pm, Dennis left his office and drove down to the restaurant he meant Olivia. As he drove down, he kept praying for her to be on duty that evening.
When Dennis arrived at the restaurant, he sat at the exact spot he sat the first day he visit the restaurant with Simon. While seated, he looked around the restaurant in search of Olivia. After searching tirelessly, he was about to put on a sad countenance when a pleasant scent came from behind.
“Hello sir, can I help you with anything? An angelic voice said from behind. Dennis turned immediately only to see Olivia standing behind him with a warm smile on her face. “Can I help you with food or a drink?” She politely asked.
If there was one thing that was certain that evening, it was the fact that Dennis wasn’t going to leave that restaurant without Olivia’s phone number. He thought of better ways to engage her in a conversation but just had to go with his heart. “Hope you can remember me from few weeks back?” He asked but she nodded an unsure ‘No’.
Dennis figured it was the best time to ask more questions so they could establish a form of friendship before asking for her number. “It’s ok if you don’t know me but I do know you and would love to get to know you better” he said. Olivia smiled faintly and informed him that she would be back. She walked away and went to attend to other customers.
While Olivia happily interacted with other male and female customers, Dennis felt even more emptier than he felt when he initially came in. Any minute she wasn’t with him made him quite sad and lonely. He tried to shake the sadness off and focus on what the outcome of that day will be.
Shortly afterwards, Dennis food arrived and he ate slowly. There and then,
his dad called him on phone and they spoke for a short period of time. While still on the phone, Olivia began to walk towards his direction. As she approached him, his heart dropped; he immediately said ‘Goodbye’ to his dad and ended the call.
“I’m here with your bill sir, here’s it” Olivia said and handed the bill to Dennis. “Please don’t call me ‘Sir’, my name is Dennis” he said. Olivia smiled and nodded ‘Yes’ to what he said. Just as Dennis was about to ask Olivia for her number, the supervisor called her just liked he did the other day. As she was about collecting the payment, Dennis gave her the money and added tips too. “Oh No! You don’t have to tip me, I am Ok” she politely said. Without hesitating, he insisted that she takes the tip and she finally accepted it. She thanked him before walking away.
After sitting there for over 10 minutes thinking of how the mission to get Olivia’s number failed woefully, Dennis finally got up and left; but guess what? He actually went nowhere!
It turns out that Dennis parked his car at the next block after the restuarant and went to seat at a tiny provision store directly across the restaurant. He waited there for the restuarant to close for the day so that Olivia can come out.
While sitting at the tiny store that had no electricity lights, he kept asking himself what he was doing but couldn’t give himself a reasonable answer as to why he was stalking a lady that wasn’t quarter his standard. Unable to fathom what was wrong with him, he began to chat with the owner of the provision store till the restaurant closed.
After the last car drove off, Dennis watched closely as the workers left one after the other. He observed attentively till Olivia walked out graciously wearing a hoodie sweat shirt on top of her uniform. Immediately Dennis sighted her waiting for a public taxi, he gave the store owner a good sum of money to buy an electric generator for her store, so as to always have lights whenever the power goes off. The lady was extremely grateful for the good samaritan that had visited her and thanked him from the depths of her heart.
Without wasting any more time, Dennis left the store and made a fast move on Olivia. When she saw him walking towards her, she was confused and at the same time happy to see him again. “What are you doing here? I thought you had already left?” She said. Dennis smiled and kept walking towards her till he got very close. “I forgot to get your number and was willing to wait no matter how long it took for you to get off work. I didn’t want to get you in trouble with your supervisor so I thought it was best I approached you after working hours” he said.
Olivia smiled faintly and blushed while at it. Dennis finally got the number from her and had to wait with her till she found a taxi heading to her destination. He concealed his wealthy status from her and left her in the dark. Olivia wasn’t even aware that he came with the latest G-wagon because he parked the vehicle a block away from the restaurant. They chatted as normal people from the same class.
When a taxi finally arrived, Olivia asked if Dennis had enough money on him to go home too and he said he would manage. Before she entered the car, she folded
some money in her hand and placed into his palm. The taxi zoomed off before Dennis figured out what she did. He opened his palm and saw the money she gave to him for his own taxi.
After over a minute of being totally speechless, Dennis shock his head in disbelief and said; “Lord help me because I am never letting her slip away!”
End of episode 2 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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